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X Factor 2009 Auditions

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Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be an X Factor finalist? Here’s what you need to do to apply!

Firstly, here are some of the main rules and changes from last year – see the full terms before applying.

  • The minimum age has been put back up to 16
  • The X Factor has two years left on the current contract, so the show will be running every year until at least 2010
  • Categories for next year haven’t been confirmed yet but are expected to be the same as this year – Girls 16-24, Boys 16-24, 25s and Overs and Groups
  • The closing date for applications is 6th March 2009

Read all that and think you’ve got what it takes? Groups can sign up here, solo artists can sign up here. Good luck!


  1. I’ve put my application in!

    Comment by Matthew — Saturday, 13 December, 2008 @ 23:10

  2. Has the age acutally been put up to 16? :(
    im not 16 until the middle of April, so that means I cant audition :(

    Comment by Cazzy — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 00:00

  3. I think the minimum age should go back to age 14, because im 14 now and i was going to apply for next year but its gone up again and by the time im 16 it’ll be 2011 and it’ll be to late because its supossed to be finishing in 2010 :( this is the only ever thing ive got really nervous about doing and when i decide to do it and get my voice together again it goes and changes so i can’t do it :’(

    Comment by Caroline — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 01:11

  4. i carnt believe the age limite has been put back up to 16 i started crying yesterday when i found out coz im only 14 ans my birthday is in argust witch means i will never be able to audition and that is why i was so sad i think they shold change the age limmit back to 14 and give younger people one more chance to have there stop to shine xx

    Comment by shannen — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 10:34

  5. Omg why did they put it up to 16 , like Eoghan was only 15 in his audition and he shone!
    So why can’t other 14 and15 year olds .
    I am going to audition in 2010 because im 14 , 15 in january , and when the 6th seris is over then i’l appy then because i’l be 16 before my audition.
    Look if you wan to do it and your 14 start a petion .
    and it will bring round the producers thinking they’ll loose viewiers!

    Comment by Rebecca Pearce — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 11:03

  6. to all you out there who is discouraged about the age requirements, dont feel 2 bad cos one day your time will come nd u will shine. it musn’t be on xfactor . k
    i am applying 4 2009 nd will be 17 by april. so u all wish me luck k

    cheerssss :)

    Comment by chris — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 12:28

  7. yay i sent my application off woohoo
    i think the age should go down to at least 15 and give younger ppl a chance :/

    Comment by jade — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 13:25

  8. omg i was soooooo looking forward to applying for x-factor in 2009 and now i can’t because i am only 14 but i have been waiting and anticipating on auditioning for the x-factor for dream is to sing and go on the x-factor.i am soooo gutted that the age has gone up to 16 again.i am with the others on this. they should put it back down to 14 and give others a chance because by the time we are all old enough to audition we aren’t going to be able too. @(

    Comment by katherine — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 15:24

  9. i really wanted to audition this year but im only 15 n im not 16 until july …. so im a bit stuck and dont know what to do at the moment … Please help me i dnt know what to do xx

    Comment by unknown — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 15:42

  10. this is not fair
    im 15 at the moment but i cant audition next year because my 16th is not until november :(

    ive really been upset i had everything ready, my vocals and now its been ruined, isnt there any way it can be put back down to 14?

    Comment by simba — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 17:46

  11. I don’t think the age should of gone down again. Especially if there’s only two years left on the contract! I was going to audition this year but I’m 16 on the 1st May and you have to be 16 by April 1st :(

    Comment by Samantha — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 19:20

  12. I am definately with every1 else. I am gutted to hear the age has been put back 2 16! :( please put it back to 14, it will give so many more chances 4 every1.

    Comment by unknown — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 19:22

  13. oh no im not 16 till june!
    this is rubbish i so wanted to do it next time round! i cant believe its gone back up to 16 :(

    Comment by charlotte — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 19:30

  14. It really upset me to see the minimum age is 16 again. i Couldnt So this Years Because.. I Was 14 In June.

    Comment by Hayley — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 01:39

  15. I cannot believe they have put the age limit back up !! =’(
    If the current contract isn’t extended then i’ll never be able to audition, i missed out by three months last year, and now im two years away, how does that make sense ?
    Where can i join a petition that will be taken seriously ? :(

    Comment by Matty — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 16:01

  16. if u will be 16 by april, u can still apply. becos by the time your letter gets to u and before the time of the audition, i will b 16 already. the applications closes by 6th of march. so all u dat r 16 nxt april still av a chance.

    Comment by chris — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 16:43

  17. GUTTED!
    I’m 13 now and my birthday is in May so i was really looking forward to auditioning and then i heard it was put up to 16 so i thought, yeah that’s fine i will have to wait and just really work hard, then i read this and saw that X Factor might not be on in 2011 and now im absolutely gutted!!!
    Please, I’m begging, give us a chance =[

    I thought this year was absolutely GREAT! I loved Alex, so badly wanted her to win, and im in love with eoghan! No joke, i had a dream about him. I cant believe i just wrote that, you will probably think im soo weird haha. LOVE YOU ALL! xx

    Comment by Beth — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 17:13

  18. hiyer everyone,
    i am abit confused about when x-factor is finishing because i am still doing my singing lessons and i want to make sure i am completely polished before i go in, i already could sing before i had lessons the lessons are just for my breathing technique and strengthing my voice.
    i want to apply for the X-factor for next year so i can go on in 2010.
    because i am 16 now so then i will be 17 when i audition and i think i will be metaly more ready to start.

    is it definatly ending in 2010 and if i apply for it next year will i still be able to go on in 2010 :D

    good luck to all you people who have applyed for the X-factor already
    i wish you the greatest and will vote :D

    many thanks
    Abigail x x

    Comment by AbigailLucieEardley — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 17:28

  19. i know um gutted aswell i was going to apply for the x-factor but im 15 and dont turn 16 till 12th july and by the time its 2010 im afraid i would of lost the nerve to try and do this. my friends have been talling me for ages to try out and i have never had the guts and now that i have the age has been put back up. :(

    Comment by tammy — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 18:31

  20. Why change the age back to 16!?!? I won’t be 16 until November next year – the age goes down for a bit so I think I have a chance next year then get crushed again. Been wanting to go on X Factor for years, since I first started watching it! This is really unfair – put it back to 14!!!

    Comment by Rachel — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 21:01

  21. i want to be on the x factor because i want to sing in front of louis walsh and i think i will be a good singer and i want cheryl as my mentor love ya all xxxxx

    Comment by katie — Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 @ 09:43

  22. they should put the age abck down to 14, i was looking forward to doing it next year, i have even got singing lessons for it (N) i have to wait till im in year 12 now (N) :(

    Comment by Adrienne — Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 @ 10:27

  23. I can’t beleive that it’s going back to 16! I was looking forward to enter The X Factor 2009 next year but i can’t cause i have to be 16 :( I’am 14 years old and my birthday is on the 3rd October! I have to wait till 2011, but i’am worried that they are not going to put The X Factor on ever again pleaee help me and please put it back to 14 and give younger ppl another chance cause i know it’s their dreams!! And congrats Alex i love you and your amazing, i think you should win this year but now YOU HAVE!!!! xxxxx :(

    Comment by Megan — Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 @ 16:47

  24. erm the reasons for raising it were however agreeable, many people under 16 who have entered in the past years were not emotionally mature and its hard for the judges to tell a child that they cannot sing through fear of upsetting them, so for that reason i agree!!!

    also, in terms of the dynamics, a boys voice will generally break between 11-16 so they dont exactly want someone coming in sounding like mariah and leaving like gene simmons

    Comment by KA — Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 @ 00:31

  25. Every over 25 has been blasted by Simon and Louis for “not being relevant”. Louis tells every over they can’t win X-Factor because they’ll never be a pop star, so why have an overs category?

    I think the 3 categories should be “male vocalist”, “female vocalist” and “group”, with no age limit on any of them, and minimum set at 14 like this year.

    I think they should also do away with the mentoring system. Most of the judges are only any good for certain types of performer, so whoever gets the type they’re no good for is on a loser right from the start, and being mentors is the key factor in tactical voting, which Louis (and Simon to a lesser degree) and done in every series so far at some point.

    If they were all impartial (like the judges are on Strictly and Dancing on Ice) we’d see fairer results and the genuinely talented would stand a better chance of making the Final.

    Comment by Mark — Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 @ 10:14

  26. i think that the age should be 16 but you must be 16 before the august so it seems simppler and conveinient for others those who think that it is unfair that they muyst be 14 are idiots because the singing isnt everything they are encouraging you to stay and do you GCSE’s and not get your hopes up too high and miss out on education x

    Comment by jessica porter — Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 @ 11:44

  27. I can’t believe they put it up again i’ve been practising for ages! :( and telling family that i wanted to go for it but no i can’t this actual sucks why can’t they just let us younger people have a shot at it.

    Comment by James — Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 @ 12:32

  28. my best friend sent off the form for the X-factor next year and they sent her one back saying she wasn’t old enough because her birthday is in july and shes 15 now. However i am 16 now and i am not ready yet to go on but i am apply for the X-factor next year for 2010. i think if your 15 a few months shouldn’t really matter. but 14 i do agree with others that is far to young, there not emotionally ready and need to concerate on there education, and people change if they became the winner it could crush them the stress of the paparazzi would become to much, we see cases of it on telly were popstars have had mental break downs because of it and a young child which a 14 year old is considered at wouldn’t be able to cope with that kind of stress. i think 16 is a wise age to put it up too because its a time when you’ve been been accepted and considered as a adult you can make your own decisons by this point and have indepedencey and knowledge you don’t have at the age of 14.

    singing is my life and if i cant sing i dont want to do anything else, i honestly cant picture my self any where else.

    i am having singing lessons with a amazing lady.
    and i am enjoying every second of it because i feel like i am on my way to grabbing my dream, and i am working harder than ever and i am not going to give up without a fight.

    cheryl cole is an inspiration me shes been a real success on the programme and god i would kill to meet her to be in her group though would be aahhh amazingly wicked. it would be a dream come true in its self.

    because my best friend cant go on next year and i am going on in 2010 it is really upsetting for me and her because she doesn’t want to go on in 2010 when i am going on, we both agreed you dont want to share your dream with your best friend do you, you want the courage to do it on your own so i dont think a few months should matter if you are 15 like in laurens place, but 14 is definatley to young i agree.

    i wish all the best to all of you who have auditioned next year :)
    good luck people :D
    i will be watching and voting :D

    do any of you have msn so i can chat more about the X-factor issues with people who are also looking forward to audition or considering auditioning?

    best wishes
    loves Abi x :D

    Comment by AbigailLucieEardley — Sunday, 21 December, 2008 @ 13:57

  29. Im gutted the age has been put back up i’ve been wanting to audition for soo long now.
    I love singing and dancing when i have nothing to do i just sit and sing the first thing that comes into my head its like a feeling that takes over me when im singing i just feel like nothing can stop me lol.

    I’m was planning on audtioning for the x-factor 2009 but im too young :( but when im old enough im DEFINATLEY! going to audtion :D

    Goodluck to all audtioning :D
    I’m deffo going to watch it

    love Mia


    Comment by Mia — Saturday, 3 January, 2009 @ 14:05

  30. wishing everyone the best of luck im auditioning this year so hopefully see you all there good luck xx

    Comment by fionna — Monday, 5 January, 2009 @ 16:06

  31. I applied for The X Factor 2 years ago I was 17 years old at the time and I made it to the second , which of course I extremly happy but sadly my X Factor journey ended on the second round, I would be lying to myself if I said i wasn’t heart broken and believe me I was. But then i got over it, I wanted to audition in 2008 but i thought i would wait another year, and this year has finally come 2009. I feel that I am ready and I am more determined than ever and so much more confident. I am going to perform to my fullest this year.

    Comment by Tashieka — Monday, 16 March, 2009 @ 10:09

  32. my aunty went on and she is 20 but if you are realy good the chances are you wont get in becase they are more interested in the crap ones to make the tv show funny!

    Comment by lany — Wednesday, 15 April, 2009 @ 11:13

  33. i have already put my application in, a cant wait to go :-)

    Comment by Stephanie — Friday, 24 April, 2009 @ 08:43

  34. i went this year its not as glamorous as it sounds i didnt get through because they said i had a cold gutted will be at the 2010 audition more prepared with a tent and warm clothing be warned that if you do go make sure u dress up warm!!!!

    Comment by Ryan — Friday, 24 April, 2009 @ 13:16

  35. Hi I go through in Birmingham has anyone had a callback yet for the proper Judges its 2 weeks tommorrow and I cant find ny details of anyone hearing anything? thanks guys

    Comment by Sarah — Monday, 27 April, 2009 @ 06:20

  36. P.S good luck to anyone who still ahs to audition in London next week

    Comment by Sarah — Monday, 27 April, 2009 @ 06:20

  37. went to cardiff… got through to 2nd round. There were some emmense singers not getting through! 2nd round heard 10 before me who were much better than me not get bthrough so didnt hold out much hope and i didnt get put through. The only way your getting through really is if you are 1. really bad so they can laugh at you 2. got a really good sob story 3. are as good as beyonce.

    good luck but the chances are you can have as good a voice as you like and you still wont go through!

    Comment by danielle — Monday, 27 April, 2009 @ 08:48

  38. Blond hair boy who got through executive producers Cardiff 2009 auditions with me, i missed the chance to know you! im the girl in white dress and denim waistcoat.

    Comment by Gisela — Monday, 27 April, 2009 @ 19:10

  39. can any one that has already auditioned this year tell me the whole process of the day. I heard that you perform 2 seperate times for the producers befor you even get to audition for the judge. is that true.

    Comment by melissa — Tuesday, 28 April, 2009 @ 12:11

  40. OMG i love x-factor & i cant believe that i got an audition for the 8th may im soooo excited

    Comment by Rebecca — Thursday, 30 April, 2009 @ 20:00

  41. hey i got my audition date aswell, its on tuesday 5th may 2009, cant believe it, im sooo nervous and only now which is two days is when i decided what song im gna sing loool gud luck to everyone who got a audition and see u there :D

    Comment by Micheal — Sunday, 3 May, 2009 @ 02:32

  42. got my audition for tuesday 5th may dont no what to expect seems very hard to get through any one else feel the same

    Comment by belinda wilson — Sunday, 3 May, 2009 @ 16:55

  43. My Audition’s the same day!! Woo!! Go X Factor!!!

    Comment by Joey — Sunday, 3 May, 2009 @ 17:01

  44. Heyy everyone! Ive got an audition at the o2 tomorrow. The audition time sayes 9am….what time should i get there? and does that mean i will be seen at 9am?

    Comment by Paul — Monday, 4 May, 2009 @ 13:17

  45. Im gutted.
    My Audition was today at 9am at the O2 Arena.

    Set my alarm for 5am so that I could leave and get there in time for the opening (I didnt mind where id be in the queue as I was still going to be seen!

    Disaster, I done what everybody does and thought just 5 more mins, then woke up at 10am!

    Obvioudly I couldnt get down from Southampton in time so ive stayed home.
    Does anyone know whether I can apply for another audition on another day? (Open Auditions?)

    What will happen?

    Comment by Karl — Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 @ 14:36

  46. To all of you going to audtions tomorrow at the O2 be prepared for a LOOOONNNGGGG day. Take plenty of food, water, spare clothes (incase it rains), make-up etc. Be prepared for anything. Good Luck to you all but if you don’t get through it is not the end of the world! Have fun.

    Comment by Sole Wildman — Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 @ 22:27

  47. i have done the third round in front of the executive producers and they said they would let me know within two weeks.

    its now been over three!!

    has anyone heard anything? x

    Comment by Camden — Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 @ 11:22

  48. X-Factor auditions were a nightmare.
    Got up at 6:15, left home at 7:30. Arrived at the O2 at 8:45 and joined the enormous queue.
    There were already thousands there and it didn’t take long to realise we were pretty much at the end of the queue.
    At about 11 o’clock the TV crew started fiming the crowd scenes with all the X-Factor cheering etc., and about 11:30 Dermot O’Leary appeared to do the links for the X-Factor and Xtra-Factor. The only good thing about being near the back of the queue is that the filming was all done near us! By 12 o’clock they finished all the outside filming and started letting people into the O2. We finally got in at 1PM.
    The film crew then started filming inside, including more links from Dermot. It wasn’t until 2 o’clock that the auditions actually got underway. It then took until 5 o’clock to clear the enties from the floor area. Knowing we were near the end of the so-called queue, I realised I wasn’t likely to be auditioning till about 10 o’clock! Unfortunately, at about 4PM I’d started getting a migraine, which got worse and worse. So at 7:30 I decided I couldn’t hold out for another 2 1/2 hours crammed into the O2 seats, with a now horrendous migraine, so decided to leave.
    The worst part was that we weren’t even allowed out of the arena once we were inside, so I couldn’t even go out for fresh air or a ciggy. The O2’s outer ring seating is very cramped, the prices for food and drink are extortionate (good job we took our own) and the whole audition process is a nightmare. They invite way too many people, expect them to turn up by 9 o’clock, then they start preparing for the outside filming instead of having it all ready.
    Once we were inside they had to setup everything for the filming again before the auditions could start. When the auditions finally started, they only had a few of the audition booths setup and started building more while auditions were taking place!
    Add to that all the queue jumping, which they tried to prevent by saying you had to have your seat ticket with you when you went up (which people got around by swapping their seat ticket with non-singing family/friends), the whole thing was just a total nightmare.
    IF I try it again, I’ll be getting there bloody early!

    Look out for my Youtube video!

    Tips for Simon Cowell on arranging auditions:
    Don’t have so many people on one day (Spread the auditions over 3 days instead of 2).
    Pre-arrange the audition order with numbers in the letters that you send out.
    Get the camera crew there for 8a.m., so they can start filming for 9 o’clock when all the crowd are there.
    Have the audition booths built BEFORE the auditions start.

    Comment by Paul — Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 @ 13:25

  49. I arrived in the queue at the 02 at 5am. I was about the 250th person.

    As above it was a NIGHTMARE!!

    They had not set up ready, not order of anything. Wouldnt start filming inside until ALL of the crowd were actually in the arena!! You can imagine how long this took?

    Some FABULOUS singers were being told no, and some really crap awful singers were getting through obviously for the laughter factor??

    I didnt get through, but i am going again next year!!

    Comment by karen walpole — Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 @ 19:28

  50. REPLY TO SARAH (not too far up): Yeah…I got through in Birmingham aswell until the 3rd set of judges but still havent heard anything back from them even though they said it would be 2 weeks. Its been 3 weeks now and im dying inside just wanting to know a yes or a no. I think im going to spontaneously combust due to stress and anxiety! I’ll let you know somehow if/when I get a reply…

    Comment by Chika — Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 @ 20:40

  51. I went to the London Auditions on Tuesday, and I have to say, I never seen so many deluded singers in my life! I expected the share of hideous looking ones you see on tv, but most were decent looking people who actually believe they can sing but were soo out of tune and below average. I can’t believe these people took the time of work and queued up all day. All sorts of people, working professionals to older men/women who think they can sing. And when they were rejected, you could see them rushing out of the arena in a hump. Either they are clearly deluded or just desperate to be someone important.

    I would say 90% of the people there are clearly deluded! I stood near the audition booths and heard hundreds sing all day and couldnt believe what I was hearing!

    The judges were amazing, esp the main producer who I saw judge. How he keeps a straight face, I appluad him! lol

    The only people I saw that were given the golden ticket were clearly the deluded jokes!

    I began thinking its all a waste of time, and this is all just for tv entertainment(well it is!) and there is no place for a genuine singer like me here.

    While I was waiting, I decided to change my song and sing like a joke to get in. Then in front of Simon, I could sing seriously and know Id get through that way.

    When it got to my turn, I walked in and this lovely female judge smiled and something came over me! and I just sang my heart out to my original song.

    I was totally shocked when she give me a golden ticket, god bless her.

    It is dissapointing to read the above comments from those who got approved at the executive producers stage and never got called back!

    I pray and hope I am proved otherwise again! x

    Comment by "M" — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 02:46

  52. Does anyone know what the second audition is going to be like?

    Comment by nadzie — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 06:46

  53. cant believe what bad organisation it was yesterday at the o2!!!!!!!!! after arriving at 5am and leaving at 6pm the judges already know whos going though to the auditions! and as for chicken man what a rookie!!!!!! we didnt get through but cant believe the talent that simon has missed and im not talking about us what a shame! i wont be wasting my time on this show again.

    Comment by vicky — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 07:15

  54. i went to london yesturday to audition. got up at 4 to be there for 7 to find thousands of people there alredi. me and my dad were stood outside from 7-1. my feet were acheing like mad. they then decided to start doin filmin for the titles makin us do silent cheerin for dermot oleary. then finally got into the o2 at 1:30. then sat down and they decided to do another 1hr of filmin. didnt start audition till atleast 2:30. i was told it wouldnt be my turn till at 10:30-11pm. i had a bangin headache i was tired so decided to go. after seein all the falseness that that day and the way they done things im not guna audition for the xfactor again.

    Comment by kim — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 12:20

  55. I went to the o2 yesterday! yer its the same old unorganised thing but none the less is the x factor. got there at 8.30 started filming about 11ish then got in the arena at 1. more filming inside and stuff and then the hugeeeee wait began haha!. but the good thing about it was that the o2 had supplied you with seat arena tickets which meant you could leave the arena go outside go to the restaurants some ppl left went to the west end caught up with old friends then came back at about 9ish to audition. This was a very good idea because it meant you weren’t trapped inside the arena and had the freedom to leave and return. Dont really know what that girl with the migraine is on about haha . Finally got auditioned at 10.30 and there were still around 1000 people to still b auditioned. Luckily i got a gold ticket and got through =] yayy! haha. back again next friday :)

    Comment by Matt Pink — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 13:19

  56. Paul i agree!!! i went on 5th and i flew over from Spain for it (i am british) What a waste of my last day in the UK. would of rather of been with my family! here is what i have posted on my facebook!!!!

    A lot of people were wondering what happened and I thought this is the easiest way of letting you all know at once! No I didn’t get through, wish I did because then it would of been worth the 13 hour wait. They would rather let a Drag through then others who can actually sing! not saying I am amazing but I can sing! Katie went the same day as well and we saw each other and she said exactly the same! All a stitch and used for recording. sooooooooo……………………..

    Got up at 5.30am, Train for 6.46am (must add the train fair cost £35 EACH) got to the O2 Arena for 8.20am and started queuing, couple hours later had recording done all outside (you know, the waving and clapping, London’s got the X Factor blablabla etc) and that took us to around 12ish i think and we were told the doors for the 02 arena were now open and everyone was going to be seated in the arena and then auditions would start, hour later still waiting to go in! So after a ridiculous 4.5 hours outside waiting we were inside the O2 and got given X factor Number and seat Ticket and this point Mum and I had met Dion and Damon (father and daughter) so we had good company and everyone chats to everyone!

    It was announced on the TV on Saturday morning and the Radio the morning I went to the audition that anyone could turn up! So the people who got accepted and had a letter didn’t make a difference but it did before, you had to have your letter when i went 4-5 years ago, and when i went then you were in a room with 3 producers as judges and got feedback!

    When we were in the 02 arena we had to wait a further 25 minutes queuing for the toilet and no drink stands were open until we did the next bit of recording! so we did further recording for a couple of Hours with Dermot Oleary and then after after we were told auditions would start in 10 minutes, an hour and half later they had finally finished setting up these small stupid 25 booths where there are only 3 sides to it and people in the arena can see you and you can see and hear each other audition!!! 25 booths they said! weell there was only 20 being used!

    It took them 2 hours to get a first small section of auditions and we were 3 quarters of the way till the end! Time was ticking, we were told we weren’t aloud to leave the building or we couldn’t get back in, this was soon changed when the number of people wanted a cigarette break and a drink including myself and my mum! Lots of people were not happy and tired and were pancing about getting their last train home, a lot of people left without auditioning.

    When I had my audition, we got sent in roughly groups of 5 into booth land lol! waited for our go and as you can imagine, after waiting for 13 hours think how the judges felt doing that all day too! not in good moods! Obviously being very nervous i went in and was asked my name (last time i did x factor, they know your name how old you are and if you had done it b4, this time they didn’t) i sung 2 songs, Whitney – saving all my love for you and i was asked to sing a 2nd (so she was borderline on whether ot let me through or not) so i did Black Velvet which i love!! she sed “hmmmmm, not this year” and you were not allowed to ask why and even if you did they wouldn’t tell you, so after all that time, 13 hours waiting you get no feedback, nothing!!! You can hear every other person singing, cheering for people who got through! so distracting as well!

    So after all of that mum and i left the O2 arena at about 9.30pm!!!!!

    Yes, it was a good experience (not to do it again!) but it wasn’t done properly and we were all treated like cattle. The o2 arena was basically FULL and i looked it up and the arena hold 20,000 people! Lots of people didn’t stay and left without auditioning and i bumped into Katie who i worked with here in Carnaval and she has an amazing voice and she didn’t get through but the Drag in front of her did! over 200 people pushed passed us by opening the barriers outside!. No toilets outside when waiting for 4 and half hours outside, no drinks no proper security! basically got used for the recording and at some points with all the pushing it got dangerous but oh well!!!! i will never go back and do that again, its all a fix! you basically sat on the judge when singing and they said it would be over quickly and it wasn’t, i was told by someone there that they had to get security guards and other staff to judge as lack of staff! ridiculous!!!!!! but basically that’s what happened but i think i sang really well! i didn’t want to leave as i would of regretted it, so mum and i stuck it out and enjoyed a nice mini bottle of wine each and a Burger King on the train home!!!!!

    My advise to who ever goes to audition be prepared!!!! and try to enjoy yourself!

    The End!

    Videos and fotos to be added this week!

    Comment by Rose Louise Wood — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 16:11

  57. Loved reading comments numbers 48 & 49 – I went along with my 18 years old daughter and couldn’t believe the chaos .. disrespect for people ..We were herded like cattle .. there was no organisation – they allowed nearly 1,000 people who had arrived nearly 2 hours later than us to get to the auditions first … Dreadful .. i though X factor was about making dreams come true .. not crushing them …
    I may sound like a bitter mum and yes I am angry but it’s more than that, it was blatant disrespect to all of us there and totally about getting good camera shots ..
    we met people who had got through to 3rd rounds last yr and that’s that but no one who seemed to get further ?! i was told on the grapevine that agents get contacted for certain candidates who fit the criteria and never actually queue up with the rest. Personally, I would love to see any pictures of the previous finalists queueing …. we took loads of pics as did most people we met?!
    my daughter finally got through to her audition . with one of the 25 random judges in one of the totally unglamorous pods… I waited outside and must admit that my heart was racing as several of the people we had met and had gone in before her and unfortunately not made it had come out before her , so it seemed positive – she sang Beyoncé’s ‘If I were a Boy’ which I had advised her to do as unique & was performed on last yr’s show for the 1st time … they said it wasn’t contemporary?!! and they asked her to sing another song – she gave them a selection of 2 others; R& B or theatrical .. they turned their noses up at both .. they made her nervous and she finally suggested tony Braxton’s ‘Unbreak my heart’ which they agreed to but by then she was totally flustered by their disregard, she messed it up . However, Contemporary??? which would you think was more contemporary?!
    There was no need for these judges to be nasty .. they really upset other contestants who came out telling their stories .. Trust me , they make Simon Cowell look like Mother Theresa! and if Simon, Louis, Cheryl or Danni treated anyone like that on TV, there would be so many complaints… they tutted at one girl when she said she was a full time mother and made her feel awful. Maybe it’s their way of making people nervous to check how they cope but it really is nasty!
    It is disgusting that they let people through who can’t even hum , let alone sing and are so disrespectful to talented singers. All 15000 of us there were Unpaid extras, fuelling their money making machine …. the least they could have done is acknowledge the contestants…. every one i spoke to after their audition said they didn’t even look at them ..etc Apart from one girl who said she had a lady judge who was very nice when she lost her nerve.
    My daughter is a confident, beautiful, talented 18 yr old and they made her feel small, useless and embarassed to face her friends ….. This is not the stuff of dreams …. and I would not advise anyone to go there next year until one of the successful candidates of previous years posts their picture in the queues!! I think the queues are mainly to find the weird & wonderful and that the agenda is already decided .. . I have loved X factor for years but this has totally disillusioned me …. Not because my daughter and other good people didn’t get through .. but because such dreadful people did .. that is so unfair and prescripted.

    Comment by Adele — Thursday, 7 May, 2009 @ 21:03

  58. OMG my audition is tomorrow at Hampden Park in Glasgow.. I believe the term is bricking it!!

    Comment by Danielle Henderson — Friday, 8 May, 2009 @ 11:59

  59. I posted my comments yesterday & checked back in today … guess what?! they were deleted .. Curious and questionable I think. Basically, I read Paul’s comments on point 48 and totally agreed with it .. I was there as a suppport on the day and was disgusted as to how dreadfully all of the approximately 15,000 in the crowd were treated. It took just over 11 hours till my daughter was auditioned.
    I left thinking that I, who can’t sing, had I turned up in my belly dancing costume, girated my hips and wailed my rendition of one of Shakira’s hits 9 (a painful experience to all I assure you), Had i been willing to make a mockery of myself, I would have had more chance of getting through than the tens of thousands of fabulous singers!!
    These initial auditions appeared to be for the weird & wacky and totally unrelated to talent. We arrived at 6:30 am, the doors weren’t opened till 10:30 am and the organisers were more concerned about getting full camera footage of the crowds for their TV entrance. One person commented ‘ do you think they’re trying to go for the Guiness book of records for the most people in one place needing a piss?!’ I thought that was hilarious .. as we were eventually ushered in , they would not allow us to go to the toilets after 5 hours of queuing!!! but wanted us to get seated to perform their silent cheering while Dermot messed up his 2 min entrance fopr the 5th time! and 15,000 people were ordered a round.
    It was a costly, demotivating, soul destroying experience fot the majority fueled by a money making industry clearly genius at using people’s dream to ensure they comply … we were all just UNPAID EXTRAS, herded like cattle. on a positive note, as they ordered us to jump up & down , wave our arms .. cross the, scream … etc .. etc .. I did get more excercise than I have in years.
    There was no organisation and although they had claimed first come first served, i counted nearly 1,000 people who had been behind us in the queues getting in before us .. we had been there 2 hours before them!! People wer queue jumping and there was no rhyme nor reason.
    The 25 judges in the totally unglamorous cubicles mad Simon Cowell look like Mother Theresa, and as one after the other of the contestants who I had met came out broken hearted, not so much by not getting through, but by being treated as insignificant and not even looked at. I felt it was soul destroying & most definitely not the stuff of dreams.
    One young lady was tutted at when she answered that she was a full time mum?! A mid wife, proud of who she is was made to feel insignificant?!
    I had accompanied my daughter and as several contestants came out who had gone in before her, my heart pounded .. but more fool I?!! Turns out, although the presenter had clearly announced that each audition would be 2 mins( and the letter to prepare one verse & one chorus of one song) and had instructed that no one question .. well, my beautiful talented 18 yr old daughter had sung Beyonce’s ‘If I were a boy’ on my suggestion as It had ben performed for the first time by the star on last yr’s X factor and being a difficult song to sing would be unique & brave .. well, they had no comment on her singing but said that the song wasn’t contemporary and did she have another … she told them she did musical theatre and chose ‘Movie in my mind’ from miss saigon, but they tutted that away .. she suggested an R & B Mariah Carrie song which agian they dismissed .. by then, she was flustered, intimidated and my otherwise confident daughter was turned into a bag of nerves as she searche in her mind for any suitable possibility blurting out tony Braxton’s ‘Unbreak my heart’ which they approved!! Am I totally mad, my daughter was in kindergarten when that came out … what on earth is contemporary about that ? At any rate , by then she had been flustered and was shaking as she sang!! This is not the image portrayed on telly.
    I made the point that I have since heard on the grapevine (from someone who has worked on reality TV shows) that in fact, the producers have an agenda and contact agencies .. and I begged the question if any of the previous years finalists had ever been shown in pictures at these initial auditions?!! I have been a fan of X factor, American IDol, Pop Idol .. well , all of them form day 1, naively believing the dream and hence encouraged my daughter (who by the way had had Distinctions in all her Lambda exams & has had superb performances and I know I sound like a bitter mum, but my girl can sing & Rap beautifully) But I realised that i have never seen any pictures of them at these initial rounds?! We took so many pictures as did most people in the audience, so why have those never been published.
    I really thought that maybe my cynism would be quashed by a few being posted .. but when I went back into check any responses to my comments and saw that I had been deleted… well, clearly my suspicions were real .. What do you think?
    Well, my advise is to any talented singers, Do not bother …it is all a pre set, pre staged farce, and only those aiming for the 2 min TV fame of the comic variety need bother …

    Comment by Adele — Friday, 8 May, 2009 @ 21:21

  60. the auditions were a shambles this year at the o2 arena, the stewards, & security were rubbish, we arrived at 9.30am on the wednesday morning, & my 16 year old was not auditioned until 11.30pm,the producers were shattered as were the last people to audition, none of them stood a chance that late at night. I hasten to add, I did laugh when the pregnant woman who punished us with her awful singing for 5 hours n the queue outside, & called my 16 year old daughter a C U Next Tuesday, hadn’t got the X factor, & came out of the auditioning booth in tears, made my day xx

    Comment by Sarah — Saturday, 9 May, 2009 @ 12:00

  61. We are just back from the Glasgow auditions and it was very much as everyone else said.Some very weird and wonderful people were getting through and yet good and excellent singers were turned away. My daughter CAN sing,but I stated that I probably had a better chance of getting through, as I have the singing ability of a strangled cat.

    One tip-if you have a couple of mates that are good singers,form a group for next year.There were about 5 groups in the queue and 5000 soloists.Go figure.And they were finished by lunchtime.

    Pretty disorganised today,the rain was pelting down and people were made to stand out in the rain for 3 hours while they messed up more link ups. Many very soggy auditionees and they rabbited on about people leaving their seats when they wanted to dry off and get a hot cuppa.

    Anyone auditioning next year-dress for weather, and take fresh socks,boots and jeans in your bag.

    Comment by Geri — Saturday, 9 May, 2009 @ 18:09

  62. I dont understand about the different auditions, has anyone seen the actual judges yet? When does that start? If they have sen the actual judges, is Dannii back on because she said she would sign the contract yesterday! Please help :)

    Comment by Annie — Sunday, 10 May, 2009 @ 11:35

  63. The actual worst day of my life pretty much! I do not recommend doing this! Seriously, I could have cried. I arrived at the 02 arena at 6.20 and my audition was at 4.30. Wasn’t prepared with food and having only had toast at 4.30 didn’t have any food untill 2.00pm. So, I advise strongly to take plenty of food!!! The judge that was watching me was infact not even watching me when I was singing, he didn’t look interested in the slightest.

    When sat in the arena, from where I was sat I was in good view of the auditions. People with absolutely amazing voices were not getting through. We were also being threatened to get kicked out of the Arena if we did not participate in the cheering and dancing for the filming.
    I will never do it again and it was the most tiring and disappointing day.

    Comment by Grace — Sunday, 10 May, 2009 @ 20:16

  64. I have to agree with Paul, I was at the London auditions on Wednesday. “the queue jumping” was a joke, but the orgnaisers knew that from the day before so I am surprised that no one thought of using some lessons learnt to prevent the same from happening the following day. After being there for over 14 hours many where getting very irritated by the queue jumping, me included. The booths were I thought a bit of a waste of time. It would have been better if it was away from the arena itself and something set up beforehand. By the time I got to sing I got the feeling that the producers had heard enough im surprised they didnt have a migrane stuck in these booths. Something to think about im sure for the next auditions.

    Comment by AL — Monday, 11 May, 2009 @ 13:34

  65. I also got through in Birmingham auditions to Executive Producers and am waiting to hear (I just wanna know now!). Has anyone heard anything yet?

    Im thinking maybe they wanted to get all the locations done then they will choose?

    I hope I get through!!!


    Ps. Good luck to all

    Comment by Sarah2me — Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 @ 06:45

  66. Auditioned in Glasgow Sat 9th, horrible experience, stood in rain for 4 and half hours, then sat in freezing cold in wet clothes all day unable to stop shivering long enough to sing, in a freezing cold stadium, in one of many booths in close proximity to other auditionees singing and either screaming with delight or otherwise. What a shambles and an insult to be judged by 1 wee woman sitting with her little hat on and sipping on a hot drink trying to keep warm and not showing much interest. I can sing and a friend of mine who I believe is world class vocalist also didn’t get through, same story, judge wasn’t even listening, too busy peeking through gaps in booth to see what was going on. Come on X factor, get your act together and at least give people a fair chance

    Comment by Angie — Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 @ 19:02

  67. hi my group got threw to final producers
    we had a great experience, back in hotel for half ten the first day, and tea time the second day
    lots of talent cat glasgow but not a lot getting threw.
    solo acts were treated like cattle they stood in rain all day while me watched from warm rooms with coofee
    fingers crossed for fone call
    has anyone heard anything yet>>???

    Comment by KATRINA O REILLY — Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 @ 10:47

  68. I took my daughter to the Glasgow auditions on Saturday 9th May what a shambles. We got their at 5.30am as we don’t have time slots. Letter says doors open at 8am. Well 8am came and went and so did 9am and so did 10am and so did 11am then finally we got in side at 11.30am my feet were soaking, I was freezing and my poor daughter who has an illness called Lupus (SLE) was shivering and just wanted to come home but I thought we havn’t come all this way from Dundee getting up at 2am leaving at 4am to get to Glasogow and stand for 6 hours to then go home. When we finally got in rain but absolutely freezing we then had to sit for another 2hours before the auditions would start by which time people were leaving they had had enough don’t blame them. My daughter then finally got her audition at 2.45pm then told no and the girls that were beside her were told no they were all brilliant singers and the ones that were getting through were dressed stupidly and couldn’t sing to save their self. Don’t go unless you are extremely extremly brilliant or absolute crap its a waste of time. And my daughter has just giving up singing which was the last thing in life she had left. Won’t be watching the show sorry.

    Comment by Maria — Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 @ 10:57

  69. Interesting reading. My son got to the second round having endured a thirteen hour wait at the shambolic O2 auditions on 5th. He was expecting, not having looked on this site before that if he got through the secound round his third audition would be infront of the ‘real judges’. But not so the third round is where you are interviewed by the producers. No doubt those that get through that round will have some wierd or great sob stories worthy of the Jeremy Kyle show. I just dread the day when the X Factor show starts in September and we see the crap that actually got the benefit of the ‘real judges’ opinion when others who can actually sing missed out on that. Had my son been rejected by the likes of Simon Cowell it would have been one thing but to be turned away by TV producers who don’t know much about musical talent. To all those who didn’t make it – how many singers in the charts at the moment got there because of the X Factor show. Keep working at it!

    Comment by Karen C — Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 @ 17:26

  70. Been to Emirates stadium today with my Husband well what a joke……..My husband has been singing for 15years and he has a very soulful voice, when we were sat in the waiting room he decided to worm up his voice he put his ear phones on and started singing he was getting louder and louder getting into the zone, as he was singing the room went quite and people were on there feet trying to look at where the sound was coming from when he finished he had half the room on there feet and in there chairs clapping and cheering people cpming up to him shaking his hand and saying he was really really good singer( AND HE CAN SING) got to his turn 10 people got up to go to the rooms to sing, well i cant belive it out of the 10 that sang only 1 got though to the next round not my husband but a old mad with walking sticks that couldnt even sing he was just there for the fun factor… its all one BIG joke. GOOD luck to those that can actually sing..;-) roll on next year im going to apply lol and im tone deaf and im sure i will make it passed 3rd base

    Comment by Tanya Cruse — Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 @ 20:05

  71. Girlband ‘RAWNCH’ smashed thier second audition yesterday at the emirates! With posative feedback, and an impressive rendition of soul2soul-back to life, we all wait anxiously to see if we have made it through to the judges!

    c’mon Girlsssssssssss!!!
    p.s good luck to anyone els who awaite callbacks!! x

    Comment by Hannah — Thursday, 14 May, 2009 @ 11:25

  72. Ok for those of you that are all moaning about everything……….

    I have worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years and everything that you are all moaning about is entirely normal at open auditions.

    Please please please….In future prepare yourself for what is to come. As stated on the website and application details it said you would be queuing for hours, it said take refreshments, warm clothing etc.

    You need to have a hard edge to make it in this business, you get more NO’s that yes’s when your time is right and your face fits it fits if it doesnt, then its just not your time.

    Open auditions are lengthly, you will wait in the cold and rain for hours and there will always be queue jumpers etc.

    My sister and I went to the cardiff auditions armed with water, flask and sandwiches for the ride, I went for hours without a ciggie, i spent a fair bit of money getting us backwards and forward to cardiff over the 2 days, missing our buses and trains because we waited so long to sing. BUT this is what auditions are like you win some you lose some and one day its worth it.

    Please don’t think i’m being horrible but it is just what the industry is like, if you don’t like it that way, dont go to open auditions, get yourself an agent and only go to appointment only auditions.

    Remember Leona, Alex and all the other went through the same process.

    The people that run auditions like these work really hard from the early hours of the morning until late into the night, the people who are listening over and over to the same stuff, but give YOU your 30 seconds
    do so day after day week after week to produce the show.

    Good Luck to those of you who are still waiting to hear and goodluck on any auditions you undertake in the future to those who didnt get through xx

    Emma xx

    Comment by Emma — Thursday, 14 May, 2009 @ 14:49

  73. Well folks, as long and hard as the days were for the auditions in Glasgow, I loved it. It was a very VERY cold first day. We were soaked for about 4 hours before we got into the stadium then had to sit for a further 7 hours before seen and left! I did get my golden ticket though! The next day was better, we did get soaked briefly before getting into the main holding room. I got through the second audition too and then sent to the other holding room for an interview and a final audition with the ‘big wigs’! This is the part that they tell you to wait for about 2 weeks to see if you will appear in front of the main judges. Even if I don’t make it, what a fantastic experience. I met some really fantaastic people, some not so fantastic and some downright mental! Ferrero Rocher man was there from Britains Got Talent and HOLY S*!T, that guy needs to wash! My eyes were watering! The only seriously disappointing thing was that the staff at Hampden on both days wanted to bring us all in and give us hot drinks and shelter and the X Factor team refused as it wouldn’t make ‘good TV’. I think thats pretty bad news but also, everyone who was there was there by choice. If you think that its easy to become a super star then don’t bother going in the first place. I know not all artists have had to be close to getting hypothermia, but its endurance. How serious are you at making it?

    Anyways, good luck to all waiting to hear, fingers crossed. I think the coolest thing about the whole thing is that there is someone with a perfectly normal life right now waiting for a letter that will have a Xmas number 1 this year!

    Ciao for now y’all!

    Comment by Lola — Saturday, 16 May, 2009 @ 11:15

  74. I auditioned last year and after reading these blogs I am glad I made the decision not to go back.

    I got through the o2 auditions last year after waiting for hours in the rain and again inside being made to do stupid dancing ect which I did not do!

    2 weeks later I wnt to my call back at the Emirates and I could all reday tell it wa a set up because as all us hopefuls were queing outside we could clearly see people waiting for auditions inside the building before the doors had already opened(these will be the people who you see on the TV)

    After hours of the same old jumping around for the cameras flashing the old X-Factor sign they started to call us off in groups of ten.

    To be fair I have a good voice but I could hear people being sent home who were amazing which shows what a con this show is.

    I had at least five nutters sat in front of me waiting to go in , one of them being the fat Micheal Jackson guy who made it through to the judges.
    I was told not this year, apparently you didnt need to be able to sing to get through but just dress up as MJ and be a bit cockoo and you were in.

    After the second audition you have to have a third and then wait for a call back to inform you if you get to see the real judges.

    This show is an absolute con and I suggest to evryone thinking of auditioning this year or next forget about it, save your money and dont waste your time.

    Comment by Paul — Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 @ 08:20

  75. I did Britain’s Got Talent and wasn’t told wether I was through until nearly 5 months afterwards. After getting so excited for thepost every morning for 6 months I didn’t even get through and they don’t leave any detail. They don’t tell you why or why not just “sorry, you’re not through”. It’s probably the same for the X Factor. BTW, you tell yourself it’s stupid crying, you’ll get another chance some where else but yu do cry. I couldn’t help it. Just some friendly advice.
    xxx :P :D :)

    Comment by Kirsten — Tuesday, 26 May, 2009 @ 20:50

  76. CHECK THE OFFICIAL X Factor WEBSITE – there are big delays getting back to everyone who got through to the 3rd audition (like me).

    We were told 2-3 weeks but they are now apologizing and saying due to numbers they will get back to everyone by Mid June!!

    Nooooo – too long a wait!

    The buzz from my friend who got through to Bootcamp last year, is that they will call you if you are through and get a letter if it’s a no.

    Having said that, they called her the night of her audition to say she was through last time as they wanted to film her story!!! So they call the people who are te “big stories” first, I guess.

    I know that’s hard to hear but I figured you’d want to know. I hate waiting!!!

    Good luck everyone – my advice for us all is, stop checking our phones and tell ourselves we probably haven’t got it. If we do get it, then it will be a nice surprise. If we don’t get it, then we may have come to terms with it by the time the dreaded letter arrives….awww!


    Comment by Sarah Collins — Monday, 1 June, 2009 @ 19:30

  77. I have just read a couple of the “essays” here and I am totally gobsmacked at the whingeing and wining…. I was with my son and husband for the London audition. We knew it was gonna be a long haul – they TOLD YOU ALL it would be a long haul. We got there at 2.30 in the morning because we did not want to be at the back of 20,000 people. It was our choice. We were told to queue properly at about 5am – all very orderly. The security chaps were brilliant. They had laid on toilets for the masses which you could easily get to. We were informed regularly that the doors would not open until 10am – they saw the groups and disabled people first. The doors opened and everyone was issued with a ticket and you were seen in that order. It was fantastic organisation when you know that over 20,000 people were there. Well done Freemantle – the people all around us were more than happy – something was happening all the time and we made our own fun. That is the whole point of this, to enjoy the experience. I suggest the whingers dont bother in future – stick to moaning about train and suprmarket queues. No pain no gain and the less you moan the more you enjoy……believe me!!! From a very very happy 52 year old who queued for 12 hours and would do it all over again – loved it………..

    Comment by kim — Tuesday, 2 June, 2009 @ 17:43


    My X Factor experience

    When I applied to audition for the X Factor in February, it was one of my little goals to do something for me. I wanted to sail away from my safe harbour. I did not want to wake up ten years later and regret not taking the chance. I tried to convince myself, that just getting an audition was fulfilment enough. Then I received the letter inviting me to audition, and I started dreaming of being on that stage. I compiled my repertoire. I practiced and I kept dreaming. I never expected what we were put through on auditioning day.

    When I jumped out of bed the digital radio clock glowed 4:53Am. I had neglected to put the clock to alarm as I told myself I was sure to wake up on time. Since I planned to leave home at 5.15am, I did not have much time to get ready, but I had never dressed so quickly in my life. I left home at 5.20am and since there was very little traffic, I got to the train station in good time to catch my 6.10 connection from Peterborough to London. The train was so early, that I almost missed it. I arrived at the O2 Arena just before 8:00 am. Already, there were a few thousands queuing up.
    After they herded us around the yard like animals, they started filming. We were instructed, to wave, clap, sway etc, like puppets, so ITV could gather footage for the big build up. During all that time, we remained completely ignorant as to how long the filming would last or when the auditions would start. I thought it was a joke when we were told we would not be allowed into the stadium until they were satisfied with the filming. All we could do was wait and wait and obey instructions so we would be allowed into the stadium. Then they told us the auditions would not start until everyone got into the stadium and they did some more filming. Auditions did not start until about 2.00pm.
    After shuffling around for five hours, it was a huge relief to finally sit down, wishing the toilets were closer. I sat there- with my number fifteen thousand, eight hundred and something, waiting for some information so I could get a clue as to when, if ever, I was going to get my chance to audition. I admired those who seized their moment in front of the camera, however many of us were too tired and frustrated to bother. I gathered information from bits of conversations tossing around- even that we were not allowed to leave the stadium, which I did not believe. As the evening progressed, many seats became vacant, even as hundreds and hundreds of contestants filed to and from the little cubicles at the front. Only a few gold cards flashed as those beaming contestants celebrated the chance for another round. As I sat there, desperately needing some air, my fears that I may have made this trip and waited all these hours in vain, heightened.
    After another seven hours of sitting, I felt as if my head was near the point of exploding. Had I known what I would have been put through, I kept telling myself, I would not have allowed this idea to embed itself so deeply in my head; in my dreams. I kept reminding myself that just getting an audition was fulfilment enough of my little goal. And hadn’t I done it? Was it fulfilment enough? All I know is, as I stood outside the cubicle, drenched with anxiety, my chance became even bleaker when I noticed that not a single person from my queue came back flashing a gold card. Finally, it was my turn. Then it was over. After twelve hours of waiting, I got my few seconds in front of the lone judge, sitting a mere and very off-putting foot or so away from me.
    I thought I had prepared myself but when he laid down his verdict, “Am afraid it’s going to be a NO for me,’ those words punctured my heart, and I was not one of those who had dreamed of this ‘all my life’ as many others proclaimed. I kept telling myself that had it not been 9.00pm, or had I gone to a different judge or had I done this or that- maybe , just maybe I would have made it. One thing I am not, is delusional, but for a few moments there, I felt absolutely gutted. No one could have told though because I left the O2 smiling and chatting with the person who auditioned after me. Life goes on after the X Factor.

    Comment by CIndy — Thursday, 4 June, 2009 @ 20:04

  79. My friend in London heard by phone on Thursday 30th May in the morning that she will be auditioning in front of the Judges, I believe either 22 or 23rd June. She’s in the under 25’s a soloist and she first auditioned on Thursday 14th May at The O2 in London and just turned up in the evening and auditioned late in the evening around 11pm.

    I’m waiting to hear I’m in a group and we went through past the Executives (we sang 2 songs some sang upto 4 songs) there was another stage that people haven’t stated on this site, (After you sang to the exec’s you were asked to wait they either said to you yes you can go now and you’ll hear in 2 weeks or they asked you to stay for more filming)and we were asked to stay for more personal filming with a group of twins, another group of twins who are the spit of Leona Lewis, a fierce sexy girl band, a lovely guy from last years boot camp and a boy’s group plus our group. (All could sing very well) We all had extra filming (not in the POD), so none of us know what they have planned for us. But good luck we all know there is a fun part of the programme and there is the very real part of the programme where you really will reach your dreams. (That’s why so many people audition so don’t give up so easily, you can’t fall at the first hurdle) But we don’t know what they are looking for this year. Open auditions in theatre can be like this, it’s just that we’re not used to it and because this audition is viewed on tv there are more people who know about it, so attend. You may still hear at the very last min and have to audition the next day in front of the judges so don’t give up hope. Believe in yourselves if it’s not to be this year, there’s always the next year. If you don’t really believe in yourself no-one else will. GOOD LUCK

    Comment by Simone — Saturday, 6 June, 2009 @ 09:45

  80. I ended up getting a phonecall from the researchers on 1 June and I was absolutely delighted!!! I am meeting the judges not to mention an audience of 1500 people in Manchester on Saturday (wish me luck!!). I have auditioned for X Factor 4 years in a row and every year you have to endure more to get through those long audition dates. But trust me its worth it when your hard work pays off :) Good Luck to all!!!


    Comment by Sarah2me — Wednesday, 1 July, 2009 @ 10:16

  81. My daughter made it through 3 auditions at manchester they told her 2 to 3 weeks and she would be notified if she was through to see the judges or not that was on the 21st april 2009
    she is still waiting to hear and the judges have been to manchester 3rd 4th and 5th july
    she has had no letter or phone call how can they get away with treating people like this.
    she is not on her own we have spoken to many other people who made it through all the auditions they give you before you go to audition for the judges so many people are so angry if they didnt choose you to go before the judges then fair enough but they should let everyone know either way like they promised they would

    Comment by tell the truth — Monday, 6 July, 2009 @ 18:36

  82. I think that its stupid the way they dont even reply to you if you werent successful.. they should at least let you know were you stand.. i applied last year.. and havent heard nothing.. what is the point in auditioning if their gonna treat you like this.. its defenately put me off.. and because i live in Jersey.. it would have cost me over 200 pounds to get to London and back.. plus hotel.. whats the point

    Comment by Debbie Duarte — Sunday, 12 July, 2009 @ 17:35

  83. hey emm . i was just wondering .. does anyone know if x-factor will still be going in 2011 . i really want to audition as this is a magor dream of mine .
    hopefully it is still on . if anyone knows anything about it please comment . this means so much to me and it would mean the world for the x factor to still be running in 2011 :) thankss .. xo

    Comment by Ellie — Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 @ 18:55

  84. I applied to audition in manchester but by the time i got the time and date of my audition it had already passed. I was really disappointed! :(

    Comment by Carol — Wednesday, 22 July, 2009 @ 22:07

  85. well my name is Tara nd i love watching the Xfactor last years one was the best i just have one problem im from the rep of ireland and i dont think its fair that we are not aloud vote and with Eoghan Quigg in it last year it was realy not fair he went on stage showing the world what irelands realy all about i think we should be aloud vote in the future and as for the age gone back up why? Eoghan Quigg was only 15 and look how far he got well all i say is yer missing out big time by putting the age back up xxxx ttyl

    Comment by tara — Tuesday, 28 July, 2009 @ 19:02

  86. Made it thru to Stage 3 (Bootcamp)But got eliminated yesterday! :( Just wanna say, it is NOT as glamourous as you mite think….Alot of waiting around, cameras in ya face at all times….Not very organised. Judges however seemed kool. Cheryl Cole is as beautiful as they say and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but will maybe give it a couple yrs b4 i enter again….Need to concentrate on my own music career, not karaoke.

    Comment by Jaide Green — Thursday, 30 July, 2009 @ 13:27

  87. elooo lol….

    i reckon changein the age is a stupid idea….

    i myt b biased, being only 15 an all, buh there was jus no reason to do it!!! i mean if you look at it this way…

    i say if two people are taught something from the start to finish and say the ages are diff… one person is 20 the other is 15 then i reckon that they can both leanr wht it is that they r sposed to doesnt that mean that if a 15 year old can sing better than a 20 year old they cannot get thru cz of age!!!!!

    when you have talent AGE SHOULDNT MATTER!!!!!!!

    your not questioning people on who they (although that helps according to some stories ive read)are you are judging them on what they can do! say for example connie talbot from BGT, she is the most amazin child singer i know of!! buh there is probably other 6-8 yr olds that can sing buh jus dont get the chance!!

    this show gives adults a chance to live their dream!! there are some kids like me hu hav only ever wantd to b sum1 to hav sumthin like this n now we cant…..

    SIMON — you say that when you see a child under 16 cry thats when you say youve made the wrong choice in lowering tha age limit………….well if them people are silly enough to come on the show and cry cuz they
    daint get thru then that is their problem…..they cant put you on a guilt trip all coz u daint let them thru….

    its as simple as that.

    buh as for the organisation and attention skills i reckon that mebzz you shud re think you strategies so many people are complaining mebz thers a reason for that!!!

    buh neways im not complaining im still yet to “”"”endure”"” the harsh physical times of queueing up for hours on end and being in the freezing cold……buh to those people who do moan….it does say to b prepared if your gna gerup erly in the mornin then its gna b cold take a raincoat take a brolly take sunscreen and dont forget your water!!!!!!! all that screamin them filmin peeps want you to do n ull lose ur voice lol.

    and i think this year they are doin a live audience when you go to the main judges!!!!!! so like i sed im 15 n im gna put myself thru it!!! nd im gna b prepared!!! so you shud be

    you wont be able to succeed thru the rest of the competition if you are not prepared enuf to succeed past the judges…….

    jus remember simon cowel is ruthless……..buh so is a 20 000 strong crowd n if your not redy to get booed off stage then dont audition!!!!!

    n one last thing giv people a break will ya…….. if they are good listen to then and let them thru we all like a laugh…..buh this is sposed to make people dreams come true… that dont knock em down ehh lol

    neways good look and comiserations to all them hu did/didnt get thru

    and wish me luck for next year lol

    chow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by marrryyyyyyyy — Friday, 31 July, 2009 @ 19:20

  88. I put my application in but couldnt make it this year. gutted.
    definitly doing it next year, especially if its the last one. really excited and cant wait to simon and the others what i can do! :) x

    Comment by Sarah — Friday, 31 July, 2009 @ 21:33

  89. Viewers only see the exciting bits of the X Factor, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Take Rhydian in 2007 – he was ridiculed and slated by the programme and the press as well, as had he been 14 or 15, he could never have coped. As well as taking the welfare of children who are still impressionable into account, there are a lot of legal reasons why it’s better to wait until someone is 16 before they can enter. Plus as 14 both a boy’s and a girl’s voice is not yet developed fully, and this sort of thing could be harmful. All you young teens out there, if you’re 14 or 15 you only have a little while to wait – you’re young yet so stop being so impatient. Work on your voices and make sure they are in top form for when the time comes, and if this seems to hard a task, well then, you aren’t cut out for this kind of profession anyway.

    Comment by Heather — Saturday, 1 August, 2009 @ 13:47

  90. FRANK to win!!!!!! beautifull girls wicked voices watch them they are good!!!!

    Comment by jacquii — Monday, 3 August, 2009 @ 16:27

  91. ed and john the grimes brothers have beautiful harmony they are 17 and I think they will be the next best thing

    Comment by margaret — Friday, 7 August, 2009 @ 06:52

  92. Well i think it is reaally bad that the age has gone up too 16 bcos there can be some really goood singers under 16’s ii think it shud b a talent show ,, 4 any age ! but hey thaats my opionion :D xx

    Comment by amy — Friday, 7 August, 2009 @ 14:57

  93. I agree with #89… it’s not a good environment for children. Look at what happened to Holly Steel on Britain’s Got Talent.

    At that age your voices are still developing, especially boys. You’re also still in school. It’s a sad fact that most people who win shows like the X Factor have very short shelf lives as pop stars. Honestly, you’re better off focusing on your eduation for a few more years so at least you have a back up if you don’t get your dreams. Get your GCSEs (or equivalent) out of the way first.

    Even if the X Factor is finishing in 2010, there will be another show to replace it. There always is. Shows like these are way too popular to cancel permanently. Be patient. You’ll get your chance.

    <3 And by the way, this is coming from a 17 year old, not an old nag. I wasn’t surprised to hear that the age limit has been put back up given the problems with it.

    Comment by Georgia — Sunday, 16 August, 2009 @ 12:05

  94. hiya all you people out there,
    don’t worry if you didn’t get through, you tried you best and it’s not the end of the world. The judges are so hard to please sometimes. I gave up singing when they said no at boot camp, i was gutted for weeks, i thought it was the most important thing in the world, the thing was i wasn’t that bad.
    But good luck everyone who auditioned.
    Kassey xxx

    Comment by Kassey — Monday, 17 August, 2009 @ 22:06

  95. Can the directors of X factor pleeeease do something about the camera work on the show. I’m fed up with looking at the back of the judges necks, tops of the audiences heads etc etc etc. Please just keep the cameras still for longer than 2 seconds. Why cant we watching at home view the programme as we would if we had good view seats in the audience. I get quite annoyed that I don’t get to see much of the performance. It drives me and my family mad. Most people I know who watch the programme feel the same. That’s why I’ve given up watching music/dance performances. You don’t get to see the act you just get someone with a camera trying to be clever

    Comment by L Jukes — Thursday, 20 August, 2009 @ 12:40

  96. I agree with number 95, I have no interest in the audience I want to see the judges expressions, and what they are wearing. Furthermore, I want to see more of the auditions and less of how many people queued.

    I don’t think I like the live audience as it is less intimate. When people are bad singers it is also kinda mean!!! Finally, this year Xfactor feels very American which I hate i.e Dermott’s introduction of welcome to Xfactor and then a flash on the audience is identical to what Ryan Seacrest does on American Idol!!


    Comment by Mary Bloggs — Sunday, 23 August, 2009 @ 09:59

  97. i want to see all the auditions not just a few. Please can you do something about it? I want to see the bad ones instead of previews. its really annoying. Otherwise ill be one less viewer down.


    Comment by SEE ALL AUDITIONS NOT A FEW! — Monday, 24 August, 2009 @ 19:12

  98. Guys its not ending 2010 its just gonna need to renew its contract, which im sure it will its such a huge momeymaker

    Comment by Seb — Monday, 14 September, 2009 @ 16:45

  99. Really disappointed with the format this year. After a limited view of what was going on in the live auditions, I’m half way through the bootcamp show and feel that you have zero chance to gain a view on any of the auditionees. After following every show and the live tour, this could be the last one for me!

    Comment by Angela — Saturday, 26 September, 2009 @ 19:49

  100. How upsetting to read about people’s disappointment in this show. As proved by first hand experience, it IS a completely staged farce, the only winners being the producers.

    If you’d like to be a famous singer, just send a tape or CD of your singing to any/all record companies. If you’re good, they’ll take you on.

    If you can sympahtise with these people on here who’ve been treated like “unpaid extras” and “cattle”, don’t watch the show, don’t vote for anyone, don’t buy the single and don’t go to watch the live tour. If it didn’t make so much money in it’s current format, they would stop making it, but they currently have the perfect formula, and the “general public” totally love it.

    Comment by Will B — Monday, 28 September, 2009 @ 17:19

  101. Its sad to see that the X factor has moved on from Judging peoples talent as singers and is now judging what the contestants do with their personnel lives. Its all about the judges and not about the contestants any more. Danni very poor shot to bring Danyl Johnson down. He is a good singer and a very confident one too. If being Confident is the meaning of being cocky then Louie Walsh should throw out his Irish dictionary and buy an English one and look up the actual meaning. Sorry to say the Judges comments were demoralizing last night. Cheryl did not expect such crude comments from you.

    Comment by Clyde Mascarenhas — Sunday, 11 October, 2009 @ 14:06

  102. “It takes a great deal of character strength to
    apologize quickly out of one’s heart rather than out of pity. A person must possess him/herself and have a deep sense of security in fundamental principles and values in order to genuinely apologize.”

    Comment by Stephen Covey — Sunday, 11 October, 2009 @ 21:26

  103. who ever is in charge of the cameras need sacking!! miss half of all performances and usually the best bits because its flickin to the audience and judges every other second. absolute sh**e!!!!!

    Comment by nigel — Saturday, 24 October, 2009 @ 19:54

  104. also a high percentage of people voting are teenagers, who mostly have no idea about good music, and are simply voting for the ones who they think are the best looking.

    Comment by sarah — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:02

  105. Ever thought they put the age up, because at that age you should be concentrating on your GCSE’s and not a tv programme that there is only a small chance on you winning, they want you to have a fall back if you dont win basically

    Comment by Dannielle — Saturday, 7 November, 2009 @ 13:08

  106. i think that it is so unfair that you have to be over six-teen to enter i got 100 on my sing test in music but im 12 so i can’t enter

    any way i love all the judge except simon hes so unfair but some of the commets he makes are kinda ok just a little mean

    love samantha hewitt
    northern ireland

    Comment by samantha — Tuesday, 16 February, 2010 @ 01:36

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