Sunday, 7 November, 2010

X Factor American Anthems: What they Sang

Here’s what the contestants sang on the X Factor last night:

Cher – Empire State Of Mind
Katie – Don’t Speak
Rebecca – Make You Feel My Love
Treyc – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Matt – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Aiden – Nothing Compares 2 U
Paije – I’m A Believer / Hey Ya

Mary – There You’ll Be
Wagner – Viva Las Vegas

1 Direction – Kids In America


  1. Aiden Aiden!! Was amazing!!!

    Comment by missy — Sunday, 7 November, 2010 @ 10:48

  2. Matt Cardle last night was fantastic, the best performance by him by a mile. Matt to win X Factor.

    Comment by Rossalyn Lambert — Sunday, 7 November, 2010 @ 16:27

  3. Treyc Cohen was the far better former than Katie. Judges get paid to vote and it is a travesty of unfairness for Cheryl Cole not to vote at all, only Danni had the guts to vote that Katie Waissel should be voted off. Why do these 2 judges always side with Cheryl Cole? Katie has been voted off now twice and it is obvious what the public want, not as Simon Cowell prefers to interpret the voting – ie the public do not want to see Katie Waissel. Cher Lloyd is, I hope, the next one to be voted off, she cannot even sing!

    Comment by Evelyn Curtis — Monday, 8 November, 2010 @ 12:01

  4. Wow at matt. He was absolutely amazing, alongside cher, although she was a lot better last week. Matt, Cher and One Direction for the final.

    Comment by Cbobxox — Monday, 8 November, 2010 @ 19:14

  5. I feel anyone who watched this show and was duped into thinking this was a competition without any social engineering should complain to Ofcom, there is also the issue of everyone who has spent money via phone calls, you should complain to Pay Phone Plus. This is an organisation in the Uk who will deal with this type of complaint.
    Maybe you everyone should sign an on-line petion. ( )
    Personally I don’t watch the show, but my daughter does and I always have to point out the rules seem to change as and when that show (x-factor, pop Idol) feels like it so there is no fairness involved at all.
    No one has said it so I will this year it’s a different flavour ice-cream the machine wants to win and it’s called vanilla.
    Chocolate won last year I think could be wrong, was it Alexandra this girl who was booted looks similar. So no matter how good she or he performs they will not win this year

    Comment by lola — Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 @ 13:23

  6. From the outset the show has been a joke, the farce started with the Gamu scandal ad this saw this start of this wild card rubbish ad all of the Wild Cards came back have performed how?? All except TreyC and here we are saying that this is a SINGING competition and even as a wild card Wagner has got in here how??? Then the judges and say things like I don’t understand why people like Elton John calls this show a joke, because you are making it joke when you include acts like Wanger and Diva Fever, well no the joke starts with Simon who keeps inviting Sinita to show herself up with her ridiculous inappropriate outfits in the selection rounds. And then the farce descends.

    Let’s face it it wouldn’t be difficult to be in the final of this years’ show really! If you call what Cher does Rap u lot best be real, Cher is from Country trying to be a street girl with some copied cat attituide, why Simon was surprised at her copy cat performance Saturday night she copied even the clothes of the persons song she covered please!! Be real she needs to go home she didn’t sing a note at the final audition and don’t deserve to be there!! Everyone jumping up that she represents the kids of today err No. If a teen Black kid had got up there and brought rap Simon would have told them it’s not original, so Cher is original because she’s White??!!

    Paije needs to wake up and realise this is a competition and get over that excitement of this is better than sweeping up popcorn. Don’t let them tell you that you can win this competition by acting the idiot! At the moment I can see you in a musical or Blue Peter playing the clown but are you serious enough to be in this business?, not for me, you fell of top of those lines as all that prancing made you breathless, you need to keep up with the treadmill. Because believe next week its you, because it will come down to like it did this week between the look and not talent and if it’s a choice between you and Aiden kiss your world good night.

    In honesty the next person to leave this competition should be Louis it’s a joke he can’t even get his act’s name right. It’s a joke that he even came back as a wild card this is a singing competition and he can’t sing that was so bad. It was worst than awful. Think of year’s goner by with Laura and Ruth even last year with Fro and that Teacher. This year’s contestants wouldn’t be here it’s a joke that Wagner got through the rounds and you wonder why people don’t rate this competition!!!

    One Direction is just it I there isn’t anything separating them from any other boys out their and I’m sorry screaming teenage girls only make them singing!!! Louis stop doing comparisons!!!!! Paije and Lenny Henry?!! Isn’t he a comedian, and One direction are like Take that an West life their vocals were shocking and if it was American anthems then Louis was right and just because the song said kids in America that’s not the point!

    Rebecca just keep your eyes open more for me and really finish the final note don’t be in such a hurry to finish your songs!!! And it will be you and Matt in the final the rest can really go home

    I wrote these comments on Saturday night as I was watching it ad commented as they performed Katie really is a bit of a one trip quirky pony for me, you can see Cheryl is having issues with Katie, she has been to America and tried to break it and it didn’t happen, this is clearly a kid with issues who parents have clearly had her o stage since she was young pushing her inn this door that door to make it and she is and emotional mess ad Saturday’s break down showed that. If I’m honest there really is Becky is the only one in this competition who won’t become Shelf fodder after xmas No1 and the winner isn’t even guarantee that!!

    Simon has just shut down this show by saying this show produces god singers and then he tells TreyC you are better singer but Katie you are the more interesting performer, well the Zoo has got many of performances. You see this is really a life changing move for Black people, did you hear TreyC even give credit to the people in the Canteen unlike like Katie Waissel
    flunked her song said sod it and sat down like a spoilt child, ad still Cheryl didn’t have the confidence to do the write thing. Last time I saw this kind of meltdown was Susan Boyle and that took her to the Priory but at least Susan can sing. Not in this world is Katie Waissel a recording artist she is like a loose cannon. Who clearly may need a week in Priory after this show?

    If show and it’s Producers are not serious about music and want this just to be the most talked about show with gossip and breakdowns then link up with Jeremy Kyle ad sort it out. But I thought I was watching a singing competition. I did vow note to watch this rubbish after last year when Joe really didn’t deserve to win and he his NOT a recording artist he can do musicals and stage show but this is not what the Factor is meant to be about. Ad here we are again, its enough I quit you’ve beaten me, I’ll take the 2 minute round up I get on the news to find out what’s happening in the shows, because I cannot bare to waste anymore of my life commenting or watching this rubbish. This is heading the same way as Big Brother, over cooked and taking the thing to the extreme of TV Rubbish, and so soon Dermott will once again be looking for another job!!!

    Comment by hattie — Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 @ 14:47

  7. really sorry to see TrayC go – i agree with Simon she was the better singer by far. But i think Katie has “sometihng” she is really watchable, she is a performer – she doesnt mind getting all dressed up and doing things a little different … Truth is neither should have been in the bottom two – Wagner is getting all the wrong songs and I just cant see Paige being a popstar despite his great voice. They should make the competition a tigh between all the others (maybe not Cher arrogant cow!)

    Comment by minnienotamouse — Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 @ 15:28

  8. The more I think about it I realize just how much of a fix the decision to keep Kate in competition was. Firstly as others have said Dermot went to Simon first why was this? When Cheryl was asked by Dermot for a decision she seemed distracted and I think someone was talking to her in her ear piece probably telling her what she should do. Somehow between her and someone backstage they managed to keep Katie in the show. I think they need to sort the rules out who of Judges goes first etc., and stick to it in the future. It all ended up looking very contrived and a fix which I’m sure it was.

    Comment by Maureen Davison — Tuesday, 9 November, 2010 @ 16:31

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