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Monday, 13 November, 2006

Nikitta Speaks About Getting The X Factor Boot

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After Saturday’s dramatic X Factor showdown, where Simon had to choose between his own two acts and sent Nikitta home, Nikitta chatted about her feelings about the whole experience and said: “I’m totally fine with going home this week because I know that the show will just get harder.There were only two things I wanted when I came into the competition – to stay in past the first week and to leave with great feedback. I did both of those and am just delighted to have got so far. Ray was fantastic. I really wanted him to stay in the competition. He is such a fantastic performer.”

When asked about any possible romantic links with Ashley, she said “We’re like brother and sister. Since he’s left the house, we’ve been on the mobile to each other every day. I even gave him one of my tickets to come to the show this week. But Jermaine (from 4Sure) well, there is definitely something in that. We’ve started seeing each other and he is just so lovely. Even my grandmother adores him. He’s coming to stay with me at home this week and I can’t wait!”

Nikitta was asked if she was disappointed that Simon had chosen her to go home rather than Ray, but she had no harsh words for Simon, saying: “I totally respect Simon’s decision. I’m not saying I wanted to be voted off but he knows what he is doing. I’m just so thrilled to have had the opportunity to be on the show.”

Saturday, 11 November, 2006

Nikitta’s “Last Dance” Out Of The X Factor

Ray Simon And NikittaNikitta sang ‘Last Dance’ on tonights show, and it proved to be a prophetic choice as she became the sixth act to leave the third series of the contest.

On hearing that Nikitta was in the bottom two with Ray, Simon Cowell was visibly shocked and rendered speechless. All he could manage to say was “I don’t get it.” He then had to face the difficult task of choosing between his own two acts as Sharon and Louis looked on in delight.
Sharon chose to keep Ray in the competition, saying that whilst Nikitta had shown ‘fighting spirit’ on her final performance, Ray was a ‘born performer’.
Louis countered this by saying that Ray was a ‘one trick pony’, meaning Simon had to choose between his two acts.

Simon seemed to be genuinely torn in making the decision, claiming to have changed his mind several times. He voiced concerns that possibly the public were ‘bored’ of Ray, and that Nikitta had been the stronger performer all the way through auditions and boot camp. Despite this, Simon chose Nikitta as the act to go home.

Nikitta Sings “Last Dance” on X Factor Love song Night

Nikitta's Last Dance X FactorNikitta said before her performance: “Last Saturday was awful. I think I got upset because Simon is my mentor…. This week, I went back to the places where I dreamed of. When my Mum was ill, I used to sing my heart out everyday. Coming home has made me realise I don’t want to sit around in a house and dream. I want to sing.” Simon admitted that every week he had got it wrong for her so far… Nikitta received great comments from all three judges:

Louis: “Nikitta, it was so much better than last week. For the first time, you looked great, you sang great and you really look happy, you were enjoying yourself, to sing a Donna Summer song that well, you nailed it.”

Sharon: “You looked so much more comfortable, you were definitely in your comfort zone  Nikitta and you looked gorgeous.”

Simon: “Nikitta, I agree with the other two. It was a much better performance than last week. It was a younger song for you, you looked like you were having fun at last so you did good.”

Nikitta said after her performance: “It’s amazing to have all three saying something good. It would mean everything to me to stay in. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, Scotland and everyone.”

Nikitta Or Robert To Leave X Factor Tonight?

With Robert finding himself in the bottom two last week, it’s quite possible that unless he pulls something seriously good out of the bag, then he may be finding himself in the Bottom two yet again. Robert does have a good voice, but whether he keeps still long enough for us to hear it remains to be seen on tonight’s X Factor show. With the theme being love songs, he shouldn’t find this too difficult though.

However, with Nikitta’s comments from Louis and Sharon last week about having “tuning” problems and even her own mentor admitting that it was out of tune, if Nikitta found herself in the bottom two and Louis had to chose between saving Robert or Nikitta, it’s quite possible that he would opt to square things off by getting rid of Nikitta, saving Robert and then the three judges would be even stevens-with two acts left each. Plus, he would have the added bonus of annoying Simon Cowell for two weeks in a row, by kicking off another of his acts. Would Louis have the nerve to do this after the wrath of Simon which he has endured all this week? Guess Louis would think that this serves him right for having acted so “smugly” over the past two weeks.

The above scenario may not even happen however, because it could be The MacDonalds who are in the bottom two for once unless they manage to get Simon on side. Considering how much they have been practicing this week though (they even stayed in to practice whilst all the other contestants went out to a gig), this is probably not very likely. Guess we will have to wait and see…