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Friday, 30 November, 2007

X Factor ‘Best of British’ Song Choices

With just five acts left in the competition things are really getting tight in the X Factor. Last week’s eviction of Beverley provoked the biggest reaction we’ve ever had at the X Factor blog, with over 250 comments in a couple of days on the main story, and another 150 or so in others!
Will this week’s show prove to be equally controversial?

This week’s theme is ‘Best of British’, with all the acts singing two songs. Here’s what you can expect to hear on Saturday:


We Will Rock You
2 Become 1


The Long and Winding Road
Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Fields of Gold
Total Eclipse of The Heart


Somebody To Love
I Vow to Thee My Country/World In Union

Same Difference

Wake Me up Before You Go Go
Any Dream Will Do


  1. I’ve been watching xfactor since it started and i was really shocked to see beverly evicted, it really was a bad jugdment from sharon, what the hell was she thinking and why would she let bev leave whatever she was thinkin i’ll say it was the biggest mistake and the worst jugde of the show is sharon. she is not even ment to be a judge at first ”who made her one” was she tryin to please simon for savin HOPE those pple will neva win d show and if they do its gonna be a disaster and sharon knows that fact. They’ve been in bottom two for record breakin three times and yet she went ahead savin them. Those hope are the worst and i don’t even lik them at all and from all d comments i’ve been seein i don’t think many pple do like them.Bev deserve to be in the final and if possible win the show but now shes gone what a pity nd what a shame for sharon for bein so impartial, she let so many pple down and i use to lik her b4 but now i hate her and so many pple do too.nikki is a great singer and i want her to win rhydian’s got a great voice but i don’t want want him to win cos i can’t listen to his music he scares me and makes me wanna cry same differnt are ok and leon well i’ll say he’s also ok but i don’t really like him he lks preety(sory 2 all his fans) and he trembles everytime he sings.SHARON watch out on ur comment because u can’t sing a thin u just sit their and make silly comments,danni is great iluv her, simon,well sometimes he can be fake in his judgement but he’s grt and d best judge ever, as for louis i’ld say he’s just an old man wantin all to be from the 70’s but am quite happy with he’s comment for SD last wk.

    Comment by cheevitah adison — Friday, 30 November, 2007 @ 15:15

  2. …and the relevance of all that textspeak to this artilce is?

    Hope should go now and the choice of songs should ensure it. Their only “hope” is that SD have a nightmare as I am not sure about their choice of song. It looks as if they will either be great or a roadcrash.

    Comment by hammy — Friday, 30 November, 2007 @ 23:21

  3. Hope don’t have a hope in hells chance of winning.

    The only way they’d win in the final is if the entire population of voters had some sort of seizure and the only person able to vote was one of their mothers.

    Comment by Becky — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 19:17

  4. Same Difference are sickening! Pass me a bucket - every time they come on its sickly and TWEE. Now they are roping in kids to boost their votes. Like Sharon just said - all we need now are puppies next week and maybe milking a goat on stage etc etc. They have no talent and are vile - like the Waltons on speed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE X FACTOR VIEWERS - COME TO YOUR SENSES AND VOTE THEM OFF IMMEDIATELY FOR EVERYBODY’S SANITY.

    Comment by louise — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 20:08

  5. I also think Leon is very lucky to still be in the competition - he was awful first few weeks and had no personality BUT he is improving. Nicky is a genuine singer and deserves to win but I also like HOPE and RHYDIAN. Best of luck to all these acts but if SAME DIFFERENCE get through again tonight like Louis said it will be a TRAVESTY and give me NIGHTMARES. Who on earth is voting these teenyboppers in ????

    Comment by louise — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 20:12

  6. I have watched the x FACTOR for the last three years. This year I really think Louis Walsh should think of standing down for good. His comments about certain individuals like Same Difference are so not justified.He has even managed to slag the Spice Girls. Who the yell does he think he is. I clearly am not his fan and believe he should think seriously of retiring to Ireland

    Comment by Liz Kiely — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 20:30

  7. dani is out of order tonight!! what an awful thing to say when challenged about rydian!, he hasent used any excuses like his father died?? that warrants an appology missy cant sing! what a calous, foul mouthed bleep the girl is!!

    Comment by sue — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 20:30

  8. Hope: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They’re disgusting and whenever it’s their turn to “perform” I have to look away and cover my ears! It would be funny if they ever won (I dont know who is keeping them in, I cant imagine anyone liking them) They just look so spiteful especially the shortest one, she looks like a snake ready to bite off anyone who comes in her way!!!! Anyway if they win it would be shame on the show and sure failure!!!! Go home hope!!!

    Comment by Tamara — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 20:34

  9. Sue, even though Danni was out of order by making the comment about Lisa’s father, she did have a point!! Louis said how her father would be proud of her…why play the sympathy card? It is boring now and, let’s face it, plenty of people have lost parents!!

    Anyway, Hope say they will continue as a group but SC won’t discuss any possible deal with acts voted off until the series is finished. Yeah!! In three months’ time
    1. Hope will still be looking for a contract, but
    2. they will be a four member group, because
    3. Phoebe will have left before the end of the year, and
    4. signed with SC

    Of the remainder,
    Rhydian, if this really is a singing contest looking for someone with the X factor, will win the final. More versatile than any remaining in the competition, he has the added advantage of having a ‘purer’ voice than others and having something ‘unusual’ (his looks) to market as well.
    Niki, sadly, will not have a major singing career but will certainly make a decent living at it. Yes, she can belt a song out, but so can Bonnie Tyler and Carol Decker, who are hardly setting the music world alight. Unfortunately can se her going down the Jane McDonald route.
    Same Difference…kid’s TV shows and pantos, but they realise that is their market.
    Leon…tricky one this. He has shown the most improvement of the four acts but he had the most room for improvement, because he was awful for the first 2-3 weeks. The judges say he reminds them of Michael Boublier and we do not have a British version. That is true, but in his comfort zone (jazz/big band) he is just like Ray Quinn, recently dropped by his record company. A good singer but he does not have the X factor.

    Comment by hammy — Saturday, 1 December, 2007 @ 22:41

  10. luvd nikki tonight,absolutely brill songs and she sang them great,passionately,with control and in her own style,she doesnt try to copy anyone!fab show ,and see you all their oat the tour….yipeeee

    Comment by sam carver — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 04:29

  11. The Rhydstar was amazing tonight he sang the world union from the bottom of his heart brilliant!!!!
    Nikki and Rhyd will def be in the final I love Nikki i think she is just fab fab fab it’s just a shame there cant be two winners cause these two are my favourite!!
    Same Difference are shit they should have gone weeks ago,tonight it was like watching a performence for 1 year olds soooooooooooooooooooo cheesy.
    I think Louis have a right to still be pissed off that they are still there and Bev went last week what a joke.
    Same Difference, Same S**t just different week!!!!!!

    Comment by Lilly — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 07:46

  12. I agree with most of what Hammy has said. Danni was out of order with her comments about Nikki’s father but Louis has been out of order with his comments for the whole series. Apart from Simon I think that the other three judges should be replaced for the next series.
    As the weeks have passed it has become obvious that Rhydian is in a class of his own. He has the best voice by a mile. He has been amazingly versatile and is going to have an illustrious career.
    Same Difference are probably the only other act, apart from Phoebe if she goes solo, who are going to be successful. They are tapping into the right market. They are ideal for Children’s Television and there is nothing wrong with that. Just look how successful Mark and Sam from Pop Idol 2003 have become.
    Realistically Nikki and Beverley will only ever be cabaret artists. Few people are going to buy any cds they release. They have pleasant voices but no star quality.
    Leon may get a recording contract but like Ray Quinn and Gareth Gates his appeal will be short lived.

    Comment by Peter — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 12:16

  13. Oh My God!! What Was Simon Thinking Giving “Hope” Bloody We Will Rock You!. HOW DREADFUL Was That!? They Ruined The Queen Song!!.

    So Glad They Went!

    Rhydian! He Is A Star!!. I Never Liked Him Untill The Live Shows When He Came Out With Phantom Of The Opera! That Guy has A FABULOUS! Voice And Deserves To Win!. He Did Well With SBTL Last Night.

    Leon! Aww Bless Him!, He’d Be Better Off Singing, Sinatra/Bublé Rathre Then Crazy Little Thing Called Love, But Again! Very Good!, Hes Getting Alot Better, Just Needs His Confidence To Grow A Bit More.

    I’m Not Quite Sure Where Same Difference Come From, But Oh My God They Are Mental!. Why Are They In This Comp?? They Would Be Better Off In Butlins!

    Comment by Aimé — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 12:30

  14. Please can Rhydian release a CD before Christmas to incorporate all the songs on the series (sung by him of course)? He is the only one with any talent and as long as there is no vote rigging is the only possible winner.

    p.s. What on earth are Same Difference doing on the show and why do they act like two year olds?

    Comment by Maureen — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 14:30

  15. The only serious lack of talent in that farce of a ’show’ are those ‘judges’. They should all be shot and fed to cannibalistic pigs. Simon and Louis are bum boys extraordinaire, and must have arses like baboons the way they give it to each other. Dani Minnogue ? What the hell is she all about ?! Her only call to fame was giving that actor Mc Mahon a dose of the clap. Sharon, with her perma granny grin has got to have an industial strength vibe in situ. She’d need it with that load of crap week in and week out, and can well afford it with her plastic tits and teeth. Any wonder the country’s in state it’s in being fed that trash. Shoot them all - ASAP !!

    I think I’ll go off a sing a little song to calm my nerves. :-)

    Comment by Marissa — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 15:31

  16. Nicky’s first song hit all the right spots and was well done. Her second one was not of the same class and failed to touch the spots.

    Rhidian is so versatile and consistent and his diction is first class. He has the ability to cover the music spectrum, from pop to rock to classical to opera and thus, to do it justice. I think this ability will appeal to a very wide audience and the world is his oyster. I would love to hear him sing Suo Gan.

    Comment by Paul — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 15:52

  17. Rhydian for the Win!!!!

    Supremely glad that Hope have finally gone, they were terrible, total wannabes, with nothing to show for all the “hard work” they say they’re putting in. They should have gone last week, and Bev should still be there… Leon should have gone this week, which would leave the four best acts in! Same Difference aren’t going to win, but even people that hate them have to admit they have talent, they fill a niche for kids etc.

    Niki is fab, best of luck to her, but I’m still backing Rhydders….

    Dani should leave and never come back, she alwasy waits to see what Simon and Sharon say, and argues with Sharon and sucks up to Simon. Speak your own mind you stuck up madam, and stop pretending to be some superstar, you have practically no singing career, and only have even that because of your sister!!!

    Comment by FreakGirl — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 19:17

  18. same difference are so absolutly sickly to watch, is there something incestious going on there? They are bloody awful and make me cringe just to watch them. Who is voting for them? Please come to your senses everyone and lets get rid of them FOREVER AND EVER. yuk

    Comment by andrea — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 19:54

  19. In all honesty I do not think that any of the finalist have the X factor, none of them had any WOW about them, if I had chosen it would have been Beverly.

    From the top, there is no disputing that Rhydian has a good voice, however, he is not going to sell records and make Simon more millions, and he will get a job most probably in Theatre land which suits his voice. Nicky has a good voice; again she is not going to sell records either, although I think she will make a good living from her singing. Leon has a voice but he is too mild and meek for the cut throat pop world. In time his voice will develop and I wish him well.

    The brother and sister, I can see them as children entertainers, again, I do not think that they will sell records. I would have thought that either her parents or Simon would have pulled her to one side and told her to stop acting like a simpleton, the girl does not act like a normal 18 year old, she must choreograph herself as Shirley Temple singing “On the good ship lollipop” with her stupid smile and her child like presence on stage. One good thing for her is that she isn’t my sister.

    One “deadlock” I would like to witness, Louis and Simon having a no holds barred fist fight, proceeds go to charity

    Comment by Dave — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 20:43

  20. same difference thats right your both a pair ov sickly looking get’s no one like’s ya please go next week i can’t bare another week of looking at them slimey smiles i have a daughter of 13 she cant stand ya pair of freeks come on the uk get rid off them x

    Comment by sarah — Sunday, 2 December, 2007 @ 21:40

  21. I wish folk would stop giving Same Difference such a hard time, they are cheesy and annoying, they do have a close sibling relationship (nothing wrong with that)they do act like children, but at the end of the day they’re still in the competition, they’ve never been in the bottom two and more importantly, they can sing! They have bags of energy and thousands of people like them cos they wouldn’t be in otherwise. If there’s somebody who doesn’t deserve to be in, its Leon. Can’t stand him, looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. No personality and crap singer. Niki I can’t warm to, she thinks she’s better than what she is. Hope were pretty good to start with and then started to go crap, Phoebe was such a naff singer,so over rated for some reason, glad they’ve gone. Gotta be Rhydian to win, hasn’t got the X factor looks, but one hell of a voice, not for the pop industry though. Shall keep watching as I just Luuuuurvvve Mr Cowell.

    Comment by Anni — Monday, 3 December, 2007 @ 09:56

  22. Ya guys come to your senses and stop having a Go at Same Diffrence.We all know that they are not going to win the competition, so let them carry on their performance as long as they are still kept in the competition.They will leave when it’s their turn to go.I personally think they have put in their effort and a good work to all their performances so far and have been genuine even though it does not apeal to the public.They are doing what they can do best. Hope leaving the competition on Sat night was good riddance to Bad rubbish, especially with the way Bev had to go instead of them. Same diffrence might leave very soon, just let the time come, People!!!!!!!!.

    Comment by lunmsy — Monday, 3 December, 2007 @ 13:49

  23. Rhydian is just amazing he is in a different league to everyone else. He has the X factor. Vote Vote RHYDIAN XX

    Comment by coyotechick — Monday, 3 December, 2007 @ 22:17

  24. I love Rhydian! It makes a real difference putting a properly trained singer into the mix. My friend queried whether therefore it is fair that he is in it at all, but there is no reason why the others couldn’t have had a few lessons - you would with any other instrument.

    But saying that Nikki, who seems fairly untrained, has very good control of her voice and is biting at Rhydian’s heels as far as the final is concerned.

    Same Difference - please go and do panto or kid’s entertaining! They have talent but not for what they are trying to do - there is nothing wrong with doing panto really well.

    Comment by Sarah — Tuesday, 4 December, 2007 @ 14:10

  25. Awh I just have to say i LOve Leon He Is so brilliant. In my oppinion he along with beverly and rhydian is the best thing that has happened to the xfactor in a long time.
    Love Ericka xx

    Comment by ericka — Thursday, 6 December, 2007 @ 17:58

  26. Hope - hopeless, their harmonies are so off key - thank god their gone
    Rydian - great voice, will suit singing the welsh anthem for a rugby match 2/1
    leon - no personality, no x factor, boring,etc etc 5/1
    niki - great voice, good chance - i can hear accent coming through her singing though! 3/1
    same difference - no comment

    Comment by jen x — Thursday, 6 December, 2007 @ 20:46

  27. Rhydian has presence, he can hold any challenging act with his voice work and dramatic acts. It is a two way thing: he can give and the public enjoy receiving from him. I hope the program will set all the professional, financial and resources he certainly deserves with his talents, hardwork and dedication.

    Comment by Amy — Friday, 7 December, 2007 @ 09:02

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