Sunday, 25 October, 2009

Miss Frank out – John and Edward the only group left

It was Miss Frank vs Danyl Johnson in the bottom two tonight, and it was the end of the road for Miss Frank, the girl group formed from failed female auditionees.

As has now become traditional, the judges votes were deadlocked, so the final decision went to the results of the public vote, which meant that Miss Frank were out.

With Miss Frank’s departure, John and Edward are now the only group left in the competition. Can Louis win it this year?


  1. What is this series coming to?
    How can anyone be voting for John and Edward – they are totally untalented , are unable to sing .. this is fast becoming a farce! We lose yet another talented act and they remain …. Car Crash television .. is it worth it?!

    Comment by Annie — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:00

  2. That is just aweful, those two should not of been in the bottom it is not right, danyl was just insanely good he’s got to win and miss frank were just awesome last night, the best singing they have done, i just don’t understand it. I was shaking for danyl and so was my dad he is a great lover of him, i just don’t understand.

    Comment by Jonathan — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:01

  3. wot a joke . . . miss frank go home john and edward stay this show is a pantomime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by calvin and co — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:02

  4. What on earth is going on? X Factor is turning into a total farce! Danyl in the bottom 2, John and Edward still in? Or is this a cunning plan to make us all vote more….?

    Comment by Jax — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:03

  5. how gutless is cheryl! not only does she not sing live herself but fails to stand up for an amazing performance by danyl, i cant believe we almost lost him. good luck to miss frank they made a valiant effort.

    Comment by Marce and al — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:05

  6. Tonight was the biggest farce ever, the two muppits should not even be on the stage, how could they beat miss frank, it just stinks

    Comment by john d rooney — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:07

  7. Shocking! I can’t believe it! Miss Frank were great, I was looking forward to their performance every week. What are these two boys still doing in the competition!!!
    Its a Joke!!!

    Comment by Dani — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:07

  8. What a joke, How on earth was Danyl in the bottom. Either the show is fixed to raise voting & get the public ranting or the public need to vote!

    Cheryl was GUTLESS and hope she gets booted of no 1 next week!

    Comment by Gary — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:08

  9. WHO are the DEAF people who persist in voting for John and Edward?? WHAT is the matter with this country…is there no accounting for peoples’ music tastes? Or is the voting/judging really fixed after all? I can’t believe the twins are still in the show…they should never have been there in the first place…they can’t sing AT ALL. Am I right in saying this is supposed to be a SINGING competition? They are far more suited to a ‘talent’ show like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or a karaoke night at their local pub. They are now solely responsible for allowing true talent to be voted off the show, far earlier than they should have been. I for one will not be watching or voting on this show again…it’s gone from being one of the biggest shows on t.v. today to the biggest farce I’ve ever witnessed….at least I have the choice to switch off!!

    Comment by P Phillips — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:09

  10. Nobody is voting for John and Edward it is a scam !!!

    Comment by AGJ — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:10

  11. Glad other people think the same of cheryl. Was starting to actually think she was ok but wow was I wrong. Hopefully next year she ain’t on it! She can’t sing & each show is looking like more clothes are coming of, i reckon by last show she will be in bra & knickers!

    Comment by Gary — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:11


    Comment by Dave — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:12

  13. I would dearly love to know who is counting these votes,how on earth can the sing off be between MISS FRANK & DANIEL this show has now convinced me that its got to be rigged to let two idiots like JOHN & EDWARD through they have deprived good singers of a rightfull chance of winning cos they have NO CHANCE.

    Comment by LESLEY HEDISON — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:14

  14. The way voting seemed so obviosly rigged last year stopped me from phoning in, and now after tonight’s debacle I feel more sure that there is some kind of jiggery pockery behind the results! Neither of these two deserved to be in a sing off and, win or lose this twisted attempt to incur more voting(revenue), I will put my money down that whatever the “final” outcome.Danyl is set to be an international star!!
    What a shame that Cheryl didn’t have the guts to recognise real talent and vote with her conscience.She has certainly taken a big fall in my estimation..

    Comment by DICKIEMINT — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:15

  15. i think they should change the name to fix factor

    Comment by paul — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:18

  16. what the hell is going on with x factor john and edward cant even sing so what they still in it for they are a joke them too my grandaughter can sing better than them 2 if they win ill never watch x factor again and the mupetts thats voting for them get real please because eveyone in x factor can sing loads better than them thatsfor sure get them OUT

    Comment by susan brosnan — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:24

  17. I would just lke to say that cheryl should not be a judge as she is not up to the job. danny rightly picked the best performer out of the bottom ywo acts. she passed the decition on to the public. sharon osboourne was a far better judge yhan her, bring back sharon

    Comment by michelle mccourt — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:25

  18. fake factor,fake factor,fake factor,fake factor

    Comment by baba — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 21:58

  19. join us in watching ‘RIGGED FACTOR’…What a p..take to have miss frank and danyl in the last two and john and edward stay safe…how is this justified in any way..this programme Simon Cowell puts his name to!! disappointing to say the least!!

    Comment by Andrea Murray — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:04

  20. very sad nite for british talent and the x factor, indeed. i’m deeply diturbed by what’s been happening on the show the last couple of years, i now have made the decision to no longer watch the show and i truely hope that after this year’s debacle that this will be the last series!!!

    Comment by roni — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:10

  21. Cheryl Cole is spineless, she can’t sing and did not have the guts to vote. It’s obvious she can’t stand Danyl, maybe because she can see he is a genuine talent and feels threatened by him. She is not fit to be ajudge if she can’t do thejob. GET RID!!

    Comment by Paula — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:15

  22. im sure jonh and edward are nice people but doesnt this smax on’john sargeant and strictly come dancing??’

    Comment by Andrea Murray — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:15

  23. people are now realizing what a non talent Cole is,they are right, she cant sing, and could not spot talent if it hit her in the face, bring back Sharon at least she was honest and could handle tough decisions fairly

    Comment by john d rooney — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:17

  24. I just cant believe that normal people would vote for those two prats. I also agree that Jamie would have done better singing something else. The day those three guys leave i.e Ollie, Danyl and my dearest Jamie is the day I will never ever watch X factor again.

    Comment by Teresa Bell — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:39

  25. Simon is 2 cocky about Danyl and its putting other people off about him.

    Danyl calm down, your good but take people with you.

    Comment by LFOX — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 22:49

  26. Get Cheryl off if she has no balls to go with her own mind.

    Comment by donna — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 23:10

  27. I am in utter shock. How on earth can Miss Frank and Danyl be in the bottom two. I am tone deaf when it comes to music but even I can tell that those bottom two do not deserve to be there. How can the twins be still there while TALENTED stars are ousted. Simon should check the votes because something horible is going on. If he’s not careful Xfactor will be a programme of the past.

    Comment by Sandybee — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 23:27

  28. I watched with my grandaughter tonite – she’s 7. Even she said that the twins were awful….. Something amiss here – is anyone taking note of the comments?

    Comment by Sooby — Sunday, 25 October, 2009 @ 23:34

  29. People should wake up and stop watching this show; it has become a big joke.

    Comment by tim — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 00:10

  30. Absolutely disgraceful and a waste of voters money as I cannot honestly believe the sympathy voting going on for the twins is greater than those on the show with real talent. Mind boggling!

    Comment by Denise — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 01:22

  31. John and Edward need to win the show and make Britain proud [/sarcasm]

    Comment by sdad — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 03:29

  32. i cannot believe that miss frank went out such a same i like them i thought they should have won the i am sad
    now never mind i like Danyl too but i still wanted miss frank to win
    love the x-factor i am a huge fan
    from katie roache

    Comment by katie — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 06:05

  33. last night showed what a fiasco this show is one of the biggest talents of the show in danyl has to sing off to survive next week and two of the most untalented boys that have been on any of the xfactor shows go through unheeded that shows how biased this show is

    Comment by gordon from poole — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 07:07

  34. This Is rediculous
    It must be a fix
    John and Edward stay and miss frank go.
    Its A joke!!!!

    Comment by Alex` — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 08:48

  35. Louis is a twit. Those who are voting for the brothers pathetic are twits (and there are lots of blogs out there for people backing them just to put down x factor as a show and expose it as a farce). Simon, you’re about to lose this franchise because it is becoming a national joke. What a waste of time watching and appreciating raw talent when 2 obnoxious untalented children get through at their expense. ITV, ARE YOU LISTENING???!!!!!????

    Comment by Mac — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 09:22

  36. I am extremely disapppointed in the X factor. It is time to stop fixing things and inviting pathetic 17 year old boys on to such a platform-their idea? To give an act a million pound contract? Who the hell is seriously going to buy anything that is a product of those twins who CANNOT sing-I am a music teacher and CAN NOT believe that Danyl and Miss Frank were in the bottom two last night-It makes a mockery of the title of the show-and I for one, will NEVER watch the show again-very disappointed ITV 1-you have turned X factor into a joke. A complete set up and totally unfair on the decent talent in the show.

    Comment by Nikki Oztuna — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 09:56

  37. Think it’s time the great british public just stopped watching the show. I have been an avid fan but enough is enough. I guess the reason talent keeps getting voted off is because folks like me know it is a waste of time and money voting for the really good ones, as muppets who vote for the twins just cancel out our votes, so why bother. If this continues, Simon Cowell better call it a day and think of something else. People vote for the twins because they can, and it gives them power to influence the country. Bet not a single one of em would buy their single, so X Factor is pointless …..

    Comment by Angie — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 10:06

  38. I am the biggest fan of X Factor but this has turned me right off. This is a fix, there is no question about it and, no doubt, a cynical ploy to bring revenue from the voting charges. Boo to the producers – you’ve been well and truly caught out now

    Comment by Dorne — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 10:17

  39. I think Cheryl lost a lot of credibility not backing Danyl last night. His voice is outstanding and he gets better with every performance, a joy to watch.
    Going to the public vote was such a COP OUT.
    Cheryl are you that desperate to win, you would try and get rid of the clear front runner of 2009? Shame on you.

    Comment by Lou — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 10:40

  40. What is wrong with the people of Britain? How any 1 can think those little F*****S john and edward can sing is beyond me! Raw talent is getting put out at there expense. For the first time i actuallt switched the TV off when they got through. ITV Better take note as ur loosing people by the hour. F*****G JOKE!!!

    Comment by steven ritchie — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 11:05

  41. I hate this how at the best of times but my partner loves a sat night in with the xfactor and a tv dinner…i get that…home entertainment even if it is car crash TV. We had long faces in our house last night though because even she had to agree that this type of obvious vote rigging to gain press and public comment (christ…even i’m doing it and i hate your show)is a scam. Those two annoying little boys would have a job holding down a job at butlins never mind make the international stage. Mr Walsh has no ear for music and i believe is tone deaf…and slightly mad. Mr Cowell is laughing all the way to the bank…smart fella.

    Comment by joe — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 11:32

  42. I thought Cheryl Cole looked ridiculous in that outfit and I did not like the song that she was partly miming. I was actually hoping that Danyl would be the one to go as I find it rather off-putting to practically see what he had for his last meal.

    Comment by Helena — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 12:22


    A purely business decision to put them to the live finals?? I think so. Irish vote= money!!!!

    Comment by Vinne — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 13:35

  44. Clearly there is something going on behind the scenes that the public aren’t aware of…. why on earth are John & Edward still on X Factor, in fact, how did they get on the show in the first place?

    Sounds to me as though they are on to make people laugh but this isn’t a “funny” contest, it is a singing contest simple as and they can NOT sing.

    Comment by Kat — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 13:38

  45. It is interesting reading everyone’s comments and I have to say they all have very valid points. Yes, Cheryl did cop out, but if I remember correctly either last year, or the year before, Simon did a similar thing. Danyl is by far the best singer on the competition but for some reason the public do not seem to be voting for him. I don’t think it is a scam, but possibly either the public think he is safe, or comments made either in the press or on the show (where did Cheryl and Louis get the idea he was being cocky the other week??) are affecting his chances. I find it extremely depressing that as the years have gone by this show is being dragged deeper into the gutter and I firmly believe the judges themselves are to blame, as they are making the show about themselves and not their acts (if your being honest, how many of you watch to hear what the judges say about your favourite acts and whether or not an arguement will happen between them??). John and Edward are not the most talented but they do put on a performance (Chico anyone!!). If you really want them to be voted off then the judges need to stop being nasty, as that only rallies the public behind them, and the british public do not like to see anyone being bullied as this is how it looks with the booing and negitive comments. This show can no longer call itself a talent competition but a popularity show instead, which is a shame.

    Comment by Paul — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 13:46

  46. I just want to add that Cheryl is useless & totally not worth being there if she can’t make a decision as a judge. Worthless & Gutless.

    I think a campaign should get going to boot her off the show!

    Comment by Cheryl to go — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 14:10

  47. this is a fix, everytime i voted for miss frank the system responded saying thank you for voting for john and edward! i double checked the x factor website for the correct number and voted again only to receive the same message.
    after 5 votes that were supposed to have been for miss frank, and five times being told the votes have been received for john and edward i gave up. the producers obviously want to keep the twins in the competition and will go to any lengths to keep them in.
    this will be the last time i vote for anyone as the whole competition is rigged!

    Comment by John — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 14:23

  48. dont be mean to cheryl. she didnt do nouwt wrong and sharon osbourne chose to quit so shut up. and cheryl did sing live whats wrong with you people can you not hear or something. dont have a go at her just coz she went with the public vote i would have done the same too and danyl stayed anyway so just get over yourselves we all know it was a pharse with them pair in the bottom. As for john and edward,well dont get me started. I could strangle them both. its just like john sargent but he went out because hes a gentleman. They wont will they?? coz theyre a pair of cocky idiots.

    Comment by Breeshey — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 15:04

  49. Only 47 Comments? Surprising, that! Hope all you people who voted enjoyed throwing your hard-earned cash down the drain, as there’s obviously something amiss here. Either the show is totally rigged or there is a problem with the voting system (as in the previous comment). I seriously cannot believe that people are truly voting for those tow annoying little tw*ts John & Edward. I wouldn’t allow them near a karaoke machine, nevermind a TV programme. There will be a number of people voting for them just to p1ss Simon off, but not that many. As for Cheryl not deciding between Danyl and Miss Frank. I think she’s only doing what she’s told to do as the producers think it’s more ‘dramatic’ to have the Deadlock situation with the red lights etc. Wake up, people! Watch the show by all means, but don’t waste your money voting, as the whole show is now set up just to generate cash. Why do you think you now have 24 hours to vote? So that they can coin in even more cash of course!!

    Comment by pjm — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 15:35

  50. I find it totally pathetic two idiots like those twins are still in the running I have twins but thank god they not like those two. They are letting decent sings get voted of they can’t even sing they think they are so good it’s just laughable I wish Simon would point the above point out to everyone they are ruining a persons chance to win, it’s got to a point now that I can’t be bothered to watch the programme as I find them so stupid and the hair well NO COMMENT !!!!!!!!
    Pleaseeeee let them get voted offffffffff.

    Comment by debbie — Monday, 26 October, 2009 @ 15:38

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