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Tuesday, 10 October, 2006

The Unconventionals Sail Through To Louis’ Final Four Groups

These six The Unconventionals X Factorfriends which form The Unconventionals consist of Nicola Dawn, 33, Andrew Newey, 38, Lucy Newton, 25, Tom Newman, 39 , Elizabeth Ewing, 37 and Drew Jaymson, 41.  They nearly fluffed getting through to the X Factor final eight when Drew forgot his lyrics mid audition and had to hum his way through. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength and were chosen by Louis to go through to The X Factor final twelve..

Said The Unconventionals “We got on the coach feeling sick because we suddenly realised the enormity of where we are at this stage in the competition. It’s all down to this one performance and we’ve got to get it right.”

On telling The Unconventionals they had made the live rounds, Louis said, “What I love about The Unconventionals is that you are so passionate about your music and you make every song your own and you obviously do it 100 percent, but this year in X Factor we’re looking for someone thats gonna sell records and there’s a serious image problem with you guys, but, you’re through and you’re absolutely great.”

Saturday, 7 October, 2006

Louis Walsh Chooses His Final Four Groups For X Factor 2006

Louis has chosen his final four four to go forward to the X Factor live shows, but not with controversy along the way – as we revealed earlier in the week, Avenue were disqualified. The acts were:

4Sure – All male group consisting of Donovan, Andrew, Chris and Jermaine

McDoland Brothers – Siblings from Glasgow, Brian and Craig McDonald

Unconventionals – a six-piece harmony group

Eton Road – A four boy group from Liverpool

Tuesday, 3 October, 2006

Louis Walsh Chooses His Final Eight Groups For X Factor 2006

With Westlife star Kian Egan and vocal coach Yvie Burnett by his side to assisting him in his final eight choice for X Factor 2006, Louis Walsh put the group contestants through their paces to decied who would be going with him to Dublin in the next round of the competition. Louis’ chosen eight are as follows:

4Sure: All male group consisting of Donovan, Andrew, Chris and Jermaine impressed judges in their first audition singing Daniel Beddingfield’s “I Don’t Want to Run Away.” resulting in Simon saying: “It’s been a long time since I heard a British group do that kind of thing well, and you do it very well.”

Avenue: Five piece boy band consisting of Jamie, Jonny, Max, Ross and Scott were told by Louis in their first audition when they sang their rendition of Will Young’s “Leave Right Now”: “I think your personalities are better then your vocal talent.” Avenue said ‘We just really want success. It needs something fresh out there at the moment.’. Sadly, Avenue have now been eliminated from the competition because they failed to declare that they had already signed a management contract with a third party. Said Louis “The boys are very talented but they broke the rules so unfortunately they had to go.”

Brothers: This four piece band originally consisting of two lots of brothers, who were rejects from last year’s X Factor had a falling out due to one band member going off on holiday just before the auditions. This in turn caused the band to split down the middle with both lots of brothers auditioning seperately. The two brothers who got through are call centre workers, Noel from London and Mark from Brighton.

Dolly Rockers: Cute three piece girl band consisting of Brook Challinor, Lucy Kay and Sophia King.

Eton Road: Four piece boy band: James, Anthony, David and Daniel had only been together for four days when they first auditioned. Simon said they were one of the best groups he’d seen and Sharon said they were very “individual” and “beautiful”.

Pure Liberty:
Impressing all four of the judges in their very first audition when they sang “I’m Every Woman”, the three sisters, Karen, Claudia and Natasha caused Simon to comment that they were “On the money”. Louis said “100 percent yes”, Sharon said “300 percent yes”, guest judge Paula Abdul said “one billion percent, yes” and Simon with the final word said “an infinity.”

The McDonald Brothers: Siblings from Glasgow – Brian and Craig MacDonald.

The Unconventionals: This 6-piece harmony group consisting of three boys and three girls called Andrew, Drew, Tom, Liz, Lucy and Nicola still managed to impress Louis Walsh despite Drew fluffing his lyrics and forgetting the words in their final audition. However, Louis was pretty forgiving and chose to take them to Dublin as part of his final eight.