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Monday, 16 October, 2006

Louis Walsh Blasts A “Smug” Simon Cowell

Louis Walsh is reportedly unimpressed with the “smug” manner in which Simon Cowell has been acting over the exit of The Unconventionals in last Saturdays X Factor.

Louis told The sun “I couldn’t believe what he did. He was being so smug. Losing these guys so early on is just plain wrong. They’re perfect for the show because they’re different.”

He said to the Mirror: “He has made a very big mistake. They had a lot more to give. They were not ‘diabolical’ at all. They were very different. Simon crossed the line. It’s done. But he has destroyed careers.”

The Unconventionals lead singer, Drew said: “You put your trust in people in the business who are supposed to make the right choices but this didn’t work for us. If we’d sung acappella like people are used to hearing us we may still be in it. All I’ll be known for is crying and wearing dodgy knitwear.”

Sunday, 15 October, 2006

The Unconventionals Speak Out To X Factor

The Unconventionals X FactorWere The Unconventionals a little bit too Unconventional to get the audience votes in or did Louis make a mistake in choosing the song “Dancing In The Street” rather than something more acapella? This is what The Unconventionals had to say:

Liz, from The Unconventionals, “I think Simon hit it bang on the nail when he said that the song was a little bit busy. The fact is, we did try as a group with Drew fronting initially and us doing harmonies, then we decided if we did get to the live shows, we would allow others to break through and sing aswell, just to mix it up a bit and that’s what we did with the track. It was just a little bit too fast and I think the cameras had a problem following and it gave it a manic quality.”

When asked if they would do anything differently, Drew said “We would do the clothes differently. We’ve always been crappy dressers and I’m not knocking what we’re wearing, but I always had a vision of us wearing something more whacky but, you put your faith in the experts and this is what they went with, but it’s probably not something I would have gone for.”

Lucy said “We’ve had a great time and what we’ve experienced and learnt here, you could never get that anywhere else.”

Saturday, 14 October, 2006

The Unconventionals first to leave X Factor 2006

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The Unconventionals X FactorAfter an uninspiring performance of ‘Dancing in the Street’, The Unconventionals were the first to leave The X Factor 2006.

“At home I don’t think they are going to like it – Louis, I think you got the wrong song” was Simon’s reaction to their performance. Sharon said “It was all a bit too much – I got quite confused, but you are good at what you do, and great performers, but the Motown theme didn’t suit you”.
Louis tried to defend his act, saying “You did me proud, I’m glad I took a risk”.

Dionne Mitchell joined The Unconventionals in the bottom two sing-off before being saved by Simon Cowell, who told The Unconventionals “you were diabolical tonight”.

The Unconventionals had worries even before their performance, saying “We worry whether the public will take to us, or go ‘What is that?!’”.

Thursday, 12 October, 2006

Get ready For Saturdays X Factor 2006 – The First Live Show

At 5.50pm-7.50pm on Saturday, we will see each of the final 12 acts face a studio audience and the public vote for the first time in a bid to win the title of X Factor 2006 winner and the lucrative prize of a £1million recording contract.

The following twelve acts will battle it out :

Leona Lewis – a 21 year old receptionist from London
Ashley McKenzie – A 20 year old student and part-time model
Nikitta Angus – a 17 year old from Glasgow
Ray Quinn – an 18 year old ex-Brookside actor from Liverpool

Robert Allen – a 27 year old hospital worker
Ben Mills – a 26 year old who runs a marquee rental company
Kerry McGregor – a 31 year old Scot with a young daughter
Dionne Mitchell – a 26 year old from London

4Sure – All male group consisting of Donovan, Andrew, Kriss and Jermaine
MacDonald Brothers – Siblings from Glasgow, Brian and Craig McDonald
Unconventionals – a six-piece harmony group
Eton Road – A four boy group from Liverpool

This is where the show starts to get interesting, as the rivalry between judges Sharon, Louis and Simon heats up as they stand by their own acts. Who will be the first to go? As they always say, each act is only as good as their last performance, and nerves and tensions are bound to be running high amongst the contestants during their first live airing in front of millions. Results will be shown at 9.10pm-9.45pm