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Saturday, 28 October, 2006

Kerry Sings Another “Predictable” Performance and Is Out

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Kerry’s comments from the judges after big band night were as follows:

kerry X FactorSimon: “Kerry, definitely the genre of music that suits you but if I’m been honest, its like been in a Hilton Hotel in Luton with a bowl of peanuts. I can’t say much more than that, it was a competant but very predictable performance… I’ve heard this type of performance a lot and I’m always sitting at a bar with a gherkin or a pickled onion or a peanut.”

Louis: “Kerry, I like you. I think it is your best performance of the three weeks so far but when I’m thinking of the show tomorrow, I’m not gonna remember you and that’s the problem. There are better girls in the competition, I think you’re gonna have to up you game if you want to stay.”

Sharon: “Kerry, Simon’s right… a Hilton Hotel but in Las Vegas. That’s where you belong. Elvis used to play there and Frank Sinatra you know and by the way, you look beautiful tonight.”

Kerry said “Like sharon said, some of the best have played in hotels in Vegas like Barbara Streisand so if that’s what I can be compared to then that’s pretty good.” Simon then told Kerry that it was “fantasy to be compared to Barbara Streisand.”

Friday, 27 October, 2006

Over 25s Song Choice for Big Band Night

Sharon’s Acts have made their song choices for tomorrow night:
Ben - Smile

Dionne - For Once in My Life

Kerry - They Can’t Keep That Away From me

Robert - Mr Bojangles

Thursday, 26 October, 2006

Kerry Improves On Last Weeks “Bar singer” Performance

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Kerry, who was one of the only X Factor contestants that was actually “glad to be given the opportunity to sing a Rod Stewart song” was gutted to be told by Simon that she sounded no better than a “bar singer” in her first live performance and decided to ask Rod Stewart’s advice on how to sound less bland. Kerry wants “to make Scotland proud like Rod has”. In her second week, Sharon gave her a stronger song to sing and her judges comments were as follows:

Kerry X FactorLouis: “Kerry, you absolutely raised the bar on your performance last week. Your performance and song last week was a little bit bland but you have certainly improved and you sang that song like you actually meant it. It was a very emotional and warm performance.

Sharon: “Kerry, you did so much better than last week and I have to thank Simon cuz he chose that song for you this week. You should be very happy, you did very well

Simon: “Kerry, let me start by saying what a good song choice that was. It was important I think this week for you Kerry because at the moment you have suffered from the fact that your voice isn’t that distinct so it was important this week that we found a song that wasn’t a typical bland love song and I actually felt that you meant it when u sang it this time, there was more emotion from you. I’ve still gotta tell you I don’t think we are seeing the best from you yet. and I’ll tell u why… I know everyone’s nervous but I think you are better than know and I think occasionally you’ve gotta take a bit more of a risk, cuz at the moment everything is right but I’m still missing that five or ten percent and I think you’re better than that…. having said that , I don’t think you are going anywhere. I think we’re gonna see you next week.

Kerry: “I know I’ve got so much more to give and hope I get better and bigger songs so I get an opportunity to show what I can do.”

Friday, 20 October, 2006

25s and Overs Saturday Song Selection

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Ben - Maggie May

Dionne - Tonight’s the Night

Kerry - I don’t wanna talk about it

Robert - Try a little tenderness