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Tuesday, 28 November, 2006

X Factor: Eton Road Would Like The MacDonald Bros To Win

Eton Road told The Sun: “We want the MacDonald brothers to win. We reckon they could go all the way. They’ve never once been in the bottom two. We think they deserve it just as much as anyone else. Each week they hold their heads high from the criticism. But it’s not just Simon who gives them flack. They get lots of stick from the press too.”

Eton Road would love Ben to well in the competition and said about him: “Ben is so true and honest, with an excellent voice. Leona has a great voice too – but Ben’s different, edgier qualities make him stand out.”

Eton Road Set To Support Westlife On Tour

The latest act to be sent home from The X Factor, Eton Road, are set to become the support act for Westlife on their next tour, all thanks to their mentor, Louis Walsh.

Eton Road said: “We only found out today so we’re all really shocked but we cannot wait.”

Louis Walsh told Eton Road on last Saturdays X Factor: “I’m going to tell you now, live on the show, I want to work with you afterwards. I’m going to make you the next big boy band. And I’m absolutely going to prove it in the next 12 months.”

Anthony from Eton Road said: “It’s incredible. Louis has totally lived up to the word mentor.”

Monday, 27 November, 2006

X Factor – Eton Road And MacDonald Brothers Plan To Meet Up, Post X Factor

X Factor's Eton RoadEton Road and The MacDonald Brothers have become such good friends after living in The X Factor house together, that they all plan to meet up after The X Factor show has ended and get their families together. David From Eton Road said:

“We’ll miss living with the other contestants the most, particularly The MacDonald Brothers. We’ve made really great friends with Brian and Craig. As the competition has continued, we’ve all got on so well. Even our families have been making friends. We’ve agreed that when everything calms down, The MacDonalds are coming to stay with us in Liverpool and then we’re travelling to Glasgow with our families to stay with them. It will be boss.”

Saturday, 25 November, 2006

Eton Road Exit the X Factor

Eton Road leave the X FactorEton Road and Ben made up the bottom two tonight, which meant that Simon Cowell was given the deciding vote after both Louis and Sharon opted to save their own acts.

Ben had been hotly tipped for the final since the beginning of the competition, so it was something of a shock for him to be in the bottom two. Simon had the following to say:

“There is a sudden irony about this tonight after some of the things that were written this week. [...] As a mentor do I protect my artist against the biggest threat, or keep in the person who is most talented? [...] I’m afraid I’m going to have to send home Eton Road”.