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Saturday, 2 December, 2006

X Factor: The MacDonald Brothers Open The Show

The MacDonald Brothers said: “Last week something amazing happened. We almost burst into tears [after Simon’s compliment]. It was great to get positive comments for a change. Our confidence is sky high now. We are ready for Simon and we are ready for anything.” Their judges comments after their first number, “Can’t Smile Without You” were:

Sharon: “A real feel good, fun song to open with. You sang it nicely. The last note you sang was off.”

Simon: “Guys, your weakest performance probably so far. I thought it was painful. It’s one of those songs where you have got to have personality to get away with it.”

Louis: “I want everyone to vote for you cuz you deserve it. That was a good performance.”

Thursday, 30 November, 2006

Songs For Saturday’s Final X Factor Four

This weeks theme is Barry Manilow, and all the contestants are also singing one song of their own choice.

Ray - “Mandy” and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra

The MacDonald Brothers - “Shang-A-Lang” by The Bay City Rollers and “Can’t Smile Without You”

Leona - “Can’t Live” by Mariah Carey and “Could It Be Magic”

Ben - “Somebody To Love” by Freddie Mercury and “I Made It Through the Rain”

X Factor Judges Have No Power To Eliminate - Its All About Votes!

This Saturday’s X Factor sees the the first show this series where the judges have lost the power to decide which of the bottom two acts leave the show. With only four acts now remaining, Ben, Leona, Ray and The MacDonalds, it will be up to the amount of viewers votes as to which act gets sent home.

In other words, the act with the lowest number of votes will be automatically sent home and the judges DO NOT get a say. The only slight power that they do have is to try and influence who viewers vote for by their judges comments.

The MacDonald Brothers Would Like To Encourage Music Lessons For Children

Speaking about if they became winners of The X Factor, The MacDonald Brothers said they would like to fight for funding for music lessons in school and use their voices to encourage children to take up music lessons. Brian from The MacDonald Brothers said:

“Music lessons aren’t cheap and we’ve had them since we were really young. There should definitely be some sort of budget for music. Music helps people develop and makes you more creative. It can keep kids off the street.”

Brian from the MacDonald Brothers added: “I remember sitting there for four hours practising the guitar because I loved it. Lots of people may be interested in music and good at it but just don’t know it. I would definitely like to campaign and teach other kids.”