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Saturday, 25 November, 2006

Eton Road Get Mixed Reviews

After Eton Road sang their version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, Simon and Sharon critisized the choice of song saying that it wasn’t really good enough for this stage of the competition….

Simon: “I’m gonna be honest, and I’m sorry to say this, but this was painting by numbers. I genuinely believe Louis has decided to back the Macdonald brothers and I don’t think that he cares about you particularly anymore, and I’ll tell you why…. they were both safe, predictable songs. You sang it OK. At this stage in the competition when you are down to the final five, I believe that you should have been show-cased better. You’re better than the songs in other words and I think you are very vulnerable tonight”

Sharon: “Guys, it wasn’t the best song in the world, it was nice, it was a nice ballady song. I’ve seen you do better and its a tough contest tonight so I really don’t know what is gonna happen, but you know what, what you do is good anyway. The song wasn’t the best, but it was good.”

Louis: “Regardless of what Simon says, Simon is playing games. It was a good song but Simon is trying to play games with our heads and turn me against you and you against me, cuz he feels very threatened and he hasn’t worked with any good bands in a long time. I think you are very special and I’m going to tell the public now that I want to work with you after the show and, I’m gonna make you into the next big boy band, I’m going public and I don’t need Simon to do it, I’m going to do it!”

Eton Road said: “We think Louis picked a brilliant song. We loved both songs, loved every minute of it”

Eton Road Sing On Movie Soundtrack Night

Eton Road said before their performance of “Everybody Needs Somebody”: “Last week we don’t know what happened, being in the bottom two. We felt like we had let ourselves and Louis down. We all felt really bad at the result. It was amazing switching the lights on in Liverpool and this week we are gonna come back fighting. We are getting a real taste of the limelight. We are going to go out and show people that we do deserve to be in the final five.”

Sharon: “Guys, your harmonies were so much better than last week. I loved you last week but this week, unbelievably good.”

Simon: “It was fun but it was a weird choice of song. Of all the movies, it’s like Louis picked this one out of a hat and went, that will do. It’s like he’s lost interest in you.”

Louis: “They deserve to be in the final five.”

Friday, 24 November, 2006

Leona Hit By Severe Tonsilitis

Leona has been too ill to rehearse and has been to the doctor who told her she has tonsilitis and was given penicillin but, she explained that her throat seems to be “getting worse before it is getting better.”

Leona said “I feel really physically exhausted and in my throat I can feel it aswell. The doctor has told me to just rest and not sing.”
Also, Ben is still suffering with laryngitis from last week, members of Eton Road have sore throats too, so does Ray.

In fact, the only act in the X Factor house who is germ free at the moment is The MacDonald Brothers who jokingly said they are going to stay in their room away from all the disease and try practicing without catching anything.

X Factor 2007 Live Tour Dates

Tickets for The X Factor 2007 live tour are on sale. Here’s your chance to see Ben, Leona, Eton Road, Ray, The MacDonald Brothers and other X Factor acts live. The 2007 tour dates and venues are as follows:

17/02/07 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

18/02/07 Aberdeen Exhibition Centre

22/02/07 Nottingham Ice Arena

23/02/07 Hallam Fm Arena, Sheffield

25/02/07 NEC Birmingham

02/03/07 MEN, Manchester

04/03/07 SECC Glasgow

07/03/07 Brighton Centre

12/03/07 Cardiff International Arena

15/03/07 Wembley, London

20/03/07 Odyssey Arena, Belfast (Box Office – 028 9073 9074)
21/03/07 The Point, Dublin (Booking Line – 0818 719300 (Ireland) or 0870 243 4455 (UK))