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Sunday, 16 December, 2007

XFactorblog Poll: Who do YOU think should have won X Factor 2007?

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X Factor 2007 has to have been one of the most controversial shows ever. Even before the live shows started there we were receiving plenty of comments that the wrong contestants had been picked, particularly with regards to Dannii’s ultimately successful group.

Who do you think should have won X Factor 2007?

Please vote in our poll, which closes next Sunday evening (23/Dec/2007), and have your say. As always, feel free to leave your comments, but please, no foul or abusive language.

Who Should Have Been The Winner of X Factor 2007?

  • Rhydian (79%, 2,111 Votes)
  • Leon (10%, 265 Votes)
  • Same Difference (5%, 138 Votes)
  • Niki (3%, 75 Votes)
  • Hope (1%, 19 Votes)
  • Beverley (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Futureproof (0%, 13 Votes)
  • Andy (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Kimberley (0%, 5 Votes)
  • Alisha (0%, 4 Votes)
  • Emily (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Daniel (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,660

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  1. Rhydian was and is the true winner of X Factor, Leon would struggle to sing so many songs, hearing Simon’s gaff-namely calling Rhydian Leon and Loo Loo telling Rhydian A.L.W. would be phoning him on Monday, I thought this is a going to be FIX I will never again vote on X Factor, Simon Cowell, will no doubt be laughing all the way to the bank. Just How more greedy can you get? Never the less Simon of you’ve got a a few six figure pounds to spare send them to me my house needs rebuilding…
    Seriously Rhydian will always be my X Factor Winner and I don’t normally buy Dvd’s but I’d buy yours Rhydian will love ya forever, as for X Factor - love don’t live here Anymore!

    Comment by margaret cummings — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 09:19

  2. There were two acts that should’nt have been in the final,Beverly and Nikki should have been up there with Rhyian.Both Nikki and Rhyd are world class singers.
    Leon can’t hit a lot of notes I think he will fade into obscurity faster than he won the competition.
    Rhydian will go on to far better things.

    Comment by David of Chester — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 09:46

  3. I don’t usually write on blogs or give my comments, but Rhydian if you do read these, let it be known that for me you are the winner of this X factor and probably of a few more. I certainly hope that your songs find their way to a DVD because I would for once buy them and not to give you or the distributors the money but to have this wonderful inspirational singing playing in my car when I start my day and when after a hard day I return home. I find renewed energy and sensibility after hearing you. Thanks

    Comment by Maria — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 09:53

  4. Rhydian is a true professional - Leon is not - period. Even Kylie struggled to say something positive about him and I believe that the judging panel were painting a false picture as well. Figures now how the criticism stopped on certain perfomances. The shows credibility status has now sunk big time! In all I think it is an embarassment that the show could begin to compare the the finalists - in our hearts it was Rhydian all the way…

    Comment by Martin Eastwood — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 09:58

  5. This ridiculous result shows you what happens when you leave a talent contest in the hands of the public - the X Factor’s blinkered teenage-girl audience (evidenced by the clear absence of blokes during the live location cuts) simply votes for whichever guy they think is the best looking. Rhydian’s far superior voice lost out simply because girls drooled over Leon’s looks. They clearly don’t have a clue about the purpose of the show. Leon will be forgotten in six months. Rhydian, I suspect, will emerge as the real victor because the people who genuinely know talent when they see it will snap him up.

    Comment by Ben Warwick — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:00

  6. I have watched X Factor for years, but not after the appauling choice made in 2007 for Leon to win, he has no star quality, he sings flat and off key frequently and the reason Scotland voted for him was because of his cheeky personality at home, he wasn’t chosen for the right reasons, the trouble is the youngsters vote largely on their mobile phones for the young contenders. More middle aged viewers at home should think less of their phone bills and more for the real talent required in this country.

    Comment by Tracey Cleeton — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:13

  7. Are the public tone deaf? Apart from his cringeing posture Leon sang off key continuously. Rhydian was head and shoulders above him, nor was he a whinger like so many of the contestants. I personally thought Leon should have gone before Nicky who would have been a great finalist. I would love to have heard a duet with Rhydian and Nicky.

    Comment by Patricia Simmons — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:15

  8. 1 word RHYDIAN

    Comment by char — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:17

  9. As someone who would not normaly watch the show I was intrigued, by the contestants, and so watched the last few shows, it only prives to me that the public voting systen is shambolic, that little scottish fella should not have won, Rhydian is the only real talent on the show, Leon is a nice guy, but lets face it he has no star quality, he and Gazza should put a band together, and call it ‘the crying game’ I wonder has he stopped blubbing yet…

    Comment by Paul — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:25

  10. Every time I tried to vote for Rhydian the line was engaged and I tried over 20 times. Did anyone experience the same voting for Leon?

    I personally thought Rhydian should have won, he can sing anything, Leon is fine in his comfort zone, but go outside that and he is barely average.

    Comment by Teagan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:41

  11. Rhydian is pure talent and winning the xfactor would have made him look cheap.

    Letting him free was the best thing the judge could do.

    Comment by celine — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:42

  12. I’m sorry but what a fix!!! I tried to vote for rhydian at least 50 times and could not get through at all!!!!! so of course my votes for him didn’t count!?
    Leon is cabaret, fine for singing on a cruise ship but Rhydian was and is the true star!!! his voice is amazing and I can’t believe the phone lines wouldn’t let me vote for him…how unfair!!!

    Comment by Laura Baker — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:44

  13. What a Fix.
    How about that VT, showing Leon as a saint and doing it all for mummy, but Rhydian’s VT showed him as arrogant and self obsessed. Very one sided and very very unfare

    Comment by mike — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:52

  14. It would be interesting to see a poll over who should have been in the last four - then Beverley and Niki would be able tosee how much support they both really had.

    Comment by Theresa — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:58

  15. Leon deserved to win. I totally loved Beverley and if she ever brings out a single I’ll buy it. Rhydian is a fantastic singer but even without winning the XFactor he is guaranteed a music career anyway. Leon winning over Rhyd was the right thing to happen. Well done Leon!

    Comment by Sandy Cristel — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:40

  16. Rhydian was by far the most consistent entertainer by far he proved his ability to sing classical, popular and ballads first class entertainer IMHO. Mr Cowell also admitted he was of part scottish (convenient) as well, are there no lengths this man won’t go to line his own pockets.

    Comment by Steve Mitchell — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:47

  17. Something is seriously wrong with this show when a guy who consistently sings flat wins a national talent competition. Simon Cowell is a smart guy and although he’ll publicly brush off all criticisms, such as the very valid ones on this site, in private he’ll realise that he went too far with the emotional angle of his behind the scenes production. If there’s one thing you can bet on with certainty it is that next year we’ll have more emphahsis on the singing and less on the private lives that made it more like singing Ricki Lake contest than the X-Factor we saw last year.

    Good luck Rhydian.. you’re a star.

    Comment by Nick — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:52

  18. We had a gathering, and we were all totally shocked with the results. Like so many others on here, we were all constantly trying to vote for Rhydian, but the lines were constantly blocked with a message saying “Sorry, but there is a high demand for the number you have dialled - please try again later”. I even tried voting for Same Difference, as I felt so strongly that Leon should not be in the final two, but again that was constantly busy.
    When there was just Rhydian and Leon left, Dermot said that there was just 1% seperating the two finalists - so every vote would have counted. Yet still there were many people who could not get through on the phone lines.
    The whole final stinks - whilst I would not go as far to say it was fixed, I do not believe that the results were representitive of the audience. Even Ladbrokes betting has been quoted as saying “It was one of the biggest shocks in reality television betting history. Going into the final show, Rhydian was 1/3 on, whilst Leon was at 6/1.” Of course, Ladbrokes won’t mind the result, as it’s saved them millions of pounds.
    Once again, I feel that ITV could have put themselves in the spotlight when it comes to telephone scandels.

    Comment by Scott Rowlands — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:54

  19. My gut feeling is that Leon would win it, the regional voting, Kylie Minogue duetting with him. Rhydian should have walked it! In fact Leon shouldn’t have even been in the final. Trouble is with these regional votes…it turns it into a cheap version of the Eurovision song contest. Rhydian will emerge as the bigger star without a doubt…but I hope that comes about quickly, and a failure for Leon’s p-poor single to reach the number 1 spot this xmas would be a jolly good start!

    Comment by suzie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:55

  20. The only reason I think Leon won was because his last song was actually really good but all the other songs were awful. Rhydian has always been good but Leon has been mostly flat in all his songs till the last 20 secounds just like what Simon Cowell said. Rhydian was a true performer and he should have won it hands down. I had the same situation iwht the voting I could not get through. I bet this did not happen for Leon but I’m not sure. I love you Rhydian

    Comment by Sophie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:56

  21. Having read through some of the comments I find it really upsetting that this has turned into a another unhealthy anti British debate. People have been manipulated into voting for their ‘country’ instead of the most talented singer. The Scotts responded in their droves. What a sad state of affairs. This show was about finding new British talent. Trying to stir up nationalism was a dirty trick and no better that if they had told us to vote for someone because they are black or white. Why did the X factor want to do this? Money of course, the stirred up they got people the more phone calls were made. I won’t be watching again. I liked the idea of giving a sustainable new talent (Like Leona) a record deal but Leon will be forgotten by next year.

    Comment by hypatia — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:58

  22. Flat, off key, weak, can’t hold or even reach most notes.

    Well done public voters. Leon will fit in well with most of the current favourite ’singers’. He will totally have faded away before Easter.

    Comment by Paul — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:03

  23. Rhydian for me was the winner no question about that. He delivered every week. Leon is talentless and won because of where he came from and not on his vocals. Obviously the Scottish are tone deaf if they think he can sing. Should have gone weeks ago. Rhydian you will be the one who comes out of this fiasco as the star. You are pure talent and unlike Leon you will be around for a long time to come.

    Comment by coyotechick — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:08

  24. OH MY GOD



    Comment by becky — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:13

  25. I think that the XFactor is no longer a talent competition but a looks competition, at least Rhydian wasn’t relying on a sob story like the majority of the acts in that competition, he just relied on pure talent. Leon is a good singer, but is not in the class of Rhydian, as there are thousands and thousands of Leon’s out there, but only one Rhydian!
    I also think it’s unfair when it comes to Danni(no talent) Minogue obviously prefering Leon,she kept saying “my own little braveheart” and then “it’s Rhydian”. I think had Rhydian had a better mentor, like Louis or Simon, he would have won the competition. I also think Dannii is a two faced cow for not backing Rhydian to the extent she did Leon! I think a finale between Nikki and Rhydian would have been amazing!

    Comment by Rebek'ah McKinney-Perry — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:15

  26. Rhydian - You may have lost the battle, but trust me, You will win the war!
    This time next year Leon will be starring in my local panto as Peter Pan.
    Rhyd will be an ORIGINAL performer on a different level of greatness setting his sights on a world wide domination scale.
    I completely agree that letting the public vote for a talent contest is wrong. The nation always loves the soppy little underdog to win and the X-Factor and Leon played on this immensely.
    It is a travesty and I just hope that the public backlash will get Rhyd his recording contract the he well and truly deserves.

    Comment by Sim — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:16

  27. I wasn’t even going to bother watching the final, so sure was I that Rhydian would win. He is strikingly talented, whereas Leon has a silly karaoke quality about him. His mop-top and blubbery woe-is-me personality obviously garnered him sympathy, but little respect. I look forward to seeing Rydian achieve great things. Please release “Somewhere” as a single, Rhyd!

    Comment by Vicki — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:19

  28. I think your blog poll says it all. ITV phone lines fixed? I certainly could not get through to vote for Rhydian all night.
    Well in our heart of hearts we all know who the real winner and star is.

    Comment by Mandy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:19

  29. A farcical conclusion. My family watched in disbelief at that result. I put it down to nationalistic stirring by the judges who seemed too keen to make it a wales v scotland contest; i notice that the population of scotland is 5.1m versus the 2.9m of wales. At least going foward Rhydian willl prove to be a Will Young versus Leon’s Gareth Gates reincarnation but it would have been good to see justice prevail.

    Comment by mike savage — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:20

  30. One of the most obviously fixed shows on tv, how the votes are rigged remains to be seen, but an audit of all voting must take place immediately, and, as in the same situation as the BBC all charges for the phone-in must be returned, or given to Charity. Similar results took place in the Eurovision contest when a certain country won many times(not on talent). We should be able to view where the votes originated and and the numbers. For instance does the irish republic
    vote or in view of the predominance of the panels religious leanings could it influence voting…..

    Comment by r h kershaw — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:31

  31. Get a CD out asap Rhydian - I want it in my car too

    Comment by Gee — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:37

  32. Leon truly deserved to win.

    There is no doubt at all that Rhydian is an absolutely amazing singer but like some people have said, he would have made it without the X Factor, just like Leona last year.

    I completely disagree that people were saying that Leon had flat notes. Take a look at some of the notes Rhydian sang last night.

    Leon’s performances last night were amazing. His last two more than his first.

    People in Scotland can’t be blamed for the nationalistic stirring because that was specifically down to the judges, particularly Simon Cowell. So what if Scotland were voting for Leon?! In case most of you hadn’t noticed, he had support from all over the UK as well.

    And if Simon was going to fix the competition, do you not think he would do it for his own act? Well then.

    Comment by Kerri M — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:38

  33. All of the contestants were good, some better than others. The only people to have come out of this contest badly are the panel of judges, throughout the competition they have showed themselves up with their incessant bickering and backbiting.
    Let us not forget that the winner was to be given a million pound recording contract, but this was nothing compared with what the judges made from the series, and all this because we the public are gullible and they know it.

    Comment by Michael — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:39

  34. Can we do the final game show again because my votes for Rhydian were not counted. I read many others were unable to get through either so where is the fairness in that? Rhydian should have won undoubtably. Well all the best Rhydian.I will buy your cd`s and album

    Comment by anne — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:45

  35. I promptly switched channels when Leon was announced as the winner, that’s how shocked and disappointed I was with the result. I will buy your CD anytime Rhydian, can’t wait! Good luck Leon.

    Comment by Catherine Moyt — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:47

  36. Leon will sink and Rhydian will swim a long way!!
    Same Difference….they will be entertaining the kiddies and be like the cheeky girls, chico and high school musical type acts! pure cheese!

    Rhydian will be snapped up by Andrew Lloyd Weber and appear on many tv shows being interviewed and performing, he will release an album of operatic songs and be a male leona lewis! he will be in all the countries within the next few years!

    Comment by becky — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:54

  37. Kerri - flat notes are flat notes - it is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact - and Leon has them in abundance - last night and every night.
    You may like Leon but please do not be silly!

    Comment by Theresa — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:55

  38. I normally don’t respond to blogs, but on this occasion I feel compelled to agree with most opinions on here. Leon was awful. How he went through from week to week amazed me. This is on a par with Michelle McManus winning, truly forgettable and he has no talent, but what do 13 yr old school girls know about talent with the rubbish they listen to. Rhydian was by far the best singer, he had talent and looked like a performer. Leon murdered the last song, and his version of ‘You Don’t Know Me’, is a favorite of mine and he killed it. Only Simon Cowell told the truth to Leon. Had Rhydian won then Leon would have disappeared into insignifigance. However Rhydian has broad shoulders and we all know he will rise to a solid and successful career. So the phone lines are fixed just to generate this outcome. It’s a win/win situation for both. Meanwhile Same Difference will have a career on CBebbies.

    Comment by Ron — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:00

  39. I thought that X factor was about people with the X factor - in my eyes same difference and Rydian have that X factor - great vocals Very entertaining - Rydian has been the best with same difference in second place - Leon should have gone out many weeks before - Nikki should have also made the final - well more so then Leon anyways the stupid thing is the baby face cute people get all the breaks just because of their looks - Queens Royal Performance was based on talent and the guy who won that wasn’t the best looking in the world - but DAME!!!!!! did he have a great voice - many people seem to bow to the super sterling and sell out instead of giving the public what they want - same thing happened with Gareth Gates and the other weirdo Will Young - I won’t be watching the next show because of the Selling out going on and because the public are being sold something they never wanted in the first place - X FACTOR SUCKS!!!!!!

    Comment by Tom — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:11

  40. I was disgusted at the result on X Factor last night - we have been watching the show from the beginning and I really thought it was a 2 horse race last night between Rhydian and Same Difference both acts having the X Factor - I think the only thing that clinched it for Leon was singing with Kylie she was fabulous but could have been singing with absolutly anyone ! When both lads sang When You Believe it was like chalk and cheese…Why shop at Harrods when you can go to the Pound Shop im sorry but im lost for words !

    Comment by Andrew Bonar — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:24

  41. I wonder if it is worth us leaving our comments here, will anyone take any notice. I don’t think so. I have read many similar comments after previous series and nothing was done then, so are we wasting our time to think anything will change next time.

    Comment by Mick — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:25

  42. If you’d like to complain to OFCOM about last night’s voting fiasco, here’s a link to their complaints page.

    The result should be declared null and void, such was inept nature of the voting set-up.

    Comment by D.Williams — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:28

  43. I have spent all morning searching the net reading forums and viewers comments on last night final result, and have to say the vast majority have been in favour of Rhydian and thier shock at his loss. If this represents the views of the british public what the hell happened last night, I doubt that all the voters of leon will buy a copy of his appalling record thus sending him into the world of has beens proberly before easter. The phone votes for all reallity TV shows must be published after the final shows thus putting an end to all the calls of vote rigging. Last nights result was a complete outrage.

    Comment by Howard — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:33

  44. What a diabolical result! Leon, a cringing cry-baby who has no stage presence and is a very average singer was voted the winner. What happened? Rhydian was head and shoulder better and his version of the Xmas single would have been a hit. Leon’s version was barely audible and he struggled throughout it. I think the best Leon can hope for is a duet with Michell McManus - he might just shine in that!

    Comment by Smee — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:42


    What are people listening to when they vote?? Even if the sound was turned off Rhydian even moved more professionally! Luckily the sound wasn’t turned off and we were treated to hearing his WONDERFUL voice which is why he should be the winner, he is in a different league from anyone else in the competition. RHYDIAN PLEASE, PLEASE don’t disappear, we all would support anything you appeared in or recorded. You are world class and I wish you an absolutely fantastic future.

    Comment by Ann — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:43

  46. “It speaks volumes for the taste of the great British public that the contestant with the “polished” voice - who actually single handedly elevated this programme to something resembling a talent show - is beaten by a bubbling, bog standard crooner.
    Good luck to Leon, but he is going to need far more of a spine when he faces the shark-pool that is the record industry. He might also do all in his power to resist the over-whelming urge to issue yet another album of “interpretations of modern classics”. Like Ray Quinn before him, and current wonderkids like Buble and Cullen, this is music for people who don’t like music - people who fill HMV looking for something safe and inoffensive.
    Rhydian actually made me want to watch the programme, and it is a real shame that his flawless renditions of technically difficult songs was not rewarded. It is to be hoped he ultimately “wins”. Quite frankly, another pretty boy with an average voice is just about the last thing I need to hear.”
    - Johnny Mac, Glasgow, Scotland

    I absolutely agree with this guy! he hits the nail on the head and i for one hope to god someone sees sense and sign Rhydian up, i will certainly be buying his CD’s not Leon’s, his voice bored me 95% of the time!! Bridge Over Troubled water means a lot to me for personal reasons and he could not have done it more justice!! every song was amazing and we need more people like Rhydian out there - Leon is by far not worth my money!

    Comment by Jessica — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:45

  47. One word RHYDIAN!! He should have one he hasn’t had one bad performance even when Danni put him in fur coats and sequin suits! He still always sounded great!!
    Rhydian is the real winner and he is the one who will be around for a while to come.

    Comment by amy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:49

  48. Rydian - a true ORIGINAL - you should have won.

    I watched the show to see you perform - it was the only reason I watched this program.

    I hope to hear and see much more of you in the future - good luck - your talent and exceptional originality deserve recognition - and we, the public - deserve to be able to hear more - you are a joy, and a refreshing antidote to the manufactured rubbish that leon represents.

    Comment by hattie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:49

  49. Rhydian should have won hands down. I wasn’t going to watch this episode of X factor until I turned it over one saturday night when Rhydian was on stage and I was hooked, I will definately be buying his records if anybody has the good sense to give him a record deal.

    I cannot see Leon lasting past xmas!!

    Comment by Sammy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:08

  50. the only reason that Leon was declared the winner of X factor is that the narrow minded population of Scotland voted for him on mass.Not for his singing ability (or evident lack of),but for the simple fact that he is a Scot.The boy has a modicum of talent and absolute zero personality and that is not the required attributes for a person who is going to come under public scrutiny for the time it takes for the press to expose him for what he is not.The Scottish nation cant help themselves from living in the past as `victims`.This is a state of mind that they love to wallow in and this makes them just want to bash everyone,mainly the English,at every opportunity.If I say the words `Michell McManus`

    Comment by woody — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:18

  51. Rhydian should have won but it doesn’t matter because he will sell records thanks to the x-factor. It was always a fix. Niki should have been in the final not Leon. I hope Same Difference go into london musicals they will be fantastic.

    Comment by Tave — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:24

  52. I have seen some fixed shows before, but nothing remotely approaching the x factor final. On at least 2 occasions (one last week) Leon has been singing so off key he sounded like he was singing a different song to the backing, and even last night he was soooo far behind the music in the ray charles song it wasn’t funny. He was totally outclassed by Rhydian, but I knew what the result would be when the judges’ final comments to Rhyd included ‘If this is the last time we see you….’ and ‘Even if you don’t win……..’, and especially when Simon called him Leon. Niki and Rhydian should have been head to head in the final, as they were equals.
    Leon will go the same way as Steve Brookstein (who?), and deservedly so. No personality, no charisma, no voice and certainly no x factor.
    from an angry musician

    Comment by pianogirl — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:40

  53. Let me spell it out for you AGAIN!!!The real winner is the guy who walks away with the one million pound record contract!!!That….as you all know is….LEON JACKSON and not any of the other also rans.Please change the record.Although it is fun to see you all whinge about poor Rhydian and SD,Scotland will welcome home THEIR winner and he really doesn’t need the THE MINORITY to buy his cd’s….we will see that he does well over the next few years.Rhydian has a trained voice and has been singing for years.He had a massive start on Leon(The winner!!!).Leon is the most improved singer in the competition and give him the same voice training etc and then get back to the site and BLEAT!!! The winner of x factor 2007 is……………….L E O N.

    Comment by Tracey — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:56

  54. X-FACTOR= FIX!!!

    Wat the hell happened last night?? i tried sooooo many times to vote for Rhydian but couldn’t get true!!i like leon but it was a sympathy vote..all his cring and sayin he was doin dis for his mom was stupid!! Rhydian didnt make a fuss once… a true professional needing no sympathy!!! i can’t wait to see more of rhydian because i no for a fact this won’t be the end!! Leon will surely die out soon. i personally think the record company felt leon would have bein an easy pop target and picked a song to suit him!! Rhydian ia an unique and talented man with world class vocals and i wish him the best!!

    Comment by elaine — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:00

  55. i tried and tried to vote for Rhydian but line ‘busy’ - of course he should have won - and I would buy his music due to his beautiful voice.

    Comment by anna b — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:13

  56. Unbelievable! Im still in shock, how could someone so out of tune win against Rhydian? Leon will go down the short lived road as Steve Brookstein. who?, you may ask…I rest my case!

    Comment by Annette — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:24

  57. Did any one notice that Rhydian’s lines were closed about 2 mins before the anouncement on screen wonder if Leons were,I did not think at the time to check.If the votes were as close as they say it could have made all the difference.Rhyd kept me watching Leon made me cringe

    Comment by Philip — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:26

  58. Well there you have it,Leon won would not have been my choice,as i have always wanted Niki to be in the final,and of course for Niki to win,Rhydian does have a great voice, but opera is not for me,so i dont vote for something that i’am not interested in.Leon is very young,and yes nervouse, which anyone would be,give the guy a chance,Rhydian will make it on his own anyway. Dont know if i will buy Leons c.d.not decided,but come on the welsh,thought you were sportsman,I’m english,but now that Rhydian has been discovered, he is going to do well,and he deserves it.Good luck to Leon for the future,but Niki was my favourite, and hope she does an album soon.As for the x factor show this year,the worst i have ever seen. Merry Christmas to you all, be it your Scottish,Welsh,or English,and a special MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU NIKI. xx

    Comment by TERRY TURNER — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:31

  59. It seems the case of the Scots voting on mass, it happened before- whether Rhydian does a tour or goes into the West End, I can’t wait- fantastic voice, I look forward to the next stage of his career, he is a true star in the making.

    Comment by bonnie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:37

  60. Tracey - that pain you are feeling is from your head - it’s what comes of banging it against a rick wall.
    Suggest it’s time you stopped and looked at the facts- being the one who walked off with the prize does not make Leon the real winner.
    I am sorry that this result has led to so much being written against a poor lad who was doing his best - the judges should beashamed of themselves for making it turn out this way.

    Comment by Theresa — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:39

  61. Winning X factor is the kiss of death. In Australia the first winner of the series sank without trace and the ‘also ran’ went on to produce several albums. Same with with Steve what’s his face and Michelle.

    Rhydian will actually do better because he is not tied to a contract. And I for one will definitely buy an album.

    Comment by Lizzie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:44

  62. Tracey love are you deaf!! Leon may be the winner of the x factor however lets be honest it was tears and good looks which were voted for! Its about raw talent and I’m afraid Leon just doesn’t have it Scotland make the most while you can he won’t be around for long!Sorry

    Comment by Debbie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:46

  63. What an unbelievable result in last nights X Factor programme. There was only one winner there last night and that was Rhydian the only one who had any sort of class to walk away with the top prize. Instead it went to a guy who sings totally out of tune half the time and looks as though he is in some sort of a permanent daze and as far as I’m concerned a total waste of time. If this is the way X factor has gone they may as well take the programme off the air. Crazy result.

    Comment by Paul McStay — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:50

  64. RHYDIAN ROBERTS was clearly on a different planet compared to all other contestants. His musical range is incredible, his stature on stage, his smile and his presence - a world star in the making.
    Any one who knows anything about music has to admit that Leon is at times tone deaf, flat in parts where FF is required,and he cannot even sing P or even PP. Leon is also expressionless and single toned throughout although he does have a baby face which is appealing. Judging should be left to those who are paid to do the job. In my view, this is a complete fix and the £1m should be withdrawn immediately. The record will not be a no1 chart buster and Leon will be forgotten in the new year. I hope RHYDIAN does a recording for XMAS which would sell many millions - he is star quality and has a voice of an Angel. Serious questions must be asked of how the contest was clearly manipulated to put country against country, race doesn’t come into things when selecting true talent.

    Comment by Dewi — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:53

  65. Rhydian should have won ! Leon is just a sob story telling, cry baby, who shouldn’t even have been in the final.He can’t sing ! He won by 1% ….if all the people voting for Rhydian had been able to get through, he’d have left Leon standing. I just hope Rhydian brings out a CD very soon, we’ll see then who tops the charts, and who fades into obscurity just like what’s his name who won, the year G4 should have!

    Comment by ruth — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:55

  66. After listening to Rhydian and the comments from the Judges !! who actually said he is the best singer / performer in the contest. (which he was)How they can hold there heads up after that charade is beyond me,you have made a complete mockery out of whole contest. You need to change something, you have left a lot the general public disollusioned. The best should win - Fullstop !!

    Comment by Michael Heywood — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:57

  67. What a fix.I quite like Leon but think his voice mediocre especially in comparison with Rhydians.Like many others I failed to register my vote since the lines were continually engaged.There should be an enquiry into this years voting .
    I have no doubt that Rhydian will have a successful career in the music world and I wish Leon well.One thing that I am certain of is that I will never watch X Factor again
    I wish you well, Rhydian.You have fought a long battle against sniping press and so called judges

    Comment by KAT — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:01

  68. Leon may have won but what an absolute travesty - especially considering it is supposed to be a ‘talent’ contest. If you judge on talent alone then Rhydian would have won hands down. At least though he conducted himself with dignity and didn’t lower himself to crying every 5 minutes and winning votes over some pathetic story about his home life. Rhydian is a true professional with an outstanding voice. Even my children of 8 and 9 years could recognise his talent and were devastated by the result. They have already decided that they don’t want Leon’s single - they only want to buy records by Rhydian.
    I also agree that there was something very suspicious about the judges final comments to Rhydian - it was like they already knew he was out of the running!

    Comment by Diane — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:05

  69. Well said Tracy , all the whingers forget that England had to vote for LEON too or he would never have won .There are more people in London alone than the whole of Scotland . What does that tell you ? anyway Ryd was good but sir ALW has already turned him down for Joseph , and he has been singing for seven years with training .Why nobody snapped him up before now?

    Comment by Irene — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:05

  70. Yet again the great British Public prove that not only are they tone deaf, but incapable of making a sensible decision. Or was it yet another fix? - since I too had great difficulty getting through to vote for Rhydian last night, with the line permanently engaged. Leon apparently only took up singing recently - and it sounds like it. The reason he constantly sings flat is because he has no breath control because he has yet to acquire the necessary technique of physically supporting his breath. His vocal range is limited and his vocal chords so lacking in technique and flexibility that even the simplest combination of notes has him going out of key and looking like a complete beginner - which he is! Such technique takes years of practice. No amount of vocal coaching during the weeks of the X Factor can give the kind of technique, range and vocal gymnanist ability that Rhydian has. Leon take note: You may look cute (not to me however) but you can’t sing. I guess deep down even you know that - it shows in your face. If you really want to be taken seriously as a singer then stop fooling yourself and get yourself a decent vocal trainer. However, it’ll take years not a few months before you’ll even hope to get to Rhydian’s standard if indeed it’s possible. Michael Buble you sure aint. In fact I wouldn’t even want to hear you at a Karaoke evening! Take heart Rhydian, you’ll be around a lot longer than this squib of a pretender Leon will even be. The LONG TERM winner of X Factor 2007 is …..RHYDIAN !!!

    Comment by Teri — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:05

  71. I think the voting throughout this contest was political, to suit the judges own egos, and nationalistic - it might just have been a football match. There was no room for real talent. The judges were as bad as the public in inciting nationalistic voting, and I cannot for the life of me understand why Louis Walsh is a judge - he’s rude and divisive.
    I just hope that those with real talent make a huge success in their lives, ie Rhydian and Beverley.
    I am really disappointed this year, and have been an avid fan of the XFactor until now.
    What is the point of a TALENT contest when talent is sacrificed for misplaced pride and ego?

    Comment by elisabeth S — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:06

  72. But, i thought you either Vote by phone CALL or TEXT. Why were people made to only call?how possible is it for 10 people to call at the same time and get through at the same time? within a limited time, they should have counted texts and calls which should have revealed the true deserving winner of the X factor 2007 - RHYDIAN.

    Comment by lunmsy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:10

  73. rhydian should have won hands down! X FACTOR IS A FIX AND A PHONE CON! they should all wear a striped jumper and a black mask! rhydian, nikki and beverley should have been in that final, such a fix! leona lewis was right to win last years final and before that shayne ward which was correct but this years was a waste of time! good luck to rhydian in the future! leon should have been out weeks before but no all the girls voted for him to stay! i couldnt believe my ears when i heard it was leon the winner. rhydian was always professional on the stage but leon was always shy and a soft cunt! good luck rhydian will definintly add you to my ipod!

    Comment by philip — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:20

  74. Why not release both singles toorrow and then we would see who really deserved to win. I totally agree with the 98% of you who think Rhydian was the only talent in this show - the talentless leon will sink into utter oblivion by January if not sooner. 10 years of singing lessons wouldn’t achieve anything for him no matter what his one or two supporters seem to think - so he won the show - big deal selling records is what ultimately matters. I am therefore looking forward to buying Rhydian’s first album as soon as released - and then the next one and the next one after that etc….let’s hope it is not too long.
    As for Leon -if I ever buy a record of his I will need them in vinyl and then have to fix the system to play them at 48rpm instead of 45 to get the notes up to the right pitch!!

    Comment by john — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:27

  75. I tried to vote for Rhydian 8 times on my mobile & kept getting ‘network failure’ so tried using my land-line & lines had closed. I hope there is an enquiry into what seems like a ‘fix’ espcially in view of the judges’ prescient comments as well. I felt disappointed. Leon may be ‘cute’ and have a good sob story, but that doesn’t mean he deserved to win. Let’s see if it helps him sell records! I am a vocal coach & Leon was inconsistent & he’s too young for his voice to have settled. Worse than that he looks scared all the time which makes an audience feel uncomfortable. Rhydian has a fab voice and he knows how to use it! He CAN do different styles. He doesn’t always sound ‘operatic’, infact I don’t think he’d make it as an opera singer, more as a music theatre singer. He may have alienated younger voters by duetting with Ms Jenkins who is seriously operatic in style & doesn’t do cross-over as well as Rhydian. Even so, I think it was rigged with the phone lines and that is serious because it is messing with the public and taking their money under false pretences.

    Comment by Janice — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:34

  76. i thought x factor was about talent- not about sob stories that win votes. The one with talent and the one with thye x factor lost-the one and only Rhydian!

    Comment by garry from llannon, llanelli — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:43

  77. There was only one true winner on this show and he came 2nd. If it was a contest on who could blub the most then certainly the right person won. But as far as I thought the X factor was all about finding new talent and International stardom….Just would like to thank Leon because he has denied us all that. Keep Leona (a true superstar) at No 1 for Christmas. We can wait to buy the cd from the true star of the show later on in the year.

    Comment by chrisvale — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:44

  78. Time will tell who the real winner is, but here is a tip, right Leons name down because after Christmas we will all forget who he is. As for Rhydian, he’s in a class of his own and we will see alot more of him. Not only in the charts but the westend and further afield…….

    Comment by Andy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:46

  79. All I can say to Tracy’s comment is The real winner is the one who will be around this time next year. So Leon has a record contract doesn’t make him a superstar. If you run out of his single up their in Scotland we will have loads going spare here in England and Wales to send up. I’ll save my money and wait for the real superstar to release his cd :)

    Comment by coyotechick — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:51

  80. Yes I totally agree. The X factor I thought was a talent competition. Leon has no talent, no personality and certainly doesn’t have the X Factor. He should have gone weeks ago. The only true star to have come out of this is Rhydian. He is an International superstar and unlike Leon will be around for years to come. So Scotland you can keep Leon we have our Rhydian…..

    Comment by chrisvale — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:56

  81. All that glistens is not gold!!! I sincerely believe that the wrong choice has been made. This was a show purportedly designed to select the best singer, never mind that singers experience. Rhydian was the best singer hands down. Some of his renditions were truly beautiful, and if people can’t appreciate that then they deserve what they voted for. Voting in the second part of the show should not have commenced until both singers had completed the final song, a distinct tactical advantage was given to Leon. The petty nationalism was ridiculous. I suppose I am asking for the maturity of thought that you are just not going to get from a singing competition. I hope Rhydian does get that call from ALW because I for one will travel to see him sing.

    Comment by Julie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:57

  82. Rhydian should have won last night.. what’s wrong with everybody? No disrespect to Leon who is, in my books, the most improved contestant of the series, but it is a tragedy, no a travesty that little Leon the zero actually won instead of Rhydian! ‘The public got it wrong’ as Simon would say… With no charisma, only a moderately good voice, Leon won.. unbelievable! What will happen now? will he disappear like ‘Steve’ did? Rhydian’s got the guts, the staying power, the talent ‘et al’ to survive in that world he so aspires to… Long may he reign in the world of show biz, glitz & entertainment!

    Comment by Babz — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 16:59

  83. What happened last night???? Reading the comments on this, I am not alone in my thinking this must have been fixed, the judges comments after Rhydian had finished singing his final song made me think it had already been decided and I think by the look on Rhydian’s face he knew the same. I see the X Factor whilst I am at work on a Saturday night and so have not seen every performance but every time Rhydian has come on the screen I have stopped to listen that amazing voice is just made for the West End and for the rest of the world, he has that Xtra something special that is very rare, sorry all you Leon fans he’s a nice lad but Rhydian darling forget the mindless British voters you GO FOR IT because you’ve got what it takes.

    Comment by Jane White — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:02

  84. Leon is not the winner and he himself doesn’t believe it. The big winner is Simon Cowell. Will NEVER watch X factor again after this series which has been a shambles!!

    Comment by David — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:03

  85. 81% rhydian, 6% leon?

    says it all..

    Comment by kris — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:05

  86. Wrong result. Rhydian has the X Factor which is what
    the show is about.

    Comment by bob hutt — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:08

  87. What can I say, Scotland was out in force. Rhydian deserved to win, he has been the best and most consistant through the whole series. It was completely unfair the judges telling him he was going to win over the couple of weeks leading up to the final. It made people think that leon deserved a chance and Rhydian had it in the bag. I personally think Rhyders will be great and im gutted ill have to wait longer before his cd.

    Comment by Charlotte — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:09

  88. Leon, the X Factor ? I just could not beleive it when he won. Sorry, he’s a nice wee laddie with a reasonable voice, but as far as I am concerned absolutely no X Factor whatsoever. Bring out an album Rideon, you will be the real winner, like G4, when Steve (Steve who?) apparently had more X Factor than them ! Yeah right.

    Comment by Ali — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:10

  89. This was the worst X Factor ever and I will not be wasting my time again. Rhydian , Beverley and Nikki were the only ones with talent and everyone knows it. I expect to hear great things from all 3.
    Rhydian you were the winner from the word go you outsung Leon and I think deep down Leon knows this too. Don’t worry you will be doing well

    Comment by SUE — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:11

  90. Thought this programme was called X FACTOR, someones lost it along the line, it was more like Pop Idol, certainly Leon, although a nice enough lad was just the usual run of the mull 9 day wonder, and propbably is the teenies Pop Idol. Whilst Ryhdian was the X FACTOR, PLEASE SIMON or someone give him a recording contract, you made Il Divo world wide stars and thanks for that. Rhydian definitely deserves the same. Like many others I tried all night to record my vote and failed, some thing either wrong with the system or it stinks of set up.

    Comment by Barbara — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:13

  91. What a result. How could Leon beat Rhydian who did
    the business week in and out. Faith in the show at low
    ebb. Thought it was about the X Factor !!!
    Rhydian has it big time and Same Difference did very

    Comment by marjorie white — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:13

  92. Quite simply–the wrong act was voted as the winner. I for one will not be watching the xfactor again. Having just spent the last hour browsing the web for comments and reviews about last nights fiasco, I am left in no doubt that the voting public were behind Ryhdian.A class act,and one that will surely be in our hearts and minds a lot longer than—-what was his name?

    Comment by sharon johnson-cooper — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:16



    I couldn’t believe it when the result was read out. I agree with most people here, and I think it was fixed. Good Luck Rhydian you will be going strong long after Leon.

    Comment by Mary P — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:18

  94. And yes, I noticed the comments by the Judges about Ryd getting a call from ALW on Monday and the gaff from Simon calling Ryd Leon by mistake. Ryd’s face said it all. I agree with other comments, I think the result was somehow fixed.

    Comment by Ali — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:24

  95. Rhydian - All things work together for good. Caz

    Comment by CAZ — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:25

  96. The result last night was a travestry of justice. Rhydian was possibley the most talented competitor to ever appear on X Factor. The manner in which final votes were cast was more like an international competition rather than a talent contest. The voting system has to changed for future programmes if X Factor is to remain a top ‘talent’ show. The present system encourages the public to vote on a regional basis rather than for genuine talent. Leon, although he is a likeable chap, should have got no where near the top. Niki and Beverely had much more talent than him. Also the unseemly behaviour of the panel does nothing to enhance the reputation of the programme.

    Comment by John Perry — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:27

  97. Very disappointed with the result. Rhydian deserved to
    win. He always had the X Factor and will always have it. Result ruined the series. Even Same Difference
    did very well. Leon’s a nice lad but not in same class.

    Comment by bob hutt — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:27

  98. What a Joke!! As soon as the result was announced I switched the channel over. Leon is just like a hundred other singers out there and will eventually fade into oblivion but Rhydian is unique and will shine for years to come.

    I thought Simon’s comments after Rhydian’s final song were strange. He said things like we may never get to hear you sing again, and thankyou for your contribution to the show ( can’t remember exactly) but at the time I said that’s what you say to the loser not someone fighting to win. Did Simon already know at this point Leon would win?

    It is similiar to when Steve won instead of G4. Rhydian will have a longer and more successful career and will prove that he was the true winner in 2007

    Comment by Jules — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:31

  99. Rydian should have been the winner, Leon cannot sing, never watch XFACTOR again.

    Comment by J STUCH — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:38

  100. Tried loads of times to vote for Rhydian -always engaged
    Unfortunately voting sometimes becomes regional ie the scots vote for their man etc.
    Rhydian was streaks away a better singer he probably suffered because people felt it was a foregone conclusion.
    The irony is Simon, old son you won’t make much money from Leon after the 1st record…he is sadly cruise ship material

    Comment by Richard Davies — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:42

  101. Ww were able to vote easily for Leona twice during last year’s final but it took me about ten minutes before I could register one for Rhydian yesterday. Something fishy there! Rhydian singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ was stunning and had me in floods of tears, whether accompanied by Katherine Jenkins or not. Sorry but Leon is just a pale shadow in comparison to Rhydian (and Nicky).

    Comment by DJ — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:55

  102. I think what made the entire of last night’s show a travesty for me was
    a) The initial emphasis on it being a ‘national competition’.
    b) The double vote in a single show - with the ‘boys only having 1% between them’
    c) The judges clearly being told that leon wa in the lead - not a single one had a supportive word for Rhyddian towards the end.

    No matter what charges you can level at this show - I believe there have been some very serious attempts at maximising the phone revenue to the detriment of the quality of the show itself.

    The focus towards nationalism or regionalism has been a bit of a shallow victory for the organisers - as the winner will pay back a single season of expenses but - in my estimation not pay back on his recording contract - whereas the two runners up will be picked up by others and yield a better profit - go figure….

    Comment by Bill — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:04

  103. Rhydian said it himself “everything happens for a reason”, so let’s see where this takes him… can’t imagine it will be anywhere other than up!

    The judges all said he had seriously upped the standard on the X-factor and I wholeheartedly agree - like many he was the only reason I watched. What an incredible voice, so beautiful to listen to… [Love the idea of putting both his and Leon’s singles out at the same time, so we can find out who really is the winner!] Being runner-up can be the best thing that happens to a contestant - as much exposure on the X-factor as the winner and the opportunity to choose from a choice of contracts to build a long term very successful career. After Simon Cowell’s comments I can’t imagine he won’t be one of the people offering Rhydian a contract very soon.

    I was suprised that Rhydian was put on to sing last in all segments, this did not seem fair; nor did it seem fair that the voting was opend at the beginning of Leon’s last song and cut the moment Rhydian finished his. That was seriously unfair.

    I also agree that Danni putting her sister in a duet with Leon was way too unfair, and given that this was the x-factor, singing with an opera singer was not in Rhydian’s favour.

    Looking forward to your album, Rhydian!

    Comment by Helen — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:10

  104. i tryed to vote for rhydian and the phone was always busy,other people around tryed to vote for leon and it was always ok, so do i smell a fixed competition?
    Rhydian you are the winner, not that half a men that doesnt know how to sing.
    does anyone know how to complayin about not being able to vote?

    Comment by fili — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:12

  105. Emmmm….

    No Rhydian Is NOT The WInner Of The X Factor comment (3)

    Leon Is!!


    And Do Some People Not Think That The Lines Were engaged For Leon As Well?

    Trust Me You Couldn’t Get Through But Everyone Kept Trying…

    Comment by Leonna — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:18

  106. Well Done to Leon who worked hard every week and got the votes to win. He deserved it!! I voted all night - yes the lines were engaged a lot but hey, you keep trying. Leon won fair and square so why don’t you all give the lad a break. If you don’t want to watch the show again, DON’T!. Rhydian couldn’t even be heard when he did the duet with Katherine Jenkins and when I did hear him he didn’t reach the note!

    Comment by Chrissy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:30

  107. Like several of the previous comments I tried unsucessfully all night to cast my votes for Rhydian,makes you wonder in this era of technology how this can happen.
    I wish Leon good-luck but will not be buying any of his cd’s in the near future but will be waiting with eager anticaption for Rhydians.There was only one true star and he came second but time will tell who will have the long career.

    Comment by Sue Williams — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:30

  108. I tried numerous times to vote for Rhydian but the line was constantly engaged. Another phone in scam perhaps?? Rhydian was by far the most superior in his performances at every stage, and should definitely have been the WINNER. Anyway, I have no doubt he will go on to have a fantastic and well deserved career. I am rooting for you Rhydian all the way.

    Comment by Teresa — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:33

  109. What RUBBISH!!!

    Leon should HAVE gone ages ago and Niki should have stayed but thats past now but rhydian has the x factor.Leon sings flat and out of tune then on the other side of things Rhydian is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!.The only reason leon won was because of the population in scotland is greater than the population in cardif.Even Simon cowel said that he was brilliant.

    Comment by george — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:35

  110. What on earth happened last night? How on earth did Leon win the X Factor? Well all i can say is, its obviously not about talent then, because leon is not even in the same leaque as Rhydian and shouldnt of even been in the finals…….As far as I am concerned Rhydian is the winner of X Factor and i think he will have a fantastic career, I know i will buy his cds. I also know i wont be buying Leons, god his voice is dreadful. You may of lost the X Factor Rydian, I can assure you, you will be the winner in the end, and we will be saying in a year, who is Leon?

    Comment by oxfordshire — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:37

  111. I am 38 and never usually watch such shows. However, this was the biggest disgrace I have ever seen. Leon = sad, pathetic little scots lad with no presence, flat voice and no x factor. Ryd = absoloutely amazing voice, true star presence and the x factor.
    Overall it was sad. Team an average singer with Kylie and you are swaying the vote.
    Only good thing is that Ryd will be around as a real world class star for years. Leon, nice kid, but will vanish.
    A bad, bad decision overall.

    Comment by ADRIAN — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:38

  112. Rydian out sung everyone including the duet partner Katherine Jenkins.
    Leon was out of tune and continuously flat a total drip.

    Since seeing Rydian at his audition both my girlfriend and I thought he was the winner, we are both Scottish.
    All night we tried to vote for Rydian and got nothing, either engaged or number not known, this smells like Sharon Osbourne crotch…fishy

    Comment by Jayne Scott — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:45

  113. I agree that in the long run Rhydian is the winner. He is outstanding! I too look forward to buying a CD or seeing him in concert.

    I feel sorry for Leon as I dont think he has the personality, talent or charisma to sustain him as a”star”.

    He has an good voince but not star quality. Perhaps that will come!!

    Comment by Debbie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 18:46

  114. Of course Rdihyan will be a huge star and Leon will be a one hit wonder because Rdihyan has one of the finest voices I have ever heard and Leon is pathetic. T£he so-called official result makes a total travesty of the X-Factor.I’m so upset because hearing Rdihyan sing “When You Believe” would be a total joy but instead we will have Leon’s drone at Number One for Christmas.

    Comment by Neil Sinclair — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:16

  115. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FIX! Rhydian should have won! I won’t be watching the X-Factor ever again, its a joke, Rhydians the winner in alot of peoples eyes an will make it big time it should be down to the judges to pick the finalist not the public its a sham

    Comment by Joan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:18

  116. Rhydian was definitely the superior singer and consistent performer. Conversely Leon was truly laughable, hopelessly out of tune combined with those wooden dance moves and the look of sheer terror in his eyes.

    The testimony will be when Rhydian pursues his career, Leon will be left with only the memories of his poor efforts in his younger days before he went back to the clothes store! He may of course strike lucky and make an album with Michelle um- er - thingy!

    Comment by russell — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:30

  117. Scrap the programme once and for all and its sad people like simon cowell who are turning the music business into a pathetic mess and bring back the glory days when bands could write produce record and perform their own material without having anything put on a plate for them it is sad and rediculous, as for people like paul potts and connie talbot being given recording contracts and people buying them what is this country buying public coming to lets have a talent contast for real rock bands on out there trying to make it and that have real talented, the whole show is false.

    Comment by jon ingham — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:32

  118. The X factor has lost all credibility, Rhydian was in a different league to all the finalists.
    The voting was rigged, so many people could not get through to vote.
    Simon Cowell said it all, with the remarks he made to Rhydian after he sang.
    I feel really sorry for the guy, because he was cheated and he does not deserve that.
    This blog is about who should of won the x factor, well judging by the ammount of support for Rhydian, its obvious who the winner should of been.
    Rhydian stay positive, you are a great performer and deserve all the success that will come your way.

    Comment by Bernie — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:37

  119. What a shambles, how can anyone in their right mind even begin to compare Rydian’s talent to Leon’s? Rydian is truly world class, and gave outstanding performances at all times. I for one will not be buying Leon’s single. What about all that business about Leon wanting to change his mum’s life? Pleasezzzz!! Rydian darling maybe you should have given out a sob story, on the other hand the fact that you didn’t matches your professionalism, and I have no doubt your future will be a bright and sucessful one!!Your voice is truly amazing!!

    Comment by Carolina — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:44

  120. If TALENT and star quality counted for anything then Rhydian should have won the x-factor hands down - instead I fear the contest has been decided by those who are more fiercely partisan than those who were voting on the basis of merit. That said - Rhydian will become an international singing star whilst Leon will be lucky to get even a flash in the pan. If I was also being partisan I would have voted for Same Difference - but when a talent comes long like Rhydians it would be a moral crime NOT to give him the vote - even Simon Cowell strongly hinted that Rhydian was the best act on the night despite his backing the rival Same Difference.

    Comment by Philip Lewis — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:59

  121. I will never vote on X factor again. Rhydian would have won if it had been a talent show. Was the result rigged?

    Comment by Nerys Williams — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:01

  122. The supporters of Rhydian in wales could not get through and due to this the boy was robbed of the title

    Comment by MIKE — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:07

  123. RHYDIAN - If you read these blogs please believe that you are a TRUE STAR - I was so moved when you sang last night. It is an absolute travesty that Leon won - he is a rubbish singer. Rhydian - may your light shine for many years to come - you will make a lot of people happy hearing your beautiful voice.

    You are truly blessed.

    Comment by Jules — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:07

  124. If you want to make a protest at the result, Rhydian’s single “Made In Wales” is available on iTunes. Go for it and make it No.1 for Christmas!!!

    Comment by liz — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:15

  125. A total shambles - the only reason I watched this series was because of Rhydian, as the talent on show was way below previous series.

    Simon stated Rhydian should win after his first and third songs, but it suddenly changed after his fourth one. I saw Simon look at his monitor in front of him, make a face as if to say ‘oh crap’ and looked totally sick as the other judges were making their comments.

    Simon obviously had the vote update flashed to him before he made his final comments - he was caught off guard reading about Leon winning the vote before making a comment to Rhydian.

    Leon was nevver in the bottom two (despite singing out of tune/off key with a weak voice all series) so the judges could not throw him out - but I blame the judges for putting him through in the first place.

    A truly awful series, rescued by Rhydian for viewing figures - not a fix, just an awful lack of management to ensure everyone could vote.

    At least Paul Potts won……………..

    My daughter (just 14 in Nov) loved Leon,wants to marry him and voted for him - but does admit he can’t sing.

    God help us all…………………

    Comment by Alan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:22

  126. There is only one true winner of the X facor and that is without say RHIDIAN what a true professional, he is already a star and will be an international star in the not to distant future.

    The result last night was a travestry of justice. Rhidian was possibly the most talented competitor to ever appear on X Factor. The manner in which final votes were cast was more like an international competition rather than a talent contest. The voting system has to changed for future programmes if X Factor is to remain a top ‘talent’ show. The present system encourages the public to vote on a regional basis rather than for genuine talent. Leon, although he is a likeable chap, but should not have won, Rhidian was robbed. Sometimes the behaviour of the panel raises comments and does nothing to enhance the reputation of the programme.

    Again had difficlty in voting as the lines were engaged, some of the comments made gave me some thoughts regarding “did they already know who was the winner”.

    Even the teletext had the result in a matter of minutes!!!!!

    But time will tell who the real winner is, Leon ill be just another one minute wonder and we will all forget who he is. As for Rhydian, he’s in a class of his own and we will see alot more of him. Not only in the charts but an International star.

    Go for it Rhidian don’t dispair, you ARE the true winner.

    Comment by Jan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:26

  127. Oh my god I cant believe Leon won. Rhydian should of win this. I think again there obviously has been a proble with the phone lines. I think its all a fix. Firstly Nikki was booted off the other week and Same Difference were in the final. Nikki could sing like an angel but same difference cant sing at all. Rhydian should of won without a doubt!

    Comment by mel bradley — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:35

  128. RHYDIAN - YOU ARE THE TRUE STAR! I wish Leon all the best for his career, he maybe needed the break more than Rhyd - but such a dramaticly unexpected conclusion must still be difficult to take for the guy who had this competition in the bag weeks ago!!

    I TOO FAILED TO GET THROUGH TO VOTE until moments before the announcement!! I lost count of how many times i tried. I have not seen one Leon supporter on any blog state that they had the same problem!!! Definately something funny going on there!!??!! Worth investigation? No not really. Leon probably needs this result more than Rhydian. Rhydian was too good for the competition anyway - he is head and shoulders above the other competitors and dispite Danny’s ridiculous decisions early in the programme, he shone far above the rest from early,early on.


    ALL THE BEST TO YOU LEON. You have a lovely voice that i have no doubt will improve as you grow. No matter what they all say - I say GOOD ON YOU! Make the best of it!

    Comment by Beccy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:45

  129. Criminal. If Rydian had won we would have never seen Looooser Leon again BUT even though he did loose we will still see loads of him. A crime was committed last night, and everyone who DIDN’T vote for Rydian should be locked up. Leon has absolutely no talent compared to Rhydian. But THANK GOD Same Rubbish Difference didn’t make it through!!!

    Comment by Nancy — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:50

  130. This was the first time I have watched X-Factor - and it will definately be the last. I simply was astounded that Leon won. I have trouble accepting that there was not some manipulation along the way. I hope Rhydian does cut a CD as I will most definately buy it. Leon? I think not.

    Comment by Gary C — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:53

  131. Disgusted, appalled, absolute travesty!!!!Wot is going on????It was not a football/rugby match between two countries this was suppose to be a TALENT CONTEST or so we the public were lead to believe. Rhydian is far superior and in my eyes an overall winner. The voting was a complete sham and agree with the other comments that it was very difficult to get through to vote for Rhyd. I have heard him sing without any backing and he sounded like a true professional, he is a lovely person and didnt use/need any sob stories to win hearts from the public. WELL DONE RHYD, DA IAWN.. can’t wait for your first hit single.. AS for Leon, nice boy, but think he should stick to the highland fling!

    Comment by Maria from Sennybridge — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:55

  132. Shock! That’s what I felt when the winner of the X factor was announced. How on earth could a below average contestant win instead of Rhydian who is without doubt, a gifted and talented singer? All because of his face? How incredibly and utterly ridiculous! Also thought it was absolutely disgusting of the judges to turn this talent show into a nationalistic battle! Wales versus Scotland. Rhydian, and ONLY RHYDIAN do you hear me? IS the TRUE winner of the X Factor contest! His voice is amazing. He has stage presence and comes across as a real professional! I personally, together with MILLIONS of others who admire his talent, can’t wait for his first album! Wet Leon will soon be forgotten! We love you Rhydian!


    Comment by Lucia Huertas — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:56

  133. I so agree with Kristina!! Your spot on girl! what a fix! I gone right off X factor now. I hope Rhydian brings us more in the future. I would actually buy his album. leon…….what a joke!!

    Comment by DARREN — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 20:57

  134. I can’t believe the result! why did they make it about nationalities? Surely it should have been about talent and not where u were born? Leon should never have won! He only won because of his sob story! Wot a fix! They should have had a break after rhydian’s performance 2 give his fans a chance 2 vote! Closing the lines straight after was totally unfair! Rhydian is the true winner and will always be in my eyes! He’ll have a great career! Pob lwc

    Comment by Neil — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:03

  135. Rhydian should have won, by far the best and most talented act on this years xfactor. Leon should go and grow up,,adults and true talents dont cry every third minute

    Comment by what on earth! — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:05

  136. We were horrified at the final result of the X Factor last night. Throughout the contest Rhydian was in a league of his own and last night he was better than ever, especially in the song that he and Leon both sang. Either the British public has lost the plot or the facilities for voting were in some way deficient. Leon is a nice chap who may have a reasonable, if short, career ahead, but Rhydian is far and away in a class of his own and definitely should have won.
    The result this year calls into question the validity of the whole X Factor project and unless the problems can be rectified the programme should be scrapped. We have enjoyed it so much until now.

    Comment by Mike & Julie Stewart — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:10

  137. Rhydian should have won - he has real star quality and I looked only forward to his peformances each week. I hope there is an enquiry into the voting. That said, I think Leon at his best sounds like Frank Sinatra. He’s a very young man and maybe the tuning problems can be ironed out with more voice coaching (which Rhydian has had years of). That and more confidence and Leon can make it in the business too.

    Comment by Sylvia — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:17

  138. Alright. Will Everyone Please Please Please Stop Slagging Leon Off!! Can I Please Just Say That All The Stuff About Leon Only Winning Because Of The Scots Is Rubbish! I’m English And Voted For Him Loads, As Did A Lot Of People I Know! Also, Yes I DID Have Problems Getting Through To Vote For Leon, It WASN’T Just Rhydian. Leon Deserved To Win- If You All Think You Can Go Out And Sing As Well As He Does, Let’s See You.

    Leon Deserved To Win As Much As Anyone.

    Comment by Rosey. — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:29

  139. If you want to make a protest at the result, Rydian’s single ‘Made in Wales’ is available on iTunes. Go for it and make it No.1 for Christmas!!!

    Comment by Liz — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:34

  140. Like many others I tried in vain to vote for Rhydian in the final and like so many people that I have spoken to today - surely this cannot be right, I was furious. I have been so upset all day. It was all a regional battle. Rhydian performed to perfection and he was the only one with the X Factor. Alarm bells began to ring when I heared Simon’s comments at the end of Rhydian’s final song. It is all so disappointing after watching Rhydian perform so well throughout the series. I will never watch x factor again and I will never pick up the phone to vote. Rhydian is the one and only winner.

    I would like to have an explanation why so many people failed to get through.

    Comment by Helen Williams — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:39

  141. Are the judges completely tone deaf? Leon was consistently flat and his performances lacked the panache of an X factor champion. Our 9 year old recognised that Leon can’t sing in tune!! Rhydian has a good voice and a good future!

    Why did it all suddenly become a competition between England, Scotland and Wales? This was irrelevant! We live in England and voted for a Welshman.

    Comment by Phil Preston — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:45

  142. i was sickened to hear that rhydian had not become the victor, after his floorless performances week in week out, for me, there was to be only one true winner. The whole of patriotic Scotland it seems, were behind Leon, but surely deep down, they know also that he is miles off Rhydians pace. Leon’s voice seems bland, and boring, and suited to only one kind of song. I dont think the result will change anything, as i am sure that Rhydian will have a recording contract by now. Im just as sure, that Rhydian, will make something of his musical talent, but i suspect Leon will have sunk into obcurity in the not to distant future. Rhydian has genuine class.

    Comment by Alexander Robson — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:49

  143. The fact that Leon & Same Difference were in the final was unbelievable but for Leon to actually win - well, words fail me! The whole show was a set-up and I feel that I’ve been had. How poor Rhydian must be feeling I can’t even begin to imagine.

    Message for Rhydian: “Please don’t give up, Rhydian. You have much more than the X-Factor and are the real star of the show”.

    Comment by Sue Collings — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:50


    its not one he sang on the show i think he recorded it like a year ago or something.

    Comment by Rhydians_the_real_winner — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:54

  145. also, on another website there was a scottish person who voted for Rhydian so don’t talk about the Scots as a whole. Talk about “The scots who voted for leon”

    Comment by Rhydians_the_real_winner — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:56

  146. I’m glad that Leon won. Rhydian is good…but can only sing in one style. He’d give you a migraine after a few songs. He would be great for the West End but he aint exactly pop star material. Where’s his Charisma?? He’s like a cardboard cut out of a ghost…except with a plastic face!! He’s 2 dimensional. So i refuse to follow others and say that he should have won…just because he was the favourite. I think he will go far though..as obviously many people like his one style of singing. So good luck to the guy. But well done Leon…this boy has not been scared to try different tsyles of singing…and has got better and better every week. Leon is not a polished singewr..but he has potential.Whereas Rhydian seems set in his way….and sang any genre of song…in one way…and made them all sound the same! I’d be bored if I had to listen to different genres of songs all being sung in the same way. The reason we have different genres is to keep them that way….not make them all sound the same.
    Wish Nikki was in the final…she’s have been the true winner for me.

    Comment by John — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 21:59

  147. Like was said above, we all need to complain about not being able to vote:

    We need as many complaints as possible!

    Comment by Rhydians_the_real_winner — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:01

  148. The wrong result without question - on sheer talent and originality the finalists should have been Rydian (professional, generous, mature), Same Difference (wonderfully original and entertaining) and Beverley (a superb diva). Leon looked like he was about to have a nervous breakdown and was also flat !! Nikki was also out of tune at times. Hope were excellent but no different to any of the girl bands out there. Alicia could perhaps have made it but looked miserable all the time. Not sure why the result should be a FIX (why fix for Leon to win particularly ?) but I do think it turned into a Wales v Scotland issue (there are more Scottish people) which is a major flaw in letting the public have the final say. Simon says it is a singing contest, but in the end that is exactly what it is not. Even the judges were voting in their own contestants earlier in the competition - where’s the judgement in that ?

    Comment by S Garstin — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:05

  149. I also tried to vote for Rhydian several times, but could not get through. Was it just coincidence then, that the two acts were 1% apart, or an indication that the telephone voting system failed last night?
    I’ve yet to read of anybody who voted for Leon having similar problems.

    Comment by Diane — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:06

  150. rhydian was superb no disrespect to leon but rhydian is a talented guy who doesn`t need a poxy x factor crown to put a number 1 cd in the charts he can do that on his own merit ,he should have sang all his songs on his own tried to vote couldn`t get through the series vote should come in to it not only the night of the final

    Comment by d roberts — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:08

  151. What a travesty Rhydian was robbed. I had to turn the volume down when Leon was singing he made me cringe with embarressment, although I had no problems with voting I got through 4 times. UNBELIEVABLE RESULT!!

    Comment by yvonne — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:11

  152. Like so many others I never really write on blogs but I was amazed at the result last night .. I have never watched a singer so intently Rhydian maked the hairs on my body tingle he is as Simon said World class and i cannoy wait to hear more from him.. Leonwinning was a disaster the boy has no appeal he really cannot sing and he cannot dress in leather trousers .. Rydian must feel insulted.. i switched off as soon as leon was annouced ..

    Comment by michaela — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:13

  153. Rhydian should have won last night. Leon is ok but not in the same league as Rhydian. Rhydian has talent in abundnce. I did manage to vote for Rhydian I wish everyone could have got through too, the result would have been so different. Can’t wait for Rhydian’s CD.

    Comment by bernadette — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:16

  154. I’m a Scot - I’m totally disgusted! Leon was crap - all the way through. Rhydian was the winner from day one. How could all those idiots vote for Leon????? The cry baby will disappear from sight within months. There is something fundamentally wrong with this format. We have to have a system whereby the judges can over-ride the lunatic public - a la Strictly - although God knows what will happen next week when they don’t. I despair………….

    Comment by MajikMan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:43

  155. Reference comment (79). What do you mean IF we run out of Leons’ cd…..Please sent all spare Leon cd’s up to Scotland and we will sent the thousands of Steve Brookstein (1st x factor winner)cd’s down to you.

    Comment by Leonna — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:45

  156. Reference comment (79). What do you mean IF we run out of Leons’ cd…..Please send all spare Leon cd’s up to Scotland and we will send the thousands of Steve Brookstein (1st x factor winner)cd’s down to you.

    Comment by Leonna — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:46

  157. We were so horrified when the result was announced that we switched off. There was no way we wanted to hear that awful version of the song to be released again.
    I said to my husband 20 minutes before the end that comments that the judges made showed that they knew that Leon had won. So…..why were they still accepting our votes, and why were they saying that there was only 1% in it. This was some sort of fix.
    Having managed to do 9 votes for Rhydian by constantly pressing re-dial until we got through, we feel cheated. We will certainly NEVER watch this programme again and NEVER vote again.
    And I thought the duet between Leon and Kylie was really sordid. She is old enough to be his mother, and dressed like that it was just revolting.
    Rhydian’s Duet with Katherine Jenkins was inspired.

    We wanted Rhydian to win, Same Difference to be second. And we are not children….as Sharon suggested the voters for SD were.

    Hope Rhydian does go on to make a CD…..we’ll definitely buy it. He is world class.

    BTW, anyone with me in thinking the song to be released was a tremendous let-down after the other songs they had all sung?

    Comment by L Parkhurst — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:52

  158. ‘Who do you think should have won X Factor 2007?’ Leon: 7% / Rhydian: 82%

    Well, unless it’s only Rhydian fans who frequent this site (which in itself would say a lot), how can anyone deny something very strange happened last night?
    I won’t go as far as saying the phone lines were fixed but the show definitely was.

    Why did Leon perform with Kylie? It’s very inappropriate that one finalist alone got to duet with the main guest star of the night.
    Add to that various things that got thrown in, such as Dermot O’Leary pointing out that ‘11,000′ people turned up to see Leon in Scotland (er, how many people turned up to see Rhydian perform in Cardiff? Or, indeed, turn up to see him anywhere?). And, most of all, the spiteful editing of the footage to show the finalists’ ‘X Factor journey’ right from their auditions. Of course, Leon got to blub away about his single mother and wish to make life better for themselves whereas Rhydian (again) got set up to look like a heartless reptile bloated with his own self-importance- despite the fact that everyone who knows Rhydian personally, including his fellow contestants, has made a point of saying what a warm, kind-hearted and well-mannered guy he is. And, of course, the footage of his talking about how much he wanted to make a lot of money so he could give most of it to charity did NOT make it into the montage.

    Rhydian is a true professional (and those do not go to pieces and cry on stage). I hear they made 300,000 copies of his version of the winner’s single. I suggest they put them on the shelf next to Leon’s version and see which sells out first.

    Comment by Suzanne — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:52

  159. Can I say I wholeheartedly agree with Tracey. I tried many times to vote for Leon and the line had no dialling tone on and off until the end of the programme so many votes for Leon would not have counted!! Also got the same message that line was busy! Rydian has a great voice but has also had plenty training and as Irene said he went for Joseph but wasn’t good enough! If voting is regional, did the welsh not vote for Rydian? Michael Buble also picked Leon over Rydian, that can’t be bad can it!!

    Comment by penny — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:55

  160. i was with Rhydian all the way, he was the true star. He has world class potential and an amazing stage presence. Leon on the other hand will just be another one hit wonder soon to be forgotten, he couldnt sing anywhere CLOSE to Rhydian!! he was never consistant and was the biggest cry-baby i think the show has ever seen.

    Also i think the judges and even the contestants knew the result befor any of us; Simons mistakes and the way they spoke to Rhydian, the show was totally unfair this year! Plus the people in wales couldnt vote because of phone lines that could have been 100 more votes he missed, and that could of won it for him!

    I also agree with the nationalistic side of it, about the scots winning and that everyone turned it into a national competition. I’m sorry, but its about the people, not where they come from. Unfortunatly the flamin’ scots were in Leons favour.

    All in all, obvious winner was Rhydian, he’ll do a million times better than Leon. Rhydian was always the winner good luck to him, I shall definatly buy his album!!


    P.s - Rhydians final performance topped Leons aswell!! (I so wanted to see it on T.V )

    Comment by Emily — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 23:01

  161. To add to all the rumours about a conspiracy….read this!

    I reckon they were punishing him!!!!! I believe he really did win but they didn’t want him to have the contract because they thought he was already veering towards ALW!

    Comment by L Parkhurst — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 23:09

  162. Voting clearly fixed - judges comments after Rhydian’s final performance were extremely strange - clearly they knew he was not going to win. You could see he was confused by their comments. The result was pre-arranged and is obviously not a reflection of the public’s views. Rhydian was in a class of his own and appeals to many different types of people. His career will very quickly outclass that of Leon who is boring and lacks the outstanding and unique talent of Rhydian. I can’t wait for Rhydian to release an album and will certainly buy it and any subsequent ones. As a previous watcher of the x-factor, I knew I was being manipulated but to take money from the voting public under false pretences when the result is fixed in favour of the judges/simon making as much money out of us all in record sales is beyond the pail. X-factor’s credibility and that of Simon Cowell is now at zero. Serious questions should be asked and the voting public should have documentary proof that they are not being defrauded out of their money when they vote. Since so many of Rhydian’s supporters were unable to get their votes registered, perhaps this is the way it can be stated that he received insufficient votes to win!

    Comment by Sally — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 23:16

  163. Good luck Leon.You will prove a lot of people wrong and i will take great pleasure in telling them,especially on this site….