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Monday, 19 November, 2007

Alisha claims X Factor Exit was a ‘conspiracy’

Alisha Bennett was the latest X Factor wannabe to be booted out of the competition on Friday, leaving Sharon Osbourne with no acts left this year.

Sharon was extremely vocal on Saturday’s show in her criticism of Simon Cowell, claiming that he controlled everything and that she had very little say in what happened during the show.

This is something Alisha echoed, saying “It’s true what Sharon said on Saturday - Simon does have the overall hand on everything.”. When asked about Simon’s criticism of her dancers, she said “For him to say something like that was, you know, a bit of a conspiracy. He watched my rehearsals on Friday”.

Alisha is now tipping Rhydian to win the contest.

Monday, 5 November, 2007

Futureproof Blame Song Choice for Exit

Another week, another act blaming their song choice for their failure in the X Factor.

Futureproof, made up of Adam Chandler, Aaron Delahunty, Matthew Protheroe, Sean Rumsey, and Richard Wilkinson, sang the Andy Williams song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, with a stage routine changed at the last minute. Louis Walsh criticised their performance as “sloppy”, whilst applauding rival group Hope as “slick and energetic“. Dannii Minogue criticised the song choice for Futureproof, saying “I don’t think the song choice for the boys was good at all”, but ultimately decided that “The boys have always come up trumps, so I have to send home Hope”.

Watch Futureproof’s performance below:

Saturday, 3 November, 2007

Futureproof go home in all-group showdown

It was a battle of the groups as the two acts formed from the ‘best of the rest’ under 25s - Hope and Futureproof were in the bottom two.

Both Sharon and Louis voted to keep Hope in the competition, with Louis describing Futureproof’s performance as ’sloppy’ and voting to send them home. Dannii opted to vote to keep Futureproof in, explaining that in her opinion they had performed the best over all the live shows.

Simon Cowell looked understandably annoyed at having to choose between two of his own acts, commenting “I’m making this decision based on which act I think has the best long term prospects, so I’m sending home Futureproof”.

The boys were extremely disappointed to be leaving the competition, commenting “we’re shocked, but everyone’s game was high tonight.”

Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

Rhydian: Judges Don’t Care About Us

X Factor hopeful Rhydian Roberts has spoken out against the judges and producers of the program who he, like Daniel, blames for the premature exit of contestants.

“They’re too rich to give a **** about contestants. I think Dannii does because it’s a big gig for her, and she wants it next year. But the others have got money pouring out of their sweat.”

Rhydian is particularly annoyed about the way he has been presented, with ‘Phantom of the Opera’ regularly playing in the background when he is speaking, intercut with freeze-frame shots to make him seem strange. He says he has been forced to dye his hair and given a ‘ridiculous’ wardrobe to reinforce the image the producers made for him earlier in the series.

Whatever the producers and judges are up to, it doesn’t seem to be working - judging by the comments here at X Factor blog Rhydian is one of the most popular contestants on the show!