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Thursday, 18 December, 2008

Louis Walsh wanted to sign JLS - but wasn’t allowed

X Factor nearly-stars JLS have been dealt a massive blow to their chances of making it big - Simon Cowell’s Modest Management company, with whom all X Factor contestants are obliged to sign, are refusing to let them sign a contract with Louis Walsh.

Louis, who mentored JLS and brought Westlife and Boyzone to fame, is apparently furious at the decision, but resigned to their fate.

“I am upset, but JLS are a fantastic bunch of lads. I wish them well.
They are going to be without doubt the biggest band we have ever had on this show.”

There are reports that Sony BMG, who employ Simon Cowell, may still sign JLS, but at the moment nothing is definite.


  1. I think that thats really unfair, they signed the contact at the beginning of the X-FACTOR and if they didn’t get through and Louis wants to sign them then surley the contract ends when X-FACTOR finishes, because not everyone can win and of course Alexandra won. So thats my opinion and I wish JLS the best of Luck for 09′ xx

    Comment by Dior — Thursday, 18 December, 2008 @ 22:39

  2. Not nice when you’re stuck up in the mud like that.
    They should not Jeopardize JLS chances of getting signed bcos of an X factor Contract that has to come to an end.Duh, not nice..

    Comment by lunmsy — Friday, 19 December, 2008 @ 11:16

  3. Iam an avid fan of the x factor I normally would not send a message but I now feel compelled to do so.In todays Sun 20/12/2008 I read how Aleaxandra was mentered by Louis Walsh for three years and he kept in contact and inspired her to get where she is today. I thought the x factor was about plucking out people with natural talent and who haven’t had any professional help at all. You knew this girl had a polished performance only acomplished with outside help.If JLS had the same help they would have been the Real X FACTOR winners. Simon Cowell knew Alex would win even before the show finished voting saying,”This girl IS a star.”Better the Devil you know,EH Simon!!!!

    Comment by angry x factor fan carrickfergus — Saturday, 20 December, 2008 @ 13:08

  4. Carrickfergus,
    Your name even sounds as strange as your comments.

    Unfortunatley what the papers say are not always true. Alexandra did not get through to the finals 3 years ago,and that was in the hands of Louis walsh who chose not to put her through..arcording to him, she was not ready then. Thats the true Story. She was in no way mentored by him outside the X factor since that time till now she has won.Cmon, you cant be too simple to be fooled by that.

    And Oh! Marvin in JLS had been singing in a band before the X factor and was even singin with one of the “Blue” band members b4 their split up.Also, yeah, Laura had some signing up chances before the X factor too, while Austin Drage had some training and pub singin as well before they all came to the X factor.

    The point is that Alexandra worked on her self and came back ready for this X factor series cos she dint want her chances to be jeopardised again as was in 2005, hence the reason for some of her polished performances.Also, thats a girl with some True star qualities.

    JLS came 2nd not cos they dint deserve to win, but ppl i.e the public voted in their majority for Alex who evidently, we can alll see that she could sing.I personally voted up to 7X for her, not regarding she was safe but bcos i simply felt she deserved to win.

    Welldone again to a true deserving winner!!!

    Comment by lunmsy — Tuesday, 23 December, 2008 @ 11:28

  5. i cant believe jls did not win i think aston is wel fit and marvin luv u all xxx

    Comment by ?? — Friday, 26 December, 2008 @ 18:05

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