Sunday, 1 November, 2009

Rachel Adedeji out!

Rachel Adedeji’s luck finally ran out tonight, after finding herself in the bottom two yet again, this time with Lloyd Daniels.

Previously she had been saved by the judges, but this time the result went to the public vote, and Rachel went home.

Did Rachel deserve to leave? Are John and Edward now destined for the Xmas number 1 slot?


  1. …which means the twins are still in

    Comment by Scarlett — Tuesday, 3 November, 2009 @ 16:41

  2. isnt x factor about singing? If Loiue Walsh wasnt so egotistical and greedy he would pull out the joke that is Jodward or whatever those twins are nicknamed Good singers are leaving every week leaving those two boys to make a mockery of the show.
    Simon do something unless you really want viewers switching off cos I for one will not be watching that dreadful act and if it wasnt for Jamie Archer I wouldnt watch at all.

    Comment by sandie briar — Tuesday, 3 November, 2009 @ 18:28

  3. What the hell is with this show! I thought it was suposed to be a singing compertition?! Rachel was clearly the stronger singer of the bottom two regardless of lloyds chest infection and why the hell are the twins still in the running?! Entertaining maybe but every week their singing is both weak and flat.

    Comment by Jacqueline — Tuesday, 3 November, 2009 @ 19:16

  4. Simon really is rubbish, he seems to have lost the plot and his much loved honesty.He always says he judges last 2 by the best performance but for the last 3 weeks it has always gone to the viewers vote . rachel was by far the best so why put her thro’ this humiliation and then not make a choice. A total cop out. Also can you all stop this collective bullying of John and edward, they have suffered the most appalling verbal abuse but take it on the chin and always come back and give their all, I have voted for them and I am only one of many who find them enchanting and never boring -so lay off , we are entitled to our choice. Many pop stars are **** singers but have number ones. Cheryl and Robby are you listening.
    After tonight X factor is now a manipulated joke on us the viewer, save your money don’t vote but I WILl continue to vote for John and Edward

    Comment by elizabeth clarkson — Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 @ 08:39

  5. y should Rachel leave when she knows ho to sing ……………………..

    Comment by SAMMIE — Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 @ 10:37

  6. i can’t believe rachel went out! she sung so much better in the final sing off that lloyd and i know he had a bad throat but she is better than him anyway! what did the public have against her? .. john and edward are craaaaap, they need to go!

    Comment by smithy — Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 @ 16:51

  7. very disapointing that Rachael is gone, and those to boys no dancing but jumping no voices but shouting are still in the final. thought this a looking for talets show but unfortunately it’s gone to the level of cheap entertainment with judges full of bitchiness and arguments instead been impartial. This year is one big desaster. tha only one sensible person is Simon (the judge) but for the public hi is to honest and down to earth. mabe people do not like honesty any more and the thruth. looks that John and Edward are voted to anoyed Simon what a ……spetialy when propably all Irelad is voiting for them.Public became deaf with luck of recognising a good voice. what a pitty.

    Comment by maria — Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 @ 17:37

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