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Saturday, 15 December, 2007

X Factor Final Duet Songs

Yesterday we told you which songs the acts would be singing in tonight’s final, but were unable to let you know which tracks they would be performing with their chosen celebrities, as the producers of the show were intending to keep this a secret.
However, we have managed to obtain a list of the songs all the acts will be performing tonight, they are:

Leon + Kylie Minogue: Better The Devil You Know
Ryhdian + Katherine Jenkins: You Raise Me Up
Same Difference + Jason Donovan: Any Dream Will Do


  1. Oh I am so exicited, Same Difference are just so great, and fantastic role models for young people, so dedicated and they always have a smile on their face.

    I think the world needs an act like them right now, put a smile on peoples faces.

    Go SD! xxx

    Comment by Jessie — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 14:30


    Comment by xfactor ill be there — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 16:23

  3. go leon

    Comment by Leon — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 16:23

  4. Yeah, I agree with sarah. They are NOT popstars! They are westend actors and singers or go to holiday camps to entertain the kids! The X Factor is about being POPSTARS! They are NOT! Do NOT vote Same Difference!

    Comment by kayleigh — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 18:18

  5. I think I now hate the X-Factor. It has turned to politics. People now vote, not for talents, but based on where you come from – Scottish, Welsh, English. It sucks.

    Comment by Yo mmie — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 19:52

  6. Same difference were.. ok
    Thats all i can say for now..
    Leon will do ace =]
    So will rhydiann.. =]

    Comment by Louise — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 20:03

  7. Yehh.. its me agenn..
    They all did really well.. Rhydian and leon sttood out more.. leon n kylie worked well together =]
    Good luck guys =] x

    Comment by Louise — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 20:36

  8. Tried calling to vote for Leon-twice got message saying all the lines were busy!!!!!!!!!!Anyone else had the same problem voting?

    Comment by AG — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 20:49

  9. What an anti climax!!

    Sorry I’ve loved this years show but who produced this mess??

    Rhydian Rydian Rhydian but even he looked embarressed.

    Oh dear.

    Comment by Gee — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 21:01

  10. In reply to No.8 like most weeks I am having trouble voting for Rhydian.Remember that the lines are always busy on Finals Night. Rhydian was truly amazing and like the judges all said if the winner is the one with the best voice it has to be him. Leon as usual did not hit all the notes. Same Difference were fun and entertaining. Vote Rhydian.

    Comment by Peter — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 21:23

  11. Network busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shocking still cannot register a vote!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by AG — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:01

  12. I am sorry, but the wrong person won!

    Either rhydian or same difference are much better singers and performers.

    Very disappointed no more x factor voting for me

    Comment by wendy — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:38

  13. what a scam (yet another ITV Scam)How did a singer that was perfect every week get beat by yet another one trick pony. Shame on you X-Factor and ITV for yet another phone scam…

    Comment by Andy — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:39

  14. Did anyone else notice the judges seemed to know the winner before it was announced? They wrote Rhydian off after his superior performance of the Christmas No. 1.

    Comment by Karen — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:43



    Comment by richard — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:44

  16. Fix Fix Fix
    How the hell is Leon better than Rhydian

    Comment by Miko — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:45

  17. How unbelievebly ridiculous!!
    Leon is rubbish! what a rip of, and scam
    how did he win, even same difference were better + they weren’t that good. How is that going to be no.1, hes nothing compared to leona lewis! :)
    What a scam….

    Comment by secret — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:45

  18. Well I tried for over 40 mins to vote for Leon, so not getting into right winner or not……….there should have been enough capacity on the fone lines to take all the votes for all the contestants!!!!!!!!.

    Comment by AG — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:46

  19. what planet is no.2 on? may i suggest that you go to the doctors first thing monday ,orning, and get your ears cleaned of wax, either that or just go get a life!

    Comment by secret — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:50

  20. I TRIED CONTINUOUSLY TO VOTE FOR RHYDIAN BUT LINES engaged. i will never watch this piece of rubbish again. RHDIAN has been the best contestant through out. leon you should have been out weeks ago.leon got the sympathy vote because if he didnt win we would never hear of him again.RHYDIAN your single was far superior. RHYDIAN we love u and you done wales proud ugi ugi ugi oi oi oi. X x x

    Comment by richard — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:54

  21. What a disasterous programme x-factor is
    Its worrying that a tv station can manipulate a result, but then again George ‘ dubya’ got elected that way.

    Comment by Miko — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:55

  22. SO GUTTED!
    Rhydians voice was perfect week after week and leon is not that good !!!
    that person was right all the judges wrote rhydian off its all a scam .

    Comment by Yasmiin x — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 22:56

  23. Leon wont be ACE he’ll be THE BUSINESS he will go far as for previous comments so what if he cries least he aint ashamed to do so on TV!

    Comment by Charmaine — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:11

  24. 2 be fair to comment 20. i tried loads of times when voting for Leon and dont get why you lot are saying its a scam and they blocked Rhydians line so people couldnt vote Leons line was engaged too! As for comment 19. maybe you need to go back to school Mon morning and try sitting ENglish again you wanna punctuate properly before putting someone else down!

    Comment by Charmaine — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:13

  25. omg they blocked rhydians line??

    x factor is a fix and yupp yupp i agree with no. 20 all thaa wayy !!
    leon got a sympathy vote and he always cries so people will vote for him oh get over it and every1 kept saying rhydian ure gonna win and he was like oh no no hes such a nice guy and he should have won .
    i love you riddzz (L)

    Comment by Yasmiin x — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:18

  26. Just to say watch the papers for the fact this is yet another fixed vote…….we all know Rhydian should have won.

    Comment by gary — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:34

  27. Rhydian should have won yet another fixed vote as usual

    Comment by gary — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:35

  28. What a fix. I hope it now does not get Xmas NO1 Rydians version was far superior.
    PS. I am English

    Comment by Karen — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:49

  29. I cannot believe that Rhydian did not win. What is wrong with us British somebody sheds a tear and we loose focus. That was so sad I want a refund.

    Comment by Elizabeth — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:52

  30. Oh my God I feel sick. That was a fix and I hate ITV and will not be watching X Factor ever again. I will buy Rydians album when it comes out. I won’t sleep tonight.

    Comment by sarah Jay — Saturday, 15 December, 2007 @ 23:57

  31. What happened? Leon was flat flat flat and Rhydian was Brilliant and can actually sing – where can we download Rhydian’s stuff? won’t be buying Leon’s single – so disappointed – Leon was rubbish – Simon Cowell you should be worried about the credibilty of your show

    Comment by James & Emma — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 00:09

  32. I cannot believe Leon won – what a farce. Rhydian was absolutely amazing – his voice made the hairs go up on the back of my neck. Leon was completely average. And yes, I agree with comment 14, that the judges seemed to know before the winner was announced. Simon said something like “Rhydian, if we never hear you sing again, well, what a way to go”. I thought that sounded fishy at the time. Also, how much botox have the Minogue sisters had????

    Comment by Terri — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 00:29

  33. I write in French!!
    Je crois que Leon a fait le parfait candidat pour la final et il a un bon avenir, car sa voix mon Dieu!!! Magnifique!!! il est beau et jeune et a du talent, donne-lui la chance s’il vous plait!!!

    Comment by Aimee — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 00:31

  34. And the winner is……………….LEON.This is to all the people who have put Leon down.This young man was simply superb tonight and it sticks in your throat!!!Straight from the very start of Saturdays program there was only going to be one winner.In the past week i have had to read comments about how rubbish Leon is and that Rhydian was going to walk away with the contract.Who won???? Didn’t the whole of Scotland tell you this would happen.If you think the support he had to win was good wait until the single is released.It will be flying out the stores.The public got it right again and i just love telling you “i told you so!!!”.Rhydian will be a star anyway and he was very gracious in defeat.Well done LEON .The whole of Scotland is very proud of you and you deserve every bit of success that is coming your way.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…………………..

    Comment by David — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 02:49

  35. I can’t believe that such a tuneless singer could beat the pure notes of Rhydian. It’s obvious that the Teeny vote wins everytime in this ridiculous method of voting.
    The final 5 minutes were a farce with Simon mixing up names and Dermot O’leary not broadcasting Rhydian’s number to call when reaching the final vote.

    Comment by Christine O'Sullivan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 09:51

  36. Just Woke Up & Thought I’d Had A Bad Dream Where They Annouced The Winner Of X Factor “Leon” Please Tell Me That The Votes Were Miscounted.
    Rydian Was In A Class Of His Own & Much More Deserved To Win The Title Of The Winner.
    Lets Just Hope Leon Turns Out To Be Another Steve Brookstein!

    Comment by Rachel — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:11

  37. Re comment no 14 by Karen – yes I noticed that the judges appeared to know who had won by the comments that they gave Rhydian at the end of his last song. I think by the look on his face he realised it as well.

    I thought Rhydian was excellent throughout this show and was clearly the oustanding performer of the series – I think Leon was good but nowhere near Rhydian and I would not buy Leons records.

    Good luck Rhydian and I hope that we will hear a lot, lot more of you in the future.

    Comment by Teagan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:50

  38. so i think Dannie, Sharon, Louis and Dermont did not act in the best interest of the candidates. i thought this show was about talent, best vocalist and the one having the x factor but not for one minute i thought it was about wales vs england vs scotland (vice versas).
    Leon does not know how to sing. he has used his life situation to influence the public to vote for him, may be not directly but indirectly. for e.g. when sarah was telling her story about bullying everybody accused her of trying to win votes. so how is that ok for leon to use his situation in life not tricking the public!!!! i wonder!!!
    rhydian definitely should have won. he has got talent, best vocal, know how to entertain the public, representing himself not using any external factors to influnece us to vote for him. he wanted us to judge and vote for him of the talents he has delivered. and god he has got the x-factor.
    dermont and dannie has been promoting Leon hence here we can see favouritism. watch the show and you will know what i am talking about.
    why Dannie minogue is a judge!!!how many hit singles!!!she was sticking out her tongue when rhydian was singing….
    only Simon knows who has got talent…and his comment throughout the show about rhydian has been consistently briliant.
    sack Dannie she is a fake.

    Comment by laila — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 10:52

  39. Leon won through the teeny vote, he was mostly singing flat and off key, If he got the most votes it was because because mostly kids bother to phone in.

    Rhydian always sings perfectly but the voting was a farce with Simon losing his way and Dermot mainly plugging Leons number.

    It clearly isn’t a competition to find the best singer.

    In the end …..what a joke, a lovely series spoilt by ending in chaos.

    Comment by Christine O'Sullivan — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:44

  40. What a load of rubbish Leon Winning he should have gone on show 1 let alone last till the end, he will be another Steve Brokstien( or what ever his name was) 7 months down the line he will get dumped by the record label, lets face it all they are going to do is release ray quins album with his face on and let him kill some more song with the voice(I know What voice).

    RYHDIAN was the Best all throught the show.

    Comment by Jon — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 11:45

  41. Leon – the new, slimline Michelle McManus?

    Comment by Big H — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:23

  42. Well, what a disgrace.
    I didnt get to see the final as i had to go to a party. My sister told me that Leon had won and i thought she was having a sick joke. It wasnt till later i actually realised that this had happened. I cannot beleive that a talentless, flat noted, non descript person has one a “singing” contest over Rhydian. Im truly disgusted and can only put it down to the Scots V Engalnd debate. Its a shame that it has to come to political arguments to decide on the winner of X factor. Rhydian was by far the better singer throughout the whole competition. I was amazed that Leon ever made the final. I would of put Rhyd 1st, SD 2nd and that snivelling idiot 3rd.
    It had to be a fix. Im sure of it.
    I will never listen to anything that Leon records but will actively buy anything Rhydian releases and would glady see him West End.
    Theatre is his niche so Rhydian we support and love you and yes you were ROBBED!!!

    Comment by emma and sarah — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:50

  43. I am very dissapointed with the results this year. How Niki and Beverley could have been voted out and Leon get through beats me. there has also been a lot better talant that did not get through some times i wonder just what some people call singing. Shayne and Leona are one in a million but Leon i dont think so. sorry but i think he will be like Steve a one hit wonder if hes lucky.

    Comment by Allison — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 12:58

  44. who cares anyway the programme is a load of old rubbish, people like simon cowell have turned music into a pathetic business brainwashing people into buying garbage scrap the show now and lets have real music back like it use to be ie bands like led zep, stones, queen, lizzy, iron maiden bands that can actually write produce and perform their own music without being put on a plate for them, im in a pub band how many of them on x factor have had to set up their own gear perform a 2 hour plus set for 30 quid each lets get back to reality please.

    Comment by jon ingham — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 13:04

  45. I know this competition is a farce now as it is very much like the Eurovision Song Contest. Political.
    Wales vs Scotland.
    The wrong person won and ask yourself? Who had the X Factor throughout the Competition?
    I know as a musician.
    Never mind Rhyddian. You are a star and I know you will go very far , so if you read this don’t be bothered by coming second. you are in a

    Comment by JohnCollier — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 14:02

  46. Boooo Hooo Hoooo…Poor Rhydian.Get a life.Leon Jackson is the guy with the contract and he can only get better.Your guy Rhydian hit a few bum notes last night but that is swept under the carpet..

    Comment by David — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 15:35

  47. Rhydian was by far better than leon what a travesty, leon can sing but Rhydian was 20 thousand leagues ahed of him

    u cant tell me that leons duet with kylie was better that Rhydians with Katherine


    Comment by Alika — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 17:25

  48. As I have said before, not taking it away from Leon …..But did Scotland have the same problem with their phone lines when trying to register votes, So many people tried for over an hour in Wales to get through… The were too late… I think NTL cloesd all their communication lines. Very dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Dean — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 19:48

  49. Llongyfarchiadau Rhydian – you’re a star ! You have given so much pleasure to the nation over these last few weeks by sharing with us the wonderful gift of your beuatiful voice. This is just the beginning for you – stick to your principles – you are right – and all things will work together for good. Can’t wait to see what you do next ! God bless you. Caz.

    Comment by CAZ — Sunday, 16 December, 2007 @ 22:15

  50. Omi Gawd !!! x

    Leon Ihs Sooo Amzinn x

    Puree Majikk x !!!

    Whistle Forr Ah Hottie !!! x

    Whoo Whoo Whoo !!! x


    Leon Wunn Cuz Hes Thee Best !!! x


    Comment by Leigh x — Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 @ 12:51

  51. Iht Wissnae Joost Whales Phone Lines Whitt Werr Engaged !!!! x Wee Tried 40 Times Got Throo 2

    Comment by Leigh x — Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 @ 12:54

  52. Cant believe so many people are acting so ignorant about Leon winning, he deserved it more than anyone on that show, he worked hard and he performed best on the night! And for the welsh refusin to play his song on the radio is actually ridiculous…Hope next time any english or welsh people that win any type of reality show Scotland will show them the same appreciation they have Leon……NONE!!!
    Well done Leon you made Scotland proud!!!!!!

    Comment by Claire — Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 @ 21:34

  53. Postin another comment for the people who seem to think this was a farce!!!
    hahahahahaha!!! has it really come to the point where people are gettin jealous because Leon actually won!
    Rhydian is good at what he does..but he does not have the x-factor, he has no expression and he looks like somethin from night of the living dead..Leon did everything to boost his own confidence, fighting till the end like a true scot! He had the looks, the voice, the fans, and most importantly the x-factor

    Comment by Claire — Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 @ 21:43

  54. to comment 42….
    maybe u just feel disappointed because the party you were at the night of the finals, was as boring as rydian.
    Us scottish people will always stick by and support our own, so stop all the jealousy and let Leon live his dream, and go watch rydian looking like “fright night” in the phanthom of the opera.
    How disgraceful is the welsh radio stations,omg.
    Come on Scotland support Leon all the way and show these whingebags.

    Comment by janet — Tuesday, 18 December, 2007 @ 22:55

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