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Saturday, 10 September, 2005

Rowetta To Sing At Jordan And Peter Andre’s Celebrity Wedding

X Factor 2004 finalist Rowetta has been asked by Jordan (aka Katie Price) and Peter Andre to sing at their wedding which takes place today at Highclere Castle in Berkshire. Rowetta has reportedly said that it was “lovely to be asked” and is “really excited”. She will be singing a range of songs, including a selection of Peter and Jordan’s favourites and also an original song especially for them.

2005 X Factor auditionees take heed. One year you could be a relatively unknown, putting yourself in the firing line of Louis, Sharon and Simon, the next you could be the star attraction singing at a minor celebrity wedding.

Tuesday, 23 August, 2005

What Tabby Has Been Up To

For any Tabby fans out there, the programme on Saturday ‘What Tabby Did Next’ provided a much welcomed insight into what he has been up to since he rocked his way to third place in the finals of The X Factor 2004. Since completing The X Factor tour in February of this year, which appeared to be packed full of Tabby faithfuls in the audience, Sharon has been sticking by him. He went back for a visit to his home town of Sligo and has even been the supporting act for Rod Stewart at the Kilkenny Festival. Tabby has been busy in recording sessions with Ozzy Osbourne’s producer to get some of his songs down and has nearly completed the recording of his album with his debut single called “Holes In My Shoes” coming out soon. Although Sharon is no longer his manager, they still remain good friends.

Thursday, 18 August, 2005

2004 Winners Or Losers?

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G4′s album G4 debued at number one in the UK album charts in March, having sold 200,000 copies in its first week on sale and eventually went on to sell over 1 million – not bad considering that they came second. Album tracks include Bohemian Rhapsody, Nessun Dorma, Everybody Hurts, Circle Of Life and Creep.

Steve Brookstein
After winning The X Factor 2004, Steve went on to have a number one hit with his version of ‘Against All Odds’ a Phil Collins cover. His debut album Heart & Soul reached the top of the UK album chart in May 2005. However, despite these achievements, in an article in The Sun on 15th August, Simon Cowell admitted that G4 were the real winners of last years show because they went on to sell more albums than Steve Brookstein with Steve only having sold 250,000 copies. Cowell reportedly said, when asked if he would consider giving Brookstein a new contract, that he would “have to have a very serious think about it”.
Now it is rumoured that Steve has just been dropped from his record label Sony BMG

In a recent article in The Daily Mail, Steve was quoted as saying that “The X Factor damages your credibility – or perhaps I should say Simon Cowell does. The X Factor is all one big theatre. It’s about killing music to make light entertainment.”

Wednesday, 17 August, 2005

What happened to the finalists of X Factor 2004?

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For anyone interested in what happened to Tabby, there is an hour long programme on ITV2 on Saturday 20th August at 8.55pm entitled “What Tabby Did Next”

Since being a runner up in last years competition, Rowetta has been busy penning her own songs and recording these along with a mixture of covers with Ian Levine. She is also signed to a record deal with Gut records and her first double A sided single is due for release towards the end of September 2005, with her album set for release in October

You can listen to audio clips from Rowetta’s forthcoming album on http://www.cdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=2020

Songs featured include ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, ‘Detroit’ and ‘Fly’