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Saturday, 16 December, 2006

Ray “Flys To The Moon” In The X Factor Finale

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For his third performance of the night, Ray sang “Fly Me To The Moon.” The judges said:
Louis: “Ray you are a true professional. if anyone was a born entertainer, you are. I loved you in the first audition.”

Sharon: “Mr entertaionment you should be called cuz there is nothing you can’t do”

Simon: “Ray you have had an oustanding night young man. I’m so happy I took a chance on you. You are on your way to winning the X Factor.”

Ray said: “My respect goes out to all three judges. I just wanted to make Simon proud. Pick up the phone for both of us cuz Leona is amazing and we both deserve to be there. “

X Factor Round 2 - Ray Sings “That’s Life” With Westlife

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Ray’s song choice, “That’s Life” was originally decided against by Simon because he thought it was too much in the same vain as “My Way”, but with Westlife supporting him as a surprise guest appearance, Ray delivered it.

The song was only rehearsed the night before for the first time and Westlife said about Ray that he is a true professional.

Ray Opens The X Factor Grand Finale Sing Off Against Leona

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Just before Ray opened the show with “My Way”, the VT showed Ray visiting his home town of Liverpool this week in a bid to rally suppport from his voting fans. He absolutely loved meeting all his fans and said: “The whole experience was absolutely incredible and I will remember it for the rest of my life.” The judges scored his performance as follows…
Louis: “All I can say is you’ve come a long way. You are ambitious, hard working, people like you and I think you can win it”

Sharon: “You definitely did it your way, all I can say is best of luck”

Simon: “All I can say is you are teflon aren’t you. This is the song that changetd it for you. You came in to win, the public love you and I think you may win it”

Ray said: “Im lovin absolutely every single minute and thanks to everyone who has helped get me here”

Friday, 15 December, 2006

The X Factor Final 2006 - A Close Call

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The public vote is going to matter more than ever this weekend, according to Simon Cowell, who recently revealed that in last weeks X Factor show, there were less than one thousand votes separating Ray and Leona.

Said Cowell: “It is the closest competition I’ve ever been involved with in my life. I can’t call it…. the public have to decide. There are going to be five or six million new voters on Saturday night who haven’t voted in previous shows and they’re going to go for the top performance on the night.”