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Sunday, 5 November, 2006

Ashley Speaks Out About His Shock Exit From X Factor

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Speaking after his final X Factor performance, Ashley explained how forgetting his words last week, had had a knock on effect on his performance in this week’s show and that he had suffered a lack of confidence as a result.

Ashley said “What Simon said about the whole confidence thing is true, I lacked in confidence because of what happened last week. It’s just daunting when you have to please the three main people in the music business, 10 million people at home, your family, yourself and there’s a lot of pressure on your back which people don’t realise when they come to the show. I do think that last week kind of affected this weeks show”

When asked if he was surprised he was in the bottom two, Ash said that he thought “there are weaker artists in the competition” but refused to name who they were.

Ashley added: “I don’t think that the competition was for me personally. It’s just a step up the ladder, it’s given me the opportunity. I’ve had my name in the bright lights. As my favourite artist said, people want their name in bright lights, and it’s happened for me. I’m just so honoured and I thank the lord for giving me this opportunity, I thank everybody.”

Saturday, 4 November, 2006

Ashley the Fifth Act to Leave the X Factor

Ashley McKenzieIn a shock decision by Louis Walsh, Ashley McKenzie was tonight the fifth act to leave XFactor 2006.

After saving Ashley last week, Louis had the deciding vote between Robert and Ashley, saying”Ashley, I saved you last week because you’re different. […] the act I’m sending home is Ashley”.Simon Cowell

Ashley’s exit from the competiton leaves the battle for the eventual winner as something of a two-horse race, with Leona and Ben the clear favourites to end up in the final, with Eton Road likely to be in the final three.

Louis’ decision was met with an exceptionally long, harsh glare from Simon Cowell, who was so furious, he failed to attend the usual post-show interviews and left Sharon and Louis to face the questions alone.

Ashley Sings Abba And Closes The Show

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Ashley X FactorSaid Ash before his performance: “Last week was a complete disaster for me. Being in the bottom two felt like my life was literally slipping through my fingertips. I’m hoping that on Saturday it will not happen again cuz I will just die.”

Sharon: “Ashley, its not your fault, it’s your mentor’s fault. You are not good in lower register and the majority of that song is in lower register, it was a disservice from your mentor.”

Louis: “I saved you last week but, I still feel you have an awful lot to give. It was like there was no conviction or passion.”

Simon: “Compared to some of the performances tonight, it was fantastic. I think you did a completely different take on it. You have to get back your confidence but you have presence, and star quality, thats what the show is about. You did great.”

Friday, 3 November, 2006

Ashley Surprised He Is Still In X Factor After Out Of Tune Performance

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As Ashley watched back his performance in X Factor big band week, he couldn’t believe that he was still in the show after his out of tune performance.

Said Ashley: “It sounds out of tune, I’m surprised I didn’t get kicked off the bloody show. That was poor, I looked uncomfortable, it just looks sloppy. Urgghh! It was embarassing… I just want to burn the tape.”

Having heard how bad he was, Ashley has vowed to try much harder this week, saying “This week I’m gonna be a lot more professional and put a lot of effort into it, like Louis said. Just give it my heart and soul basically.”