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Monday, 13 November, 2006

Nikitta Speaks About Getting The X Factor Boot

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After Saturday’s dramatic X Factor showdown, where Simon had to choose between his own two acts and sent Nikitta home, Nikitta chatted about her feelings about the whole experience and said: “I’m totally fine with going home this week because I know that the show will just get harder.There were only two things I wanted when I came into the competition – to stay in past the first week and to leave with great feedback. I did both of those and am just delighted to have got so far. Ray was fantastic. I really wanted him to stay in the competition. He is such a fantastic performer.”

When asked about any possible romantic links with Ashley, she said “We’re like brother and sister. Since he’s left the house, we’ve been on the mobile to each other every day. I even gave him one of my tickets to come to the show this week. But Jermaine (from 4Sure) well, there is definitely something in that. We’ve started seeing each other and he is just so lovely. Even my grandmother adores him. He’s coming to stay with me at home this week and I can’t wait!”

Nikitta was asked if she was disappointed that Simon had chosen her to go home rather than Ray, but she had no harsh words for Simon, saying: “I totally respect Simon’s decision. I’m not saying I wanted to be voted off but he knows what he is doing. I’m just so thrilled to have had the opportunity to be on the show.”

Thursday, 9 November, 2006

Song Choices For X Factor “Love Song” Theme Night

MacDonald Brothers – “She’s The One” – Robbie Williams

Eton Road – “With Love From Me To You” – The Beatles

Ben – “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – Aerosmith

Robert – “Always And Forever”

Nikitta – “Last Dance”

Leona – “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – Elton John

Ray – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Wednesday, 8 November, 2006

Simon Still Fuming Over Louis’ Decision To Kick Out Ashley

Simon Cowell has apparently commented to the Mirror about Louis’ decision to kick Ashley out and keep Robert, saying:

“I’m angry because I thought Ashley was very good and don’t believe he should have gone. I was annoyed because I don’t believe you should be tactical when you vote in this show. I would even kick my own acts out, if necessary. He knew that Ashley had a much, much better chance of going forward in the show. I called him spiteful because he used something personal against me to affect someone’s career and I don’t think that is acceptable.”

Tuesday, 7 November, 2006

Ashley – “Louis Wasn’t Spiteful, Just Competitive”

Ashley X FactorIn a recent post X Factor interview, Ashley commented on his feelings towards Louis giving him the boot and also about why he thought he was in the bottom two and how people who thought he was cocky didn’t really understand him…..
Ashley said: “I don’t feel that Louis was spiteful. He was just being competitive. Simon still had all of his acts and Louis had lost two of his in the first two weeks. I really believe that Louis saw our category as a threat and wanted to start weakening it.”

When Ashley was asked why he thought he was in the bottom two, he said:

Without sounding arrogant, it could be that people assumed that I was safe and so didn’t vote for me, but it could have been that Louis was right and that people didn’t get my personality and thought that I was cocky. I really don’t feel that I am, but lots of people have said that ’til they get to know me. Then they say that I’m the most down-to-earth bloke that they’ve met.

Speaking live on GMTV, Ashley was asked who he thought would win The X Factor.

Ash said “Ray has got the edge cuz he is quirky and works the stage well. Nikitta will do well and Leona.”