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Monday, 20 November, 2006

Robert Is “Feeling Positive” About His Music Future

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The latest X Factor act to be sent home, hospital worker Robert, was “feeling positive about the future” as he spoke in a post show interview. He said:

“I’m a fighter and a go-getter and I have been given such a great opportunity to be singing in front of millions of people and I want to live my dream out to the fullest extent. One of the acts in the bottom two had to be voted out and unfortunately it was me. I sang to the best of my ability. I enjoyed my performance. It’s the end of one chapter but hopefully I will be starting the beginning of a new one.”

He said hoped to “record an album, get a deal and start releasing music”.

Saturday, 18 November, 2006

Robert makes a shock exit from X Factor

Robert X FactorIt was a surprising week in terms of the public vote, with Robert and Eton Road in the bottom two.

With Louis and Sharon both voting to keep their own acts in, the casting vote was left to Simon Cowell. “I’m going to make the decision on who I think could progress further – it’s as simple as that.” said Simon, after admitting that he thought the performances were “pretty even” and Robert “was good tonight”.

Robert’s departure means that Sharon is left with only one act in her category, Ben Mills.

Robert Sings His number One But Gets The X Factor Chop

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Singing Michael Jackson’s “You are Not Alone”, Robert said before his performance: “I’ve had a couple of shakey weeks but last weeks performance really brought me back up there. I’m back on fire and I”m ready to rock and roll every week now.”

His judges comments were not enough to help him through to another week…

Louis: “Robert, I thought last week you stole the show, I thought your performance last week was unbelievable. Tonight you come out and sing a Michael Jackson song, not many people can sing that song. You did an amazing job, you’re amazing, professional, versatile, your passionate, you sing , you dance, you deserve to be on that stage”

Simon : “Robert, you were very, very good last week and actually, you’ve had another very good week again. Not sure if it was the perfect song for you because it definitely suits Michael Jackson this song and it sounded a little bit old- fashioned but I have to say but, ever since you took my advice and stopped running around the stage and treated this like a singing competition, you’ve done a lot better.”

Sharon: “Each week you get better and better and better and so many people in this contest stay on the same level they are good at one thing and they stick to it and you are just raising the odds and more power to you cuz you are just blowing everyone away.”

Westlife Compare Leona To Mariah Carey

The six remaining X Factor contestants, Ben, Leona, Ray, Robert, Eton Road, and The MacDonald Brothers have been hanging out with Westlife this week in a bid to prepare for today’s live show where they will be singing number ones. On hearing Leona sing, Shane Filan said “We’ve done a duet with Mariah Carey in the past but I think if Leona was singing Mariah’s part she’d fit in well, she could be up there with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, any of them.”

However, Simon Cowell still has his doubts as to whether Leona can win the competition because historically, a girl has never won before. He said:

“There’s still something that bothers me because historically girls don’t win these competitions,” Cowell explained. “I’ve seen this happen before. When you vote for someone like Leona it’s like you’ve had a hand in her career. You’ve helped launch somebody who may do very well. Just as easily you can snuff it out.”