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Wednesday, 1 November, 2006

Kerry Returns Home & Plans For The Future

X FACTOR contestant Kerry McGregor has now returned to her West Lothian residence for an emotional reunion with her 18 month old baby son and just in time to celebrate her 32nd Birthday where she received cards and flowers from her friends and family.

Kerry said: “It’s fantastic to be home. I was missing Joshua dreadfully. I wanted to come home on many, many occasions, but it was as much for him as it was for me. Every step has been worth it. Hopefully a lot of work will come from this.”

Kerry however explained that she would miss all her X Factor friends back in the house and said “I’m very disappointed. I would’ve loved to have stayed in. But to leave on a good note was good enough for me. I enjoyed the songs. As the weeks went on, I felt I was doing well and adapting.”

As for plans for the future, Kerry and Dionne will both be meeting up with music managers this week for discussions. Kerry also has plans to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter and is considering writing a book about her life, which she hopes will inspire other disabled young people.

Kerry said “I’ve had messages from some fans with disabilities saying that it has inspired them to follow their dreams. That, to me, is what it is all about.”

Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

X Factor’s Ashley In “Jeopardy”

Ashely X FactorAshley narrowly escaped elimination in the last X Factor big band themed night, as he found himself in the bottom three and facing getting the boot from the show for the first time. The fact that he forgot his words did him no favours, but thanks to Louis’ deciding vote, Ashley lived to see another X Factor week. However, it may have been a different story if Louis had been forced to choose between Dionne and Ashley rather than Kerry and Ashley…..

When Ben Shephard later asked Louis “If Dionne had been up against Ashley, would you have kept Dionne in the competition?” Louis replied “I probably would have yes”. He added that he “loved Dionne” and thought it was “a travesty that she has gone.”

Even Simon admitted that Ash needs to up his game next week, saying: “Ashley was in the bottom three and it has given him a bit of jeopardy for next week and that makes it a bit more exciting. I don’t like the fact that he was down there but, he has got to work a bit harder now…..Ashley was way ahead of everybody else last week” and Simon admitted that Ashley had “stuffed up” on big band week.

Sharons view was that Ashley had “had a very lucky escape” and that “he does have a problem keeping in tune with his lower register, but I think Simon’s right, Ashley will definitely kick in to focus on what he is doing and I think he’ll be totally different next week.”

Sharon Declares That It’s Not Over For Dionne & Kerry

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Kerry X FactorSpeaking after the shocking double elimination of Kerry and Dionne, Sharon Osbourne, who mentored both of the girls, said that “its not over, so many door are gonna open for my girls [Dionne and Kerry] tonight. It doesn’t mean going back to what they did before at all. There are so many opportunities that they are going to have through this.”

Kerry said that she felt proud of the performance she gave on big band night and that she loved the blue dress that Sharon had chosen for her. “I’m going home feeling proud, I’ve achieved a lot” said Kerry. She then broke down in tears as she described her X Factor journey as being “fantastic and one of the most memorable of my life.”

Sunday, 29 October, 2006

Sharon Loses Two Acts After Double Eviction – Dionne And Kerry Out

Dionne X FactorBoth Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh have only two acts remaining, whilst Simon Cowell retains all his acts after tonight’s double eviction “twist”.

Dionne initially polled the lowest number of votes from the public, meaning she was automatically removed from the competition. This left a sing-off between Ashley and Kerry, with Louis having the casting vote.

Whilst some might have expected Louis to vote tactically, particularly with the ribbing he has been receiving from Simon, he was extremely fair, and explained that he felt Kerry had ‘peaked’, whilst Ashley still had more to offer. As such, he had no option but to send Kerry home.