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Sunday, 12 October, 2008

Bad Lashes First to Leave X Factor 2008 Live Shows

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Last night was the very first live X Factor show of the series, and what a show!

Some tweaks have been made to the shows format, most notably with the option for the bottom acts to sing a different song to try and convince the public to keep them in. Bad Lashes sang ‘Wonderwall’ as their second song, but their attempt proved to be futile, and so yet again Louis Walsh is the first judge to lose an act.

Monday, 29 September, 2008

X Factor 2008 – Final 12 Revealed?

Sources close to one of the final 12 have delivered us what appears to be a list of all the finalists through to the live shows. It should be noted that official X Factor sources have neither confirmed or denied this list – but it looks pretty accurate to us.

What do you think – is this list correct? Are there other acts that should have gone through? Post your comments below.

Girls – Cheryl Cole

Diana Vickers
Alexandra Burke
Laura White

Boys – Simon Cowell

Scott Bruton
Eoghan Quigg
Austin Drage

25 and Overs – Dannii Minogue

Rachel Hylton
Danny Evans
Suzie Furlonger

Groups – Louis Walsh

Bad Lashes