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Monday, 9 November, 2009

Want to register a protest again Cowell? Don’t vote for JEdward, buy Laura White’s single instead

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We’ve been flooded with so many comments in support of Lucie Jones that we’ve been struggling to keep up here at X Factor blog. Tens of thousands of you have logged on to register your disappointment that Lucie has left the show. But what can you do to really make a protest?

Many have suggested that everyone should vote for John and Edward, thinking that this in some way will damage Simon Cowell, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Simon makes money every time someone casts a vote, and he certainly hasn’t lost out with unsuccessful acts like Leon Jackson winning.

The best way to show Simon he is wrong is to buy the single of a girl who was treated very similarly to Lucie last year: Laura White. Laura is signed to a small independent label, but this week charted at a very respectable number 31, despite no airplay or publicity. Unlike a vote for John and Edward, buying Laura’s single You Should Have Known makes Simon no money, but registers a protest against the way he treats the young acts on the X Factor.

We are strongly urging everyone who supports real talent to click here and buy Laura White’s single. For less than 70p you can help propel Laura to chart fame and show Simon the acts he misses out on by choosing controversy over talent.

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Thursday, 5 November, 2009

Laura White set for Top 20 with new Single?

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It seems that Laura White, the subject of many furious comments when she left X Factor last year, is set to enter the top 20 with her debut single, You Should Have Known. The midweek charts show Laura at number 17, a respectable placing, especially given that Laura is signed to a smaller independent label.

You can watch Laura’s stunning new video below:

Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

Louis Walsh: Laura White was ‘never going to win’

Louis Walsh has defended his controversial decision to send Laura White home on Saturday, saying she was ‘never going to win’.

“Laura was in the bottom two – her performance was bad and her styling was even worse”, Louis was quoted as saying in The Sun.

The evicition of Laura White has produced a torrent of comments in defense of her here on X Factor Blog. Questions have even been asked in Parliament, with Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham calling Laura ‘very talented’.

Lilly Allen has also spoken out, saying she felt ‘quite upset’ at the show.

Monday, 10 November, 2008

Cheryl Cole Furious with Louis Walsh

Cheryl Cole is reportedly furious with Louis Walsh after his shock vote to eject Laura White from the competition on Saturday.

Quoted in the Mirror, a source said:

“Cheryl was incandescent with rage and let her feelings be known.
She was absolutely furious and was giving him what for. No one has ever seen her so angry but she is really passionate about her acts.”

Laura White also spoke out about the incident, saying “Cheryl was really angry last night. She doesn’t know whether it was a personal thing from Louis or what. I think she’s just really upset because she feels I was one of the strongest singers and she feels robbed.”

Judging by the massive number of comments we’ve had, Cheryl isn’t the only one furious at seeing Laura leave the show.