Sunday, 15 November, 2009

Jamie Out after Sing-Off with Lloyd

Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer and Lloyd Archer were in the bottom two tonight.

Simon and Cheryl unsurprisingly voted to keep their own acts in, leaving the decision to Louis and Dannii.

Louis voted to send home Jamie, because he believed Lloyd had the most ‘long term potential’. Dannii seemed to be having a hard time making a decision, but ultimately she had to send Lloyd home because Jamie sang the best. This meant that yet again, the decision went to deadlock and the public vote. That meant that Jamie went home, the first of Simon’s acts to leave.

Did Jamie leave because of the backlash against Simon Cowell for his decision to send Lucie Jones home last week have anything to do with it?


  1. Well, it is no longer a singing contest, shame on you louie personality aside Jamie was better and should of stayed end off, I fir one will not be watching anymore. Death of X Factor, long live Strictly!!!

    Comment by Paul — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:02

  2. i think simon has no clue of what he is doing anymore. as we all found out when he kept the twins in last week. this is no longer a singing show its a freak show

    Comment by Naomi — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:06

  3. I am disgusted that jamie went out especially as there are two kids still in who cant sing a note, this is now getting a joke and not a talent show, im begining to beleive the whole show is a fix, i cannot for the life of me think people would vote for john and edward more than jamie, this show has now gone down hill.

    Comment by susan lintern — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:06

  4. Does anybody take Louis Walsh seriously?
    Last week it was that Lloyd was the worst singer and out of his depth-This week he keeps him in.He really twisted the knife in Jamie’s performance which was really good.
    The show is in danger of degenerating into a farce with John and Edward becoming X factors equivalent of John Seargant

    Comment by nick woodall — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:08

  5. As promised I didn’t watch X Factor last night or tonight – just checked this website for the results. Mixed feelings about losing Jamie cos he’s Simon’s but still a much better singer than Lloyd.

    Comment by Alex Smith — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:08

  6. i am disgusted with the whole show and now beleive its a fix, jamie was the best yet there are two kids still in who cant sing a note, funny thing is i used to think this was a talent show , not any more its a vast. and i wont be watching any longer, simon has truely lost it now ,i used to admire his honesty but he lost that when he chose not to get rid of john and edward, they well be nice boys but lets face it put jamie up against them and he wins face down, this show is a joke,

    Comment by susan lintern — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:11

  7. Take that cowell, thats for what you did last week!!.

    On another note while i didnt think jamie or lloyd could win they shouldnt have been in the bottom two them sick twins should with there nasty rapping, loui you talk about the rules so tell us since when did queen ever rap?

    Comment by jason — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:15

  8. At least Dannii voted for the stronger vocal performance in the sing off – she like Lucie has real character! The Show is loaded towards Simon’s favourite but he should be aware that what goes around comes around!!

    Comment by Chris — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:15

  9. How can Jamie possibly be voted off when listening to Lloyd was almost unbearable. He just can’t sing.
    It is an insult to Jamie. The whole X Factor show is becoming a joke! Jamie, well done.

    Comment by Mariette Tonks — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:18

  10. I think that the judges decisions went the way I thought they would apart from Louis vote. I thought he’dchoose Jamie but I’m glad he decided to keep Lloyd in the competition because lets face it, he is gorgeous;)
    And I wasnt sure what the public were going to choose but as much as I liked Jamie, I know that most of the young girls out there like Lloyd.
    I Hope Lloyd Or Joe Or Stacey Wins It
    YeeHoOo .. x

    Comment by love the xfactor — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:26

  11. yes…. finally simon got a taste of his own medicine !! and of course its got something to do with lucie jones !!! x and by the way lucie jones is the best singer in the competition. danii x

    Comment by danielle clark — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:31

  12. never voting on x factor again i thought it was a singing comp it is just a farse

    Comment by glenys — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:34

  13. simon cowell has just dropped himself in it by not getting rid of the jedwards now one of his best boys jamie has gone never watching it again

    Comment by glenys — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:40

  14. omg omg omg no no no i can not believe jamie has gone home what the hell where the public thinking. jamie we love u and u will go far.
    love angie and her 3yr old daughter who loves u too.
    we will buy ur c.d any day xxxxxx

    Comment by angie — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 21:47

  15. There should be no sing off. We are asked to spend money voting for our favourites therefore the one with the least votes should go. Lucie was last and deserved to go. Jamie was last and deserved to go. For once Louis is right Jamie was no rock star and his performances every week were verging on karaoke.For confirmation watch real rock stars in action. Hopefully Lloyd will go next week. Like him, John and Edward cannot sing but at least they are entertaining.
    Stacey or Danyl to win.

    Comment by James — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 22:27

  16. How are Jward still in the x-factor. They can’t sing!! They don’t even dance in sync!!! Where is their X-factor talent???

    I can’t believe that Lucie or Jamie is out! They can sing! Lucie had a lovely voice and I would definitely have downloaded her songs!

    Shut your eyes and Jward sound horrible!!

    Comment by Mo — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 22:49

  17. To be honest, I don’t rally think that all this hatred for the twins is really nessesairy. The public are voting them in, and then the public moans that they are still in the competition. Its abit stupid really. Obviously there are more people being entertained and voting for them, then there are people that hate them andcwant them out of the competition.

    Don’t be groaning about the song choose either, it was a queen song, and it passed all the regulations and it was deemed that they could use it. So get over it. Its new, and fresh to rap in a queen song. And any of the contestants would have just got slated if they just mimiked Freddie.

    To continue, I thoughttyat the x factor competition was about CONTESTANTS coming to the show with talent to hopeully realise their dreams, not for one of the mentour/judges to have another success under their belt. Its abit corrupt really if people are voting out talented people because they didnt agree with the outcome of the majority vote. Also, its abut pretty that you can crush soneones life dreams because Simon was asked HIS opinion, and gave it quite rightly.

    Please guys, just chill out and stop having a go because things didnt go your way. Everyone is begining to get too wind up by everything and its just sucking the fun out if what was an enjoyable show. Now it seems like a harsh battlefield of negativity and unnessesairy hating. Just chill out, and watch it for what it is… A telly programme.


    Comment by Emma Brooker — Sunday, 15 November, 2009 @ 23:47

  18. i understand why simon sent it back to the public last week ,if he had sent the twins home people would have said he was bias, shame about jamie archer he is a good singer hope we do here more from him in the future, as for the twins they would be great in pantomime but lets bring it back to a singing contest lets see them stood still singing without the theatrics.

    Comment by sue — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 00:04

  19. i am loving danni at the moment, the catty thing to do would be vote jamie out for what happened last week, but no she chose the best singer like they ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO DO. louis is an idiot who has personal grudges with the judges (hey that rhymes!!) but danni is way too classy for that. louis needs to go

    Comment by lindsay — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 00:08

  20. The show has becomne tired and lame.
    It obvious that the judges think who the best acts are and will try to keep them in.
    Tonights vote was a complete joke. Louis for the past few weeks has clearly stated that Lloyd is not good enough. Yet he votes for him tonight!
    It’s supposed to be a singing contest not who looks best or give the most amusing performance.
    At least Danni tried to be honest.
    The show is a complete and utter joke, this is another viewer that will now turn off.
    Suspect there will only be one more series as the people are wise to what’s going on.
    It’s just more money in Cowells pocket by keeping the show topical and in the mews every week.

    Comment by phil — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 00:32

  21. Why is Joe still there. Yeah, I guess he can sing, but he’s really boring.

    I miss Lucie.hahaha

    Comment by mark — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 03:22

  22. Jamie did not sing well last night.. :( He has a tallent but not good enough to spend mney on he albums.. only the best will remain to the final..they all have to bow out over the next weeks :(
    good luck everyone :)

    Comment by kathy — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 05:20

  23. cant belive jamie went, how can louis sit and say that Lloyd has more potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a laugh?
    they lost the best last night, i just hope danyl dosent suffer for simons mistake with lucy?
    cmon guys , even if you hate simon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for danyl, hes the only one left with talent now!

    Comment by teresa — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 07:38

  24. How can you take Louis Walsh seriously. It was evident who he was going to vote off before the sing off. Louis should not be a judge as he is not capable of judging on merit.

    Comment by denise brookes — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 08:39

  25. didn’t watch xfactor this week but so shocked to hear result…louis is a most incongruent person saying over and over that Lloyd is very weak singer and then voting to keep him in over Jamie, who incidently, i thought was brilliant..some one who breaks the mould without being cheesy. Will xfactor have to rig the result in order to stop Jedward from walking away with a 1million quid record deal?? Next time Simon you may think twice about letting it go to deadlock!

    Comment by olden goldie — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 10:36

  26. I knew that would happen!! Cowell shot himself in the foot by not getting rid of the muppets last week and it was well publicised on loads of blogs people were going to keep voting for the talentless brats and get rid of one of Simon’s – that’s exactly what happened!! Stacey was superb on Saturday, now that’s singing – apologies therefore to Dumb and Dumber who clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “sing” – even I can rap – and, err, yep I agree – when did Queen ever rap? You’ll notice when they sang the charity song, dumb and dumber were at the back well out of the way and thank god, for one, we couldn’t hear or see them! Let’s keep it that way. Unless you really want the end result to be a couple of lunatic lepricauns winning this, might I suggest you stop voting for them just to wind up Cowell – it’s REALLY pathetic now, look who’s just gone – Jamie? One of the best singers in the competition – clearly this year isn’t about singing!!

    Comment by I told you so! — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 11:07

  27. Gawd I hate Louie, he’s so tactical & vindictive. Jamie was much better than Lloyd but he seemed to have lost some of his mojo with his haircut. I don’t think either could win as there’s more talented people in the competition (Jedward aside) so it’s probably immaterial which of them went this week but sadly the majority of the voting public will always be young girls who vote cute over talent.

    Comment by KATYDEE — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 11:15

  28. its whats called justice for conning the public,hope his acts get no votes this week too, that will piss him off more than anything, mind you the whole show is a farce

    Comment by alan — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 12:48

  29. come on people.. thvotes should not be about who likes the judges or who are against one.. it should be about hte talent that is waht this show is about.. we are so busy getting Simon Cowell back et c athat we are not doing our real job that will be voting out the worst talent that are the twins.. so busy going against Simon Cowel that we are alowing going through the twins who re the most horribe singers and dancing that i have seen in my life.. please people stop the war agains Simo Cowel(he is not my favourite but he know his job and he did not put lucy on the 2 bottom it was ourselves not voting for our favourites)

    Comment by mary — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 13:56

  30. i personally think its a joke that jamie went out on sunday night, i no that he wasnt the strongest singer but any thing would be better than lloyd. people have got to vote for the voice and entertainment and not looks:( also simon saved the twins and louis repaid him back by putting jamie”afro” out:O “john and edward rock my socks”:) alanna from ireland

    Comment by alanna — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 17:05

  31. What people do not realise is it is a singing competition. The reason great acts with actual talent and voices are booted out early is to make room for the likes of Jedward who have 0 talent and are merely intigrated into the show to cause as much drama as possible. People complain that they are in the place of actual talent and those people tell others and all of a sudden you have x amount of new people tuning into the show each week, some of which are stupid enough to vote, e.g. throwing money at Simon Cowell.

    People assume that the good singers with actual talent are voted for by the majority of the public so they don’t bother voting themselves.. this is why good singers like Lucy leave the competition. I am amazed that people haven’t learned this from the likes of last Xfactor where the likes of Laura left early in the precedings.

    Anybody with a brain will know it is no longer worth watching after Simon let the public vote on whether ‘Jedward’ should stay or not. He said himself if they win he will leave the country. Now, for an act he personally despised and ridiculed every week, when the chance came to vote them off (and he had the power to do so) and give his vote for someone with actual talent, he bottled out.

    Why? because nonsense like that is excellent for causing drama and in turn making him money through votes. The sooner people realise that, well, actually I realise now I am wasting my time in even explaining this. 90% of votes for these kind of acts are from children and teenagers that don’t even understand what a vote is. It’s all about who looks good or whatever tickles their teenage minds at the time. Sting is 100% right and I feel very sorry for the majority of the contestants who actually have to endure this.

    The authenticity and what made the show feel genuine left after Leona won. I also feel sorry for Brian May and Roger Taylor for featuring on a show that is purely designed to make the maximum amount of money for the ‘Judges’ an amusing lottery for the contestants, whilst they get entertained at the same time. Simon Cowell must be laughing every single second a vote comes through. The only decent thing that was on the show was Holly Willoughby, and even she’s had enough!

    Comment by J. Morgan — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 18:54

  32. Did anyone else find it amusing that the song chosen for Great Ormond Street was written by an alleged paedophile and recorded by another alleged paedophile. I didn’t know Simon Cowell did irony!

    Regarding the karaoke itself, they are all mediocre, hence their desperate need to prostitute themselves to Mr Cowell in the vain hope of recording a bland cover at Christmas.

    Go on, John & Edward. At least they have a modicum of entertainment value.

    Comment by Voice of Reason — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 19:05

  33. Can’t wait to buy Jamie’s CD when it comes out. He has the best voice in the competition, especially when he sings ballads like “Hurt”.

    Comment by Anita — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 20:30

  34. I still think that Simon was wrong when he didn’t kept luci in the show last week,and now he must felt it when his act left the show,cos he was better singer then loyd,as lucy was much better then jhon and bloody Edward ,well done Simon

    Comment by Ally — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 20:55

  35. well i’ve heard it all now! what was last night’s show all about, it sure was not on talent! I agree that Llyod is a good looking lad, but the show is about singing, not on looks only. Is the X faxtor in danger of losing what the show is all about, i can’t even be bothered voting anymore! Come on guys start doing the job you’re payed for, VOTING for the best at singing. It seem’s Dannii is the only STAR of the show, she has no problem in making the right choice………As for the twins NO COMMENT might be nice kids, but hopeless at singing, they need to go!!!!!!

    Comment by Annie — Monday, 16 November, 2009 @ 22:23

  36. I got the bottom 2 right – Lloyd was (yet again) the weakest of all the performers. Jamie had the curse of being first – I think that is what did for him – and he did not give a great performance.

    Jedward were actually quite good (and I usually hate them) with Joe, Danyl and Stacey being miles ahead of the others.

    Olly is beginning to look like a one trick pony (though it is a good trick) – close your eyes and listen to his singing and you will realise it was a very poor vocal.

    Comment by Martin — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 08:20

  37. The whole show is a farce!

    Its literally just one big advert. Notice when A Christmas Carol came out, they made reference to Disney over and over again and 2 Disney songs were sung…

    Then, when Rachel is in the bottom 2, she sings an Oasis song. Interesting choice? No, Leona is covering it on her new album…

    Queen night Saturday night? Funny that – The Queen best of is out this week! Ridiculous and shameful!

    I can’t believe the British public are stupid enough to fall for this week in week out!

    Comment by Ollie — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 10:57

  38. Does anyone else feel that they should just turn it into a radio show instead? That way, people’s looks and “charm” wouldn’t influence the public’s decisions on whether they can actually SING or not. I never used to watch X Factor and now that I have…I’m not going down this road again.

    Comment by Sophia — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 17:15

  39. I am quite sad that jamie went out because he was a really nice guy but i was gald that Simon’s smug smile was wiped right off his face. And as for his stupid “explination” from last week at the beginging of the show, well it was awful and indecent and he was being a stupid kissass.{It didnt work by the way}. And though i love lloyd he is fit as ……..anything, he isnt that good a singer and jamie is by far better and louis knows he cant preach about good singing hence the stupidass no talent freaks people like to call JEDWARD[how pathetic] and him and his “cheating violations”. SInce when was vanilla ice anything to do with queen?! Stupid idiot. Get him off that show immediatly- theyd be better off without him.

    Comment by Breeshey — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 18:41

  40. oh and btw, stacy was amazing i always loved her but saturday summed it up for me she was absolutley incredible! Keep it up stacey! BLinding!!!!

    Comment by Breeshey — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 18:43

  41. The Judges whose contestants are in the bottom two should not be allowed to vote, as they vote for their act in any case. If then after the voting it is still deadlock, they should ask the audience as it is based on Sunday’s performance and not Saturday night’s performance or have a phone in again for 30 mins or so.
    Also, the Judges should write down who they have voted off, cos I think soemtimes they change their mind at the last second after seeing who is in the lead ie then we have deadlock situation.

    As regards to JEDWARD, I can only imagine its al lthe teenagers calling in for them. They would have been suited to Britains Got Talent as they are more of entertainers than singers. They can sing any high notes. All their songs so far have been without any real singing talent. Louis has made very bad choices this year.

    Comment by Rita — Tuesday, 17 November, 2009 @ 22:44

  42. so ! the gruesome twosome are still defiling tv sets all over the country!these twee and teeny twats are still murdering songs without even a hint of prosecution ! What happened to ” tough on crime, Tough on The Causes Of Crime ” ? Doesn`t Gorden Brown Watch X Factor ? Queen Were The VICTIMS of of their Latest atrocity,I am surpised that louis speaks dyslexically though, otherwise how did he miss the C from Rap ? I Am ecstatic that Producers Drowned their excrutiating voices with backing track ! Now! If only they could Somehow Make Them invisible That Would Inundate them With The Heartfelt Thanks Of a Grateful nation !!!!!!

    Comment by Clive Taylor — Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 @ 09:16

  43. So, now we know it’s officially a fix although naturally denied by all the judges!!!

    Maybe now the public won’t be so quick in voting for the weirdo Dublin/pineapple brats that are so obviously fake and totally devoid of talent, which I said from day one!!!

    Comment by Time to go Dublin Brats!!! — Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 @ 10:58

  44. I decided not to watch this show again as it’s a joke. Good singers are being voted off and singers with no talent can stay. Just ridiculous!
    That Lloyd is boring and he can’t sing! And his comments after the performance… it’s like listening to a child.
    I’m sorry, Jamie should have stayed.
    That guy is really good and entertaining. Good luck with your career buddy.

    Comment by Filip — Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 @ 15:40

  45. Even Lepricaun Louis says dumb and dumber are on borrowed time – so, let’s put the talentless morons out of their/our misery and make sure this weekend sees them go! Enough is enough, cheats/devoid of talent/lunatics, blah, blah, blah, etc!!!

    Comment by Your time is up Dublin Brats! — Thursday, 19 November, 2009 @ 12:57

  46. My only comment is that how real are these so called votes. I mean, where is the proof. People are supposedly spending there money to call the show and yet after watching American Idol and others shows like this, I know longer believe it. I just watch the show to hear the excellent singers sing. I no longer am hung up on all the drama that is there to win over a public that is purely angry now. And what fun is it to get all caught up in the hype. I will listen to these contestants sing their song and no more. To stand up in front of so many people watching is pure genius ……

    Comment by Jack Jones — Saturday, 21 November, 2009 @ 11:47

  47. Am not watching tonight —– to me, now that Jamie has gone there is no one on there I would want to see win or who seems to have that star quality needed — oh well

    Comment by MEP — Saturday, 21 November, 2009 @ 17:14

  48. It’s saturday night but I won’t be watching ‘xfactor’ again, it’s just a joke now. Lous should be voted off the panel of judges. He is a rude, nasty,idiotic man who has turned this show into a ‘political’ farce. Thank god jamie archer is ‘free’ from this mans nasty remarks and idiotic judgment. Louis and sharon osborn are two of the ‘nastiest’ people in showbusiness. Jamie Archer will go on to do great things and I hope louis lives to regret the way he treat him, and I hope jedward get voted off this wek, enough is enough.

    Comment by sue pike — Saturday, 21 November, 2009 @ 19:17

  49. Lloyd is great. The twins need to go, let’s see what happens tonight.

    Comment by Kim — Sunday, 22 November, 2009 @ 20:16

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