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Saturday, 13 December, 2008

Eoghan an Emotional Third as JLS and Alexandra are final two

After singing tonight with Boyzone, Eoghan Quigg followed the form and finished third, behind JLS and Alexandra.

The youngster from Northern Ireland was clearly emotional at the result, but gracious in defeat, thanking his fellow contestants.

His departure means that the final is between JLS and Alexandra - who will win the X Factor 2008?


  1. At last the public has seen sense…ruth should have been in the final 3, not eoghan..he just aint in the same class as the others…he should have gone weeks ago..the cutesy high school musical era has been and gone..we need real singers.

    Comment by andy — Saturday, 13 December, 2008 @ 22:25



    Comment by lunmsy — Saturday, 13 December, 2008 @ 22:47

  3. OMG ! gutted that alexandra won !!!!
    JLS deserves to win !!!!!!!! they dnt pretend 2 cry ….. !!!!
    EVERY1 ELSE THINK SO !!! u guys shud hav had the winning title but the public r 2 blind 2 c that ur the BEST !!
    umm.. alexandra well done. BUT JLS are the real winners !
    and a tip 4 alexandra u didnt hav me fooled with ur fake cry :P

    Comment by jessica — Saturday, 13 December, 2008 @ 23:05

  4. What is the matter with people - why do you have to make out that the girl is faking - she is very emotional and struggled with the tears - even JLS shed a few tears over the shows - were they fake too?
    Sucha a relief that the pubblic voted on talent this year not just cuteness. Eoghan is talented but has years to go before he will be strong enough and will have to stop singing flat.
    JLS are brilliant and might have won inanother year but Alexandra dwarks them all.

    Comment by Theresa — Saturday, 13 December, 2008 @ 23:19

  5. I have to agree i am so disapointed that Alex won, yet again we have another Leona, beyonce, mariah careyalike. And its BORING, i would have liked to see Diana in the final or have jls win it, But oh well i guess we’ll see alex go to america for a year and come back when we have forgotten her, look at poor leon jackson..where is he now?

    Comment by Sam — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 00:35

  6. @Comment 3,
    Sorry Jessica but your comments are inda childish and naive wen yu say the public were too blind to see that JLS are the best..????Excuse me………Everyone voted in very very High volumes tonite, so for a single lady to win over a group simply reflects that the public recognised her as an incredibly true talent and knew she deserved to win. Even westlife and Boyzone admitted it.

    Did you not see ASTON especialy cry most times over the past few weeks, even wen it was not neccessary???
    Dint you see him try to do the cry thing again tonite that even Oritse was trying to help him get a grip on himself??? wot was the reason for that??
    Hmmmh!! Like you,”"I dont think he had ‘US’ fooled with his fake cry either??2″ Hee Hee!!??? LOL.

    Alex just cried to see that her long term dream had actually become a reality by winning the X factor..
    That was the same for Shayne 2005, Leona 2006, Leon 2007,so there’s nothin wrong with Alex doing the same.
    Her tears were are as real as her talent!! LOL.

    JLS will undoubtedly do well in the future.
    Congrats once again to Alex!!!

    Whoop Whoop!

    Comment by lunmsy — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 03:10

  7. Eoghan was a credit to himself and his family. If every 16 year old put their energy into something creative than maybe it would be a better world. I thought he had a great voice and al though I thought the best singer won, o think that Eoghan has got a good future. Looking forward to seeing him entertain on the X Factor tour.

    Comment by Nessy — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 13:48

  8. the network went down on saturday night in northern ireland, no one could get through to vote for Eoghan. strange though that he got top votes for over 6 weeks then comes third in the semi final.
    Eoghan is the winner– you did northern ireland proud and don’t forget about Dungiven boxer Paul McCloskey
    I think Dungiven should have a street party for these two lads and honor them in some way.
    Well done lads

    Comment by Jim — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 22:43

  9. I don’t think he really stood a chance - Alex was a different class. He did well to come 3rd though

    Comment by Free Consoles — Sunday, 14 December, 2008 @ 23:53

  10. Eoghan should of won ! he has talent and is so cute ! You down there , no affence but eoghan is 100 times better than ruth. The only reason she stayed was because of simon he fancied her like mad! At least eoghan stayed because of the public and the judges. did any of you ever hear the judges doubt eoghan ? Nope !

    Well done though alex you did deserve it !

    Good luck with the future Eoghan .. :D

    Love your biggest fan ever ! lol :D x

    Comment by Amie — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 13:05

  11. Excuse me, even if the networks was superb for north ireland to vote for owen, He’s 3rd place was well deserving, and it would have been meaningless to see him Top Alexandra or JLS???
    Cmom…Alex was sailing through all the way.
    Dont get me wrong I love Little Owen and felt his performance with Boyzone was a very great performance..

    But Alex was a true desrving winner and no one was robbed from their place(unlike last year)!!!

    Comment by lunmsy — Monday, 15 December, 2008 @ 13:19

  12. Eoghan did himself and Northern Ireland proud. He is a credit to his family and his mum and dad should be very proud of him. Ok Alex had the maturity in her voice but wat was all the drama for wen she won.No maturity there.Everyone knew she was over acting She should get a place in a top soap. To be honest the one who lost it for Eoghan Quigg was his mentor. I used to have great respect for this man but not anymore. He spent so much time declaring to the nation the Alex should win. That was not being loyal to Eoghan at all. If he listened to himself he would realise how biased he sounded.At least Louis stood by his group. More power to him.

    Comment by Bonbon N ireland — Tuesday, 16 December, 2008 @ 14:26

  13. O well, Simon knew Alex was a great talent from the onset so there was no need giving Eoghan false credits and hopes of winning. He definitely stood by his own act which he knew was average compared to others, but as a straight talker he had to admit the better contestants which were JLS and Alex.

    Louis stood by his group all the way becos simply put, “JLS were good and could win as a group”, which is a known fact by the public. They were not average and he knew it was a slim probability that the could win over Alex.

    Alex over-acting after her win with tears could be annoying but it would have been nothin compared to how it would have driven ppl nutts were it Eoghan who won the show.. ha ha ha.

    Comment by lunmsy — Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 @ 20:57

  14. I didnt actually mind who won, but what wasnt fair was that half of northern ireland couldnt even vote for Eoghan! i liked Eoghan the best and i must have tried about 50 times to vote for him because i thought that being from dungiven and also putting his age into account and the lovely soft unusual voice he has i think he done acceptional well n when i tried to vote i didnt get through once! i have spoken others who got through for alex at least ten times no bother! THE VOTING WAS FIXED!!!!!!! and the last 6 previous shows eoghan had won.!
    it wasnt fair. it was up to the voting public..
    what use was it when we couldnt get through!!!!

    Comment by Shannyn — Sunday, 21 December, 2008 @ 19:20

  15. Eoghan should have won!
    Everyone was so rippin when they heard about the voting not working!
    Alexandra has an amazing voice!! but would you recognise her on the radio if you heard it..?
    nooo you wouldnt because shes no different than all the other sole singers..
    Eoghan is something different.. and JSL are too..
    theres no point in having xfactor because they never find anyone with the xfactor…
    call it pop idol =S

    Comment by Aoife — Sunday, 21 December, 2008 @ 19:31

  16. Aoife,
    Agreed that you could not get through to Vote for Eoghan becos of voting lines.But if i heard Eoghans voice on radio i will think it’s some high school Musical or cheesy pop song like we always see on VHF 1.
    He’s voice is quite soft and needs to develope.

    JLS’s harmony will probably remind us of westlife or Boys 2 men.

    But with no difficulty I would be able to recognise Alex’s voice on the radio or even in my sleep bcos its not in anyway similar to the rest. Hers is quite deep and easy to pick out.

    Its better to admit they are all either like everone out there or they are different in their own Unique stand.

    Comment by lunmsy — Tuesday, 23 December, 2008 @ 11:48

  17. I think jls or oegan should of won x alexandra is good but its always been a single person you did need a good group like jls and plus astin out of jls is ssssssooooooo fit like x x but i no they will get far and i luv them to bits xx xx xx :) ;)

    Comment by Kelly — Sunday, 4 January, 2009 @ 09:35

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