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Friday, 10 December, 2010

Duet Song Choices

We revealed yesterday the audition song choices. The contestants will also be doing a duet with a superstar for the final on Saturday, and here’s what they’ll be singing:

Matt Cardle and Rihanna – Umbrella
Cher Lloyd and will.i.am – Check It Out
Rebecca Ferguson and Christina Aguilera – Beautiful
1 Direction and Robbie Williams – She’s The One


  1. Everyone is disgusted with Simon changing the rules dont he get it more people are anti cher beceause he’s trying to manipulate us to like her. WELL WE DONT. Noting she shouldnt even be there as she didnt properly audition at the judges house how unfair. She will only make it because of the people they know in the business and she will have to work with them. Couldnt cut it on her own ability so what that!! Ive stop voting Simon not getting my money and Im not that bothered to watch. Cheryl not interested in her Black vocalist noting she is racist she only supported Alexandra because she had no one else, so its not supprising Rebecca getting no attention. As for the Judges they are looking out for their jobs and dont want to upset Simon so they vote for Cher. Does Simon really think the people are so stupid. We are just outraged that this can go on…Life has a way of letting people get there come ups. Poor Simon so much money and no real friends of happiness! He just needs to change his ways and be fair he would be so much happier

    Comment by Bev Stewart — Saturday, 11 December, 2010 @ 11:42

  2. Love Matt and desperately want him to win but……..UMBRELLA?????????

    They are clearly trying to ensure rebecca or One Direction will win by givingh matt the most ridiculous person to duet with and the most awful song

    Comment by kel — Saturday, 11 December, 2010 @ 11:45

  3. obviously simon has made sure that one direction have the best person to duet with. Robbie will win it for them

    Comment by galway girl — Saturday, 11 December, 2010 @ 13:51

  4. I, nor my family, friends and workmates will not be watching X-Factor tonight or again I’m afraid. I have often thought the show rigged but this year has proved it I’m afraid.
    I am thoroughly disgruntled with the way it is run. It is so obviously a young person’s show and no one else has a chance. Please don’t think I have a problem with this because I don’t but they should be honest about it.
    As you’ve guessed I’m very cross with the way Mary Byrne was voted off. It’s also not because of anything against Cher Lloyd because I actually like her and think she will have a good career ahead of her no matter what – but let’s be fair Mary definitely out sang her in the last song and that wasn’t taken into account.
    I’ve always preferred Danii as a judge to the others and she always said she judges on the sing off – but she obviously didn’t last week.
    You also have to look at who they have as the guest duets and they most definitely didn’t want to have an older star on the show with Mary.
    Well that’s my thoughts anyhow – I do hope that those of you that still watch are not disappointed and perhaps I’m just feeling annoyed with the whole process but I’m afraid for me, enough is enough.
    Goodbye X factor – it was great once.

    Comment by MAUREEN NEATHWAY — Saturday, 11 December, 2010 @ 17:09

  5. Matt sang like a girl as usual lastnight, has he actually sang a decent song since he started? danni just put a skirt on him and suspenders and that will really put the finishing touch on him, Simon Cowell fairly used tactics lastnight by having Robbie Williams with hopeless one direction, robbie back wirh take that, looks really good, and robbie with ollie murs last year, two in a row, well done simon you dont pull the wool over my eyes

    Comment by paul — Sunday, 12 December, 2010 @ 15:32

  6. The show is a joke, one direction are a disgrace, they poor boys cant even sing, they better do well in their leaving certs because that is what they will rely on, matt is a total girl and shoud wear a mini skirt with his stupid girly songs, go and have a drink with liam gallagher you faggot forever.There is only one winner in x factotr and that is the famous singer song writter simon cowell!!! laughing all the way to the bank, nice way to make a few quid, the man is hopeless but knows how to make money, luie a total joke,’its all about fun’ ya louie, danni as much addition as jdeward, cheral who ashley dumped along with stupid girls aloud, cherl is trying to use x factor to prop up her hopeless solo career, but she writes all her own songs!!!!!!!!!!! not, can the poor council girl even write???????

    Comment by tom — Sunday, 12 December, 2010 @ 15:42

  7. I loved the duet that One Direction and Robbie Williams. It was epic!! Really upset that they came 3rd. Luckily I’m going to see them in the X Factor line tour in March!!!! Can’t wait!!!

    Comment by One Direction Mad — Wednesday, 15 December, 2010 @ 19:32

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