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Thursday, 9 November, 2006

Song Choices For X Factor “Love Song” Theme Night

MacDonald Brothers - “She’s The One” - Robbie Williams

Eton Road - “With Love From Me To You” - The Beatles

Ben - “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” - Aerosmith

Robert - “Always And Forever”

Nikitta - “Last Dance”

Leona - “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” - Elton John

Ray - “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Tuesday, 7 November, 2006

Ashley - “Louis Wasn’t Spiteful, Just Competitive”

Ashley X FactorIn a recent post X Factor interview, Ashley commented on his feelings towards Louis giving him the boot and also about why he thought he was in the bottom two and how people who thought he was cocky didn’t really understand him…..
Ashley said: “I don’t feel that Louis was spiteful. He was just being competitive. Simon still had all of his acts and Louis had lost two of his in the first two weeks. I really believe that Louis saw our category as a threat and wanted to start weakening it.”

When Ashley was asked why he thought he was in the bottom two, he said:

Without sounding arrogant, it could be that people assumed that I was safe and so didn’t vote for me, but it could have been that Louis was right and that people didn’t get my personality and thought that I was cocky. I really don’t feel that I am, but lots of people have said that ’til they get to know me. Then they say that I’m the most down-to-earth bloke that they’ve met.

Speaking live on GMTV, Ashley was asked who he thought would win The X Factor.

Ash said “Ray has got the edge cuz he is quirky and works the stage well. Nikitta will do well and Leona.”

Saturday, 4 November, 2006

Nikitta Up First On X Factor Abba Night

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Nikitta X FactorNikitta opened the X Factor Abba night singing “Dancing Queen” Just before she sang, Nikitta said: “its getting hard cuz I don’t think I’m winning in any way. I don’t think Simon is properly getting me yet.” Nikitta failed to receive any good comments from any of the three judges, even her own mentor, Simon Cowell. The judges comments were as follows:

Sharon: “Nikitta, you look worried before I have even said anything, you knew you had trouble with your pitching tonight didn’t you? I have to be blatantly honest, because we are getting so near to the final and there are no allowances anymore. I have to say what I hear, you were having big time pitching problems and you are still uncomfortable doing what you do. I feel that you are holding back. You should have just thrown yourself into it
You should have gone for it.”

Nikitta In Tears X FactorLouis: “Nikitta, I agree with Sharon, this was your biggest challenge, it just wasn’t right. The song was too big for you. The low parts were too low. Its not your fault, Simon gave you the wrong song again, it just didn’t work. The words are ‘you can dance, you can shine’ and you didn’t”

Simon: “Nikiita, I don’t think you should have changed the song because this was the week that we needed to turn you more into a singer. If I’m gonna be honest with you, and I am gonna be honest about all my acts tonight, it was out of tune.”
After the judges comments, Nikitta could hardly speak and tried to hold back the tears but broke down on stage and had to be comforted by Kate Thornton.

Friday, 3 November, 2006

Nikitta Changes Her Song Choice For This Weeks X Factor Theme

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In X Factor this week, Nikitta was unhappy with her song choice from Simon saying “I like Abba, but I don’t like my song. Ive Got ‘Knowing You, Knowing me’ and I do not know it, it doesn’t really do any justice to my voice. I’m gonna ask if I can get ‘Dancing Queen’ cuz I’m not happy at all with it.”

After Nikitta got in touch with Simon, he agreed to her song change. Nikitta was really happy, saying: “I think it’s more me, it’s more up tempo. I’m happy now.”

Nikitta is aware that she will have to pull off some dance moves to go with the track and may have to draw on some of her musical influences to guide her. She admits that the person she likes the most is Beyonce. “I’d love to be able to dance like her and have that much confidence, and not lose my notes when dancing!”