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Thursday, 19 October, 2006

Simon Cowell Predicts MacDonald Brothers Will “Struggle” In Next Round

Talking about Saturday’s X Factor show, Simon said he “would have put the MacDonald Brothers in the bottom two along with The Unconventionals based on lack of charisma” and that the “MacDonald Brothers deserved to be in the bottom two.”

When asked which acts would excel and which acts would struggle in Saturday’s show, where the theme is rock songs recorded by Rod Stewart, Simon didn’t hesitate in saying that Ben would excel and also said “The MacDonald Brothers will struggle and also it’s a tough category for me with Ray.”

Louis, who rushed to the defense of his three remaining group acts said “Eton Road will get better and better, 4Sure have got great potential” and much to the annoyance and disagreement of Simon said that “The MacDonald Brothers have got better voices than Journey South.”

Wednesday, 18 October, 2006

4Sure Make It through To the X Factor Final Eleven

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As 4Sure reflected on life before the X Factor, they said “each one of us had reached a point where we were about to give up or had given up and so to land on this stage, it’s the only thing we’ve got left. We recognise that this is our last chance. It’s scary but exciting.” Louis said “underneath their cool exteriors, these guys live and breathe music. that’s why they are in my final four and I know they are gonna be fantastic.”

4Sure who sang “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted” as their first live performance song received pretty good comments from the judges:

Louis “You had lots of teething problems with the song but in the end you delivered. It was very smooth and slick…a very polished performance. I’m glad I picked you guys.”

Sharon “It’s nice to see a vocal group that do nice dancing…Kriss, don’t be scared, you looked terrified. You were very good, I liked you very much.”

Simon “There were some tuning issues…having said that, you were very tight… I like you. You are very genuine and you made an attempt to entertain the audience but you are going to have to work hard to stay in the competition for a long time… I hope the audience keep you in because you’ve got potential.”

An emotional but very happy Kriss said he had found it “overwhelming” singing live on X Factor.

Thursday Celebrations In The X Factor Camp - Nikitta Angus Turns 18

17 year old Nikitta Angus from Partick in Glasgow will have something to smile about on Thursday. Not only has she made it to the final eleven in the X Factor 2006 show, but she will also be turning 18.

Kerry McGregor and Ray Quinn have been seen shopping in London for presents for her and according to X Factor insiders, Ashley McKenzie and Jermaine Sanderson from 4Sure are also looking for that special gift for her, since they are both apparently competing for her affections.

Nikitta is due to receive a special Birthday breakfast on Thursday morning, which will be screened later on Thursday evening on Xtra Factor:The Aftermath 20:00 - 21:00 and repeated on Friday Xtra Factor:The Aftermath 19:00 - 20:00.

There are also rumours that the booze ban will be temporarily lifted at midnight tonight so that the X Factor contestants can enjoy a pint or so with Nikitta, let their hair down a little and join in the Birthday celebrations.

Thursday, 12 October, 2006

Get ready For Saturdays X Factor 2006 - The First Live Show

At 5.50pm-7.50pm on Saturday, we will see each of the final 12 acts face a studio audience and the public vote for the first time in a bid to win the title of X Factor 2006 winner and the lucrative prize of a £1million recording contract.

The following twelve acts will battle it out :

Leona Lewis - a 21 year old receptionist from London
Ashley McKenzie - A 20 year old student and part-time model
Nikitta Angus - a 17 year old from Glasgow
Ray Quinn - an 18 year old ex-Brookside actor from Liverpool

Robert Allen - a 27 year old hospital worker
Ben Mills - a 26 year old who runs a marquee rental company
Kerry McGregor - a 31 year old Scot with a young daughter
Dionne Mitchell - a 26 year old from London

4Sure - All male group consisting of Donovan, Andrew, Kriss and Jermaine
MacDonald Brothers - Siblings from Glasgow, Brian and Craig McDonald
Unconventionals - a six-piece harmony group
Eton Road - A four boy group from Liverpool

This is where the show starts to get interesting, as the rivalry between judges Sharon, Louis and Simon heats up as they stand by their own acts. Who will be the first to go? As they always say, each act is only as good as their last performance, and nerves and tensions are bound to be running high amongst the contestants during their first live airing in front of millions. Results will be shown at 9.10pm-9.45pm