Sunday, 14 November, 2010

Aiden Grimshaw out of the X Factor

Aiden Grimshaw left the X Factor after yet another near miss for Katie Waissel. Simon Cowell voted to keep Katie, but with Louis voting for Aiden it went to deadlock, and the public vote. Aiden polled the lowest number of votes, and so went home.

Katie sang Save Me From Myself, giving a great performance without any hissy-fits or sitting down mid-way through the song.

Aiden sang Don’t Dream It’s Over. His exit means that Dannii has just two acts left, Matt and Paije. He was subdued after his exit, saying “you win some, you lose some”.


  1. What is simon at??

    aidan is brilliant keep your chin up kid you have the xfactor!!!!

    Comment by alex — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 20:58

  2. simon done it again saved her again, katie in the bottom 2 again god that show is so aarrrgggghhh makes me sick!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by tracy — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 20:59

  3. When are people gonna wise up and stop voting for that complete waste of skin Wagner??? Another talent has left the competition cos of ridiculous voting!

    Comment by Diane — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 20:59

  4. Its unbelievable that Aiden has been removed! One almost gets the feeling the whole program is rigged especially when Wagner and his performance still allows him to continue! Katie is not the best…3 weeks in a row, gotta say something! All the best for the future Aiden, there is a great one for you Im sure!!

    Comment by John Carruthers — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:01


    Comment by solihullmum — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:01

  6. Don’t worry aiden, your bestest everest

    Comment by willie — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:01

  7. How bent up is this, You could see simons brain working whether to bump up the ratings of his show and use the tallent that has come forth believeing that they may have a chance of getting somewhere as sacrifices. i’m outraged at the inadequate abilitties of the judges to play fair and eject the rubbish that nobody wants to see or hear. This series is the worst of all.

    Comment by Jason — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:02

  8. No way, Wagner brings some fun every week guys

    Comment by willie — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:04

  9. come on simon this is getting ridiculous katie defo deserved to go out aiden was a talent fgs why keep her in for ratings surprise surprise but the joke will be on you if this continues

    Comment by amanda — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:04

  10. I hate you Katie, I hate you to the bottom of my soul! There is no way that those votes were real.

    Comment by My word — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:04

  11. I hate Aiden’s attitude of getting eliminated because people didn’t like him. That would really upset those who voted a lot for him each week. No gratitude at all. Go home and learn to appreciate, little spoiled brat.

    Comment by Oliver — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:05

  12. Such a fascicle!
    What happened to Simon? Where is the honest straight forward judge which would hang onto his believes and talent and says it as it is? I do wander if has anything to do with Katie being Cheryl’s act and nothing else…. BOOO SIMON!

    Comment by Claudia — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:06

  13. Awwwww!!! he is so good !!! can`t believe he is out it is not fair !!! katie is rubbish compering to Aidan!!! he is cool guy have a soul… and she is just so fake!!really don`t like this girl!! and she has been up for eviction like 3 or 4 times already so obviously people don’t like her!! judges should take that in to consideration!!! all the best Aidan x

    Comment by ally — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:07

  14. Aiden is what 17 or 18 and just had his hopes dashed. Of course he was disappointed. He clapped Katie and kept control his folks can be proud of him. Some people are just horrible

    Comment by solihullmum — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:07

  15. Why keep saving someone who constantly comes in the bottom two, not listening to the public votes! perhaps if Simon took his head out of Cheryls arse he may hear what the public is saying. Get Katie Out

    Comment by Tracey — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:08

  16. VOTE for WAGNER to show what a sham the whole thing it is! Wagner for XFaxtor winner and NO1 XMAS song!!

    Comment by John — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:09

  17. Do not get it,Katie should be gone because to have the x factor you have to have the likeabilty factor and she jsut does not have it. Aiden and tracey both much better than her…. I do not think the votes are right and i think its a fix. not bothering to waste any more money voting

    Comment by karen — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:09

  18. The X Factor is the biggest fix ever its just not on katie has been in the bottom 2 the last 4 weeks and its just a disgrace that Aiden has been voted out katie is a load of S**t and its unbeliveable that she is still there i am most anoyed wit Cheryl Cole Katie i HATE YOU

    Comment by Michelle O Brien — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:09

  19. What! Simon voting strategically. The only people voting for Wagner are those who hate x factor, trying to mess things up. Neither Katie or Aiden should have been in bottom.

    Comment by Grace — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:10

  20. Can’t believe katie is still in it she can’t sing and she’s the most annoying person in the hole competition. I am so sick of her. Get the little weasel out she doesn’t deserve to b in the competition. To tel u the truth I think the shows completely fixed. And I’d laugh if Wagner won it as maybe the judges would get a grip on reality and put people that can actually sing threw to finals. I also honk that Simon is only saving the weasel coz he fancies cheryl get a grip katie can’t sing she f****d up in the auditions and is still doing it she don’t deserve to be in the x factor.
    XFACTOR IS FIXED it’s not a talent show like they say it is as there keeping ones in that don’t have talen!!! Rrrrh makes me so mad!!!!

    Comment by Leigha — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:10

  21. I cannot believe Aiden is out!!!!!….Im so sad =(….Don’t the judges get it that we don’t want to see Katie anymore!!!!!!

    Comment by Marie — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:10

  22. what the hell is going on does simon want katie in the final the fact she always in bottom 2 seems to indicate to me the public don t want her shes so fake and seriously i dont think i want to watch again only louie comes across as being real simon really has went down in my opinion

    Comment by sylvia sturgeon — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:10

  23. I think Aiden is unique. He was better when he decided the songs he wanteds to sing as in audition. The choice tonight did him no favours and it’s a shame. Katie, who normally I don’t like, picked a good number and did brilliantly. It’s a pity Wagner (regardless of Facebook antics) can’t sing and is painful to watch is taking a valuable space on the final of X Factor. I personally couldn’t give a ***** about this X Factor so long as Matt or Rebecca wins. I am sold on “Must be the music” on Sky. True british talent and definitely not about the “Diva” panel as in X Factor. I’m so glad Simon moving over to America. X Factor sucks big time. Good riddance!

    Comment by chez — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:11

  24. Two points to make:-

    1. On the live show last night-Dermot referred to Westlife as one of Britian’s top acts. Sorry to disappoint all you Brits but Westlife are Irish.

    2. XFactor is fixed-no question

    Comment by Denis — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:12

  25. Absolute rubbish, the x factor is rigged, sick of simon been up cheryls a**e!!! The public should boycott the show!

    Comment by Sarah — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:12

  26. WTF! what is Simon on??? Katie is obviously hated by the public. what is the point if he is going to carry on saving her regardless!

    Comment by Anna — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:15

  27. OMG why is Wagner and the other one in his catogory still even on they are too old to win seriously how long they gonna last in the music industry ONE DIRECTION ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    Comment by Amanda — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:15

  28. Wagner and Katie need to do the 2 dopes

    Comment by Michelle O Brien — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:16

  29. Simon will never vote one of Cheryl’s acts out – not while he won’t man up and make a direct play for her. He prefers to mince around and keep backing her acts instead. Pathetic little double act.

    Comment by Pam — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:16

  30. looks like a wagner, katie final, just sums up what a pile of s*** the show really is

    Comment by aly — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:19

  31. hi this is simone I wud just like to know do u think the x factor is a fix and why does simon play mind games with the judges!!! aiden shud hav stayed

    Comment by simone — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:20

  32. simon needs to get out of cheryl’s arse and realise which acts actually have talent and not just “uniqueness!
    obviously that “uniqueness” that she has is not getting votes seeing as though she’s been in the bottom 2 for the past 3 or 4 weeks.

    Comment by truth — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:20

  33. I always figured that the ‘X Factor’ voting system was a fix, but tonight’s result was taking things too far. I realise that Simon is probably trying to keep Katie in because of the drama it creates and this leads to an increase in viewing figures but it’s become a complete joke now.

    Comment by Sarah — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:21

  34. Strange to give yet more chances to something that makes everybody feel depressed.

    Aidans stars are already lined up.

    Comment by Bridget — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:24

  35. I was so annoyed after seeing that simon voted for katie, she has been in the bottom two too many times. She should be out, if no one is voting for her what makes him think they are going to buy her albums or go to her gigs. Aiden for me was a winner, i do have the right to complain because i did vote. Im furious. Its a total fix and im disgraced. Simon voted tactfully to keep his group in. Yes aiden may have had one off week, but appart from that he has been great? where has katie been? in the bottom two nearly every week. Im not watching it, and i hope wagner wins just to see the shock on simon cowells face in the papers.

    Comment by cheryl lynch — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:25

  36. NO NO NO!!!!! AIDEN HAS COME TO FAR TO FAIL!!!!!!! He was my favourite…I wish I voted for him now…I don’t respect Simon anymore.

    Comment by JubbJubb — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:27

  37. Iwill never watch or vote again after tonights riged show I have lost respect for simon after tonight he showed his true colours and its blatenly clear he is team cheryl i only wish the public would stop watching and voting and hit simon where it hurts in his pocket.

    Comment by MLT — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:29

  38. tonights elimination was a complete fix, and everyone should now realise this.i think that this now needs investigation as everyone who votes is being scammed of their money and ithought this was illegal in england, the voting figures need to be checked and i am sure that the x factor will need to repay all those who voted.If everyone votes with their feet and stops watching this then they will have to come clean, i certainly wont be watching in the future, British public you are being taken for fools.

    Comment by chris — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:29

  39. why is wagner still in he cant even sing
    katie’s been in the bottom 2 for 3 weeks now then aidan get voted out tonight how come he is amazing much better then katie this is a disgrace i think its all a fix.

    aidan keep your chin up your great and i love your voice.

    see you on the tour i hope :D

    Comment by Sarah — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:32

  40. Is simon scared of upsetting cheryl, hope the nation votes for wagner until the end, that’ll wipe the smile off the cowell / cole show!!!

    Comment by Tudsey — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:32

  41. Another week over, people will vote for Wagner, X-factor is a joke but only because the public has made it so, vote for the best, vote for who you really would like to see win, vote for the brilliant voice and talent, DO NOT vote just to take the pee, not to get your own back,there is so much bad press around the show, they should all be excluded to a house and not let out to the public, no drink – as drink it the cause of most issues. I am sure there were not all these issue when Opportunity Knocks used to be on tv and where many british singers where 1st founded.

    Comment by Sue — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:41

  42. I will be voting for Wagner, he will be a fitting winner.

    Comment by Andy — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:42

  43. Katie is sooooooo fake and she can not sing!!how can she still stay in the show???Aiden should stay!!!

    Comment by Yun — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:43

  44. x actor is never going on in my house again >:(

    Comment by Michelle O Brien — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:45

  45. We are appalled that Wagner is still in and the talented Aiden is out. He should walk out, surely he knows that he’s terrible and allowing good talent to leave the show. I blame Louis. He should not be a judge ever again. Its his fault Wagner was chosen in the first place when he clearly had no talent. (just like Jedward last year) He’s playing into the hands of the pranksters who are voting just to ruin the show. mary is ok but again Louis clearly knew that the whole of Ireland would vote. Louis is bad for the show Simon and if Wagner gets through another week, we shall never watch the show again and we have been avid viewers. rebecca and matt are pure class, are they next for the chop?? while Wagner carries on. He is repulsive and grotesque.

    Comment by fran and mark — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:45

  46. What a load of absolute rubbish-im fuming! what is Simon Cowell playing at-he must be on drugs, its a simple no brianer, how many times do the public have to get across, we don’t like katie! AIDEN YOU ARE AMAZING AND DIDNT DESERVE TO GO-keep going!!

    Comment by Megan — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:49

  47. I know for a fact that Simon knows the voting scores, my friend works for the phone company who count them. It is all fixed, fact!

    Comment by Geoff Bridger — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:52

  48. Why are people acting so surprised about tonight’s results? Newsworthiness equates to commercial success these days. For about five minutes. Simon wants ratings, Katie makes headlines. It’s pretty simple. A complete disgrace if you want to consider it a competition based on actual talent, but hardly surprising.

    Comment by Sara — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:53

  49. who the hell was doing the hair this week……..what a lot of crap!!!

    Comment by teresa daly — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:54

  50. Has anyone elses noticed that Dermott states “AND REMEMBER THIS IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” every week before announcing One Direction are through??? What is that all about, Coincidence?????

    Comment by Karen Murray — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 21:56

  51. What is simon up to? Trying to get rid of the compitition, how would he feel if one direction went up against katie, second year in a row he has done this to danni, was lucie laat year, aiden is way more talented than katie, he should have had his oppertunity to come back fighting, katie had 3 chances to nail it, but failed. Trayc went last week up against katie, aiden this week, who else that is talented is going to go to save katie.

    Comment by rachael — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:02

  52. Outrageous!!!!!!!! Cannot believe that:

    a. Aiden is out – joke!
    b. Katie is STILL is after being in the bottom so many times.
    c. Wagner is still in – he can’t sing!

    Comment by bron — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:07

  53. Why was Paige so surprised he wasn’t in the bottom two ?
    He’s a good singer, who’s improved every week. He’s not a ‘one trick pony’ like most of the other acts and if only he could really start believing in himself, he could go a long,long way.
    As for Aiden,he’s a good singer, but too intense. If I had to listen to him too often people would have to keep sharp objects out of my reach.

    Comment by Alan — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:11

  54. What a travesty. Word has it that Simon is secretly mentoring Katie who shouldn’t even be on X FActor as she gave up a record contract to appear. Aidan has more talent in his little finger than Katie – she’s nothing but a talentless drama queeen.

    Comment by Angela — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:16

  55. The reason we all are voting for Wagner is because it pisses soooo many people off and its soo funny to see all you internet peoples soo angry, wagner to win caus it will make you all even more angry, we do it for the lulzz

    Comment by Mr X — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:18

  56. When are the uneducated people in the UK gonna realize when they are voting for Wagner, people who can sing are losing a real chance in their lives. I’m no fan of Aiden but come on the boy is far better the Wagner has or will ever be. It just goes to show the Jeremy Kyle watches have learned to dial a phone, clever cabbages. Let the professionals pick the acts on their talent not on the retarded choices of the British public.

    Comment by robert — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:24

  57. I can’t believe Katie still there and a really good talents go out!!! From last week and even tonight its seen that X Factor is totally Fix and is not important what the public think and vote for the talents if they choices by themselves.

    Comment by Lorena — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:35

  58. Sorry guys but last week the cry was that all your votes were being wasted. Now that votes have kept Katy in you don’t like that either!
    I agree that Katy has behaved badlya ndgiven some poor performances but, I hate to say it, she did better than Aiden in the sing off tonight. Aiden did not win that sing off.
    However the people voting for Wagner are ruining this competition for the real singers – that’s where the votes are going – Aiden wouldn’t have come to low if those votes hadn’t been thrown away. People voting for Wagner are messing this up as much as any mistakes the judges are making.

    Comment by Theresa — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:39

  59. Being voted in the bottom two week after week shows what the general public think of Katie’s proformances. If Simon is keeping her in for his own ends then shame on you. That boy Aiden had far, far more ‘X’ Factor and didn’t deserve to be thrown out because of some hidden agenda by Simon Company Limited to perhaps increase viewing numbers. I hope it back fires as this time you are wrong!

    Comment by Colin — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:42

  60. Cheryl is a beautiful lass and all but she has simon twisted around her skinny little finger..simon falls for her and always sticks up for cheryl’s singers.. its patheitic honestly..

    Katie Wasial has been in the bottom two 4 times now and hse has kicked out all the good singers.. Treyc and Aiden..Diva Fever and i dont even want to know who is going to come next.. Aiden Is amazing and even simon knows that but as long as they have their “Quirky..Fun little chick” around simon and cheryl are happy.. Aidan good luck in the were brill.

    As long as Matt..Rebecca and one direction are still happy as ever.. Katie you need to get over yourself and stop crying 24/7 for the symapthy.

    Comment by Ashley — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:48

  61. Aiden is a unique singer and definitely had more of a chance at winning than Katie did. It is a singing competition and she has a weak voice and Aiden is far more superior than her. Katie got a rich daddy? Because someone is paying the judges. Wagner is turning the Xfactor into a joke show and unique singers like Aiden dream about singing and people like Wagner are taking it away from him.

    Comment by Chloe Jones — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:49

  62. i dont agree with the result since simon went on the change after his birthday the show went down hill all the acts who apear on the live show, show if they are recording artists after the first week i cannot understand how aiden new that he was in the bottom 3 because it was leaked on twitter half hour before the vote was called out if the result can be leaked it can be manipulated this to me should be a invalid week and double elimanation next week that would be fair for all

    Comment by maxoutputuk — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 22:56

  63. x factor is a fix, katie should of gone!! she will only be in the bottom 2 next week, dont they realise how much everyone hates her!! i love aidan :)

    Comment by Lauren — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 23:09

  64. katie should of gone everyone hates her!!

    Comment by Lauren — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 23:12

  65. Talk about a completely rigged farce it was obvious from Katie’s antics at the end, covering her face, catching hold of Aiden’s hand, etc., she was obviously sure she would be kept in and it would be Aiden going. He is a far better singer than Katie and great to watch and listen to, fantastic, and so was Trayc last week, even Louis said that and this week, he said Katie wasn’t very good. Defo time Katie was got rid of. Aiden left and was very dignified. Voting – is it fucking worth it? Don’t think so. The judges must think that we, the public who pay for this with our voting telephone calls, are so gullible. Time they and Katie had a lesson in the facts of life. She is nothing more than a drama queen. Even in the judges houses, Cheryl said ‘what a drama queen’ yet she still got through. I wonder why? Three fantastic acts remain in my opinion, Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction. Now are the public considered that thick that we can hope one of these great acts may win? I think we are. They just want us to keep spending our money on phone votes and I bet you, the Weasel Waissal will win. What a travesty! If that happens, well, why not just leave it to the judges to fight it out between themselves? Just so disappointed in the judges integrity.

    Comment by pattie — Sunday, 14 November, 2010 @ 23:19

  66. i think deep down simon knows aiden was the better singer as is u say his head waz stuck so far up cheryl arse that he got fumigated with illegal substances and was not thinking straight. He may have thought i keep cheryl on side and the public can take the blame for jilted katie but it did not go that way. Judges are there to spot talent and not line their own pockets by cashing in on who has most press contests.

    Comment by mitzy — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:01

  67. Simon only kept Katie in for the controversy and media attention it will create. I don’t blame him, it’s keeping people watching, but I feel sorry for Aidan & Tracie (who weren’t bad or great but better than Katie)& I feel sorry for Katie who’s is being kept there for all the wrong reasons, her eventual elimination is being dragged out and all that negativity she is experiencing is very tough for a young girl to handle.(Drama Queen or not)

    Comment by Sean — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:14

  68. Simon’s comment in the extra factor that he saved Katie because he likes how she bounces back (or something to that effect) is hilarious. So will he like how she bounces back when she is in the bottom two again and again.
    The only reason Katie wasn’t in the very bottom position because she got the sympathy vote. “Aww poor Katie in the bottom two 3 times already”. Now Katie thinks she has a fan base and is going to fight on. She’s delusional!

    Comment by Sean — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:27

  69. -Katie was obviously saved by the sympathy vote.
    -Simon likes how Katie bounces back. I hope he likes her bounce back when she is in the bottom two again and again.

    Comment by Sean — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:32

  70. Well what a fix, simon are you trying to get rid of your viewers or what, have you forgot who put you where you are and the money in your pocket. What a waste the best amazing singer knocked out by that rich wanna be thnks to you you idiot, change your job to binman its all your good for. Thank god jungles back on we will all boycott the rest of your show nothing worth watching now..

    Comment by garry — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:42

  71. Oh yea, the finalists performance at beginning of the results show was the worst bit of miming I’ve ever seen. Paige’s waist was singing there at the beginning of the song, because the mic was nowhere near his mouth. They’d have Marcel Marceau rolling in his grave.

    Comment by Sean — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 00:49

  72. Obv Cheryl and Simon have something going on or else he wouldnt of saved katie. Aiden is amazing obv his song on st night wasnt great but hes 100 times better than katie. Cheryl obv got simon under her thumb and thats y he picked Katie. Matt to winx

    Comment by Morven Carlisle — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 01:05

  73. I agree with many – we should now vote for Wagner as the show is not real – Simon used to vote for the best on the night and I always respected his vote but no longer – Aiden is different and has the X factor – actually maybe he does not – he is too good for it as he is orginal and quirky and the only thing we can do is to download his songs and vote for Wagner or not watch at all but do not vote for One Direction who are cute but Simon will look after them no doubt but Simon must not win on the show – he will win as usual on the money side of the show but lets try to prevent him winning as the judge.

    Comment by hershman — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 01:56

  74. i cant believe katie is still in she is unstable and needs to go and as for wagner still being in the x factor is rapidly becoming the biggest joke on british tv thought the programme was about people who could sing if so why are these 2 still in it

    Comment by charlotte — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 02:23

  75. Lost all respect for Simon – he should not be playing with lives of real talent callously – won’t be watching any more.

    Comment by Sarah — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 03:57

  76. It was interesting Aiden comments at the end, he said something about a leak on twitter, and someone texting him that he was in the bottom three, he looked pretty shocked and really pissed off, not a very gracious loser.

    He went to far with the hair image, he was starting to look ridiculous

    Comment by rodney — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 08:30

  77. I cannot understand why the judges do not realise that if every week the public vote Katie in the bottom 2 that they do not like her and keeping her in means more popular people are being voted out. Its not rocket science to work out that she will never sell any records which the public vote indicates.

    Comment by DAVID — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 10:22

  78. it’s just ridiculous to see Aiden got cut off, while Wagner still up there!

    Comment by Lou Xuxiao — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 11:25

  79. whatever simon thinks, he sure has lost a lot of viewers after last night.

    Comment by maria — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 11:50

  80. What a farce.
    Words cannot describe how angry i am that people voting for wagner are doing it to make a point! What about the talent that are going out just for you to ‘make a point’?? fools.
    Katie, well her time will come, all simon is doing is creating a hate brigade for her!!

    Comment by Sara — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 12:26

  81. Matt and Rebecca are, and Aiden was, the biggest threats to One Direction winning the X Factor.Simon has disposed of one. If either of the other two are in the sing off they will go as well. Cowell wants the “boy band”, more accurately a group of immature schoolboys at a school karaoke night,to win.

    I like many others have had enough. The rot really started when Leon “mysteriously” beat Rhydian. It has just got more and more ridiculous. It appears that the public do not decide the winner but Cowell does.

    The only winners from “Pop Idol” or “X Factor who have established themselves as class acts are Will Young and Leona Lewis. The runners up G4 did well for a while and JLS are having success at the moment but for how long.

    The show no longer has any worth. I am sure that many people will be like me and stop watching.

    Comment by James — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 12:44

  82. Sorry to see Aiden go, he has great talent. I have lost interest in this show and will not be watching any more

    Comment by Joan — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 16:53

  83. Eighty comments – now 81 – that’s why Simon kept Katie in. He knows she has no future in music. He is desperate for One Direction to win. I have never seen an X Factor with so much talent – and so much manipulation. The talented ones will make it – or not. The only way to really have a say is to vote Wagner. Mental, yes, but it makes a strange sort of sense …

    Comment by janet — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 17:34

  84. Unlucky Aiden!! I think he was a victim of a very poor song arrangement. It’s one thing not to to do a karioke verson of a well known song, but I think it was a mistake to make that much of a change to the song – at times it was almost unreconisable. In a previos week he did not do well with Jealous Guy, but his version of Tears for Fears “Mad World” was superb.
    I can’t believe that Katie, Wagner and Mary are still there and Aiden has been voted off, in my opinion its an injustice. I guess shades of Widdecombe in Come Dancing – the X-Factor version is Wagner!! The shame is that whilst the people who vote for Wagner are having a laugh, a guy that has some talent and ambition gets dropped by the wayside, and whilst I don’t think he would ever have won X-Factor he did at least deserve another chance, which is more than I can say for Katie, 4 appearances in the bottom 2 and still there?

    Comment by chris Dubery — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 18:48

  85. Keep voting for One Direction! Don’t stop voting for them just because they are Simon’s act!

    Comment by Chloe — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 19:53

  86. I think Katie should go out this week! She has been in the bottom 2 4 times already! To be fair she sang the save-me song really well. Don’t the judges get that the public don’t like her that much. It is just a matter of time before she she knocks out someone who can win! Like she did to Treyc and Aiden. Keep Voting!!

    Comment by Chloe — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 20:00

  87. Katie should leave this week! Don’t the judges get that the public don’t like her! She has been in the sing off 4 times! To be fair she sang well in the sing off this week. It is only a matter of time before she beats an act that could have won! Like Treyc and Aiden! But Keep Voting for your favourites so that Katie leaves!

    Comment by Chloe — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 20:08

  88. I used to enjoy watching X factor but this time round it has been such a fast. What the hell is WAGNER still doing in the competition, he cannot sing. What about the public vote, it should the act with the fewest votes that goes out not going down to the last 2 each week, what is the point of the publix ringin in. However keep going Katie, Matt and Mary. Being an Essex woman I would like to see Matt win

    Comment by Mo Burton — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 20:10

  89. Complete fix! simon should listen to what the public want and stop saving her!the public cant stand her so there is no way aiden had the least votes. Aiden has so much more potential and if he took his head out of Cheryls arse he would see that, this is no longer a talent show, just a publicity stunt, by far the worst series ever and i will not be continuing to watch it, Join the x factor boycott!

    Comment by Emma — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 20:16

  90. aiden grimshaw you were to be in the top four.

    it’s a scandal that drama queen katy waissel stays when she OBVIOSULY isn’t liked by the public, if she was liked, she wouldnt have been in the bottom two for the last four weeks? why save her? its making the show a joke. it is very clear that this is a scam, we all know that there had to be some kind of agreement after you singed katie off her american contract, but saving her neck and throwing aiden out who deserved a place in the top four, is ridiculous and extremely unfair. unless katie is gotten rid of next week i am sure there will be outrage and i know that you will lose a good percentage of your viewers.

    simon, why save her?

    aiden, please please make a record, i know millionsssss will buy it. simon is an idiot, lost out on a huge amount of fans.

    thankyou very much,
    ella sim, london, aged fourteen!

    Comment by ella — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 20:47

  91. wtf simon voted strategically again – get rid of any strong acts that happen to find themself in the bottom 2 so that his crap boy band can make the finals and piss off the fans of the show so they’ll continue to watch for another atrocity. As for Wagner reminds me of what happened on American Idol with Sanjaya because of a website called vote for the worst that encouraged haters to keep the worst contestants

    Comment by wat tefuk — Monday, 15 November, 2010 @ 23:27

  92. I think Katie is unique, and if she tried harder and if she got the right songs that suited her unique voice You Would SEE that She has TALENT

    Comment by Lin — Tuesday, 16 November, 2010 @ 00:47

  93. Simon confirmed for me on Sunday that Katie Waissel is being protected, has he made a ‘deal’ with her future? who knows, who cares – She makes mistake after mistake. She wouldnt last five minutes if the public were allowed to vote her out. Maybe they promised her she would get as far as the live shows……..Maybe X factor did a deal with her record producers in the US..if she is in the last few? its a fix, for sure…for money to someone. Maybe they should publish the votes after each show. Let us all know what they protect so much…………….

    Comment by V T Hamilton — Tuesday, 16 November, 2010 @ 12:56

  94. katie give up, leave, quit no-one will buy your music even if you win . talentless garbage!!!!!!!!!! ……….again

    Comment by kieron — Tuesday, 16 November, 2010 @ 15:04

  95. I can not believe that katie got kept in again this week over poor adain, I used to love simon cowell you could always depend on him to be critical he sent his own act of one yr for gods sake its a disgrace he actually says that he says it as it is what a crock, actually louie is the only one being truthful this year and thats saying something he was right what he said about paije the other night and the cheek of simon to say what he said to him i mean simon started in by sayinf now with that act you will never win…. shame on you simon cowell and my final comment is in regards to katie im amazed at the bulls**t excuse simon used to keep her in last season he told one of the acts he would not be saving them purely because she has been in the bottom two twice already and the public are obviously not taking to her ehhhhhhhh then wtf is katie still doing their,,, i miss the old simon a one where he did not make his decisons with cheryls thin brain

    Comment by Lisa — Tuesday, 16 November, 2010 @ 16:47

  96. I think its rediculous that Katie is still in the competition. Simon has previously voted out contesants for being in the bottom two 3 times – why is Katie so special. The public don’t like her Simon!!! If we wont vote for her, we wont but her music – DUH! Maybe Simon should go back to his old ways and stop kissing Cherly’s arse!!

    Comment by Sandra — Wednesday, 17 November, 2010 @ 13:15

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