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Saturday, 17 November, 2007

Alisha out after sing-off with Hope

It was a battle of the girls in the bottom two, as Hope and Alisha sang to save their place in the contest.

Simon and Sharon both opted to save their own acts, leaving the decision on who stayed and who went to Louis and Dannii. A tearful Dannii voted to send Alisha home. Louis agonised over his choice, saying “Alisha has so much more to give […] do I ruin one person’s dream of five people’s? […] I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t!”
After much deliberation Louis finally decided to send Alisha home, leaving Sharon with no acts.

Earlier there was some controversy when sibling duo Same Difference were booed by the studio audience after being told they were the first act through to the next week.


  1. This was one of Alisha’s best performances, Hope hit a lot of bum notes. Me thinks it’s all a bit rigged so Hope win and go up against the Spice Girls for Xmas.

    Hope should have one of the other girls lead a performance so see how strong they are….

    Comment by Tony Chiarizia — Saturday, 17 November, 2007 @ 21:38

  2. oh my god, same difference r not fit enuf to kiss alisha’s cute big ass

    Comment by Sharon — Saturday, 17 November, 2007 @ 21:40

  3. I like Alisha a lot, but Hope have a better chance of making the finals than Alisha and I can’t blame the judges. I didn’t think it was Alisha’s best performance, but I’m feeling sorry for sharron.

    Comment by Sinthiya — Saturday, 17 November, 2007 @ 21:42

  4. I cant believe people are voting to keep same difference in - they are awful and they are like the children of the Stepford Wives!! It is sad Alisha and Hope were in the sing off - neither should have been there :(

    Comment by hopeful — Saturday, 17 November, 2007 @ 21:54

  5. “Damned if I do and damned if I don’t?” Pull the other one, Louis, you have done more cheerleading for Hope than you have for your own acts. “Better than the Spice Girls?” They aren’t great but purleeeeeze…!!
    undoubtedly it is the case that, as he suggested the creation of the groups from the ‘near misses’ he has a vested interest in Hope even though he isn’t their mentor. Imagine if Hope win…Cowell’s record company but who would manage them, do you think?
    Thankfully the chances of Hope winning are slim because the public have seen through them. For Louis to keep banging on about how they don’t deserve to be in the bottom two is mad. They are there because the public don’t rate them Louis…and that is why you are backing a bum one. Rather apt.

    Comment by hammy — Saturday, 17 November, 2007 @ 22:18

  6. Hope hit more bum notes as usual. Pheobe isn’t that good either and she’s the main singer. Alisha was good last night. And poor Same Difference, to have their song changed the name before and then come on stage and belt out a new one shows their calibre. Imagine Hope doing that????

    Rhydian was interesting last night, though not sure the song was that great reeally, but he has guts and courage to come back each week with something totally different.

    Comment by Lizzie — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 10:38

  7. Surprised Alisha’s gone out, she often sang out of key, so I thought she would at least get second place, as Ray sang out of key everyweek last year and he came second. And yes same differance might get a job at Butlins, cleaning out bogs definately not singing. This has got to be the poorest line up ever of the X Factor.

    Comment by amused — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 10:50

  8. How great was Andy Peters last night with Fern in her Forum? He’s finally said what the public have been saying about Hope and that they’re not as good or as popular as the Judges think. This has been proved by the fact they have now been in the bottom 2 twice. Futureproof were much better, at least with the boys they could all sing! There’s only one winner this year and that’s Rhydian as long as people keep voting for him as no-one is safe as last year proved when we were deprived of the propper final as Ben wasn’t in it. Not saying we didn’t get the right winner as Leona has a great voice but Ben should have been there not Ray.

    Comment by Mike — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 13:13

  9. Alisha’s performance was really flat, not enough power in her voice for that kind of song, but tell me, who can blame her when she’s strapped up in a tight corset?? how could she be expected to sing a song like that without the lungspace she needs to hit the right notes??

    Comment by emily — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 13:29

  10. last nights decision to vote Alisha off the show was the right thing to do based on her performance on the night I also can’t believe that Same Difference are still in the running they are awful.
    But the show is becoming a pathetic battle of personalities between that walsh chap who seems to think he is a talent spotter, where as in fact he makes him self look so stupid with his constant idiotic comments and childish attitude ( he is single handedly spoiling the show)for the sake of the remaining contestants why don’t the producers put some sort of ban on this so called expert and the other judges to stop them trying to score points off each other as it has become so stupid it’s not worth watching any more

    Comment by i.pike — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 13:36

  11. I am outraged that same difference and rhydian are still in the competition. Alisha and hope did not deserve to be in the bottom 2.
    What I want to know is, what stupid people are voting for same difference and if the people who vote are reading this then I would like to add, are you insane?! What is going through your stupid little minds?
    Same difference are RUBBISH! They are ok singers but they will make no money, the woman is too fake and smiley and the guy is OBVIOUSLY gay.
    So please people stop f***ing voting for same difference, a good act went out last night and probably because all you narrow minded people are turning a singing competition into a ‘who-is-the-nicest’ contest.

    Comment by Samantha — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 16:16

  12. I cant believe Alisha was voted out on sat she can sing sooo much better than hope, who hit sooo many poor notes and dont work at all as a group! the only reason they are still in the competition is because of their sex appeal. And as for same difference, what a load of s***! They are unbelievably cheasy and although they might be very nice people- as the judges keep sayin, they just don’t have the quality to become world class popstars!!! I think danni n louis were really thinking of themselves when they sent alisha home and that sucks!

    Comment by chrystal — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 16:29

  13. well yet again the dodgy x factor send the wrong person home, i actually do believe that this year is rigged for those talentless bimbo’s HOPE to win i do still watch bits even tho i did say in one comment i would never watch this crap again, but now my boys have gone i am flying the flag for BEV how great was she tonight, i just wish the public would not vote as they are being shafted the decision should be the public and the public only as i bet that HOPE got the lesser vote but the judges decide and its as plane as anything that cowell and walsh have pound signs in there eyes with the BIMBO’S who looked like a bunch of turkeys in there tin foil ready for the oven. next week motown there will only be BEV that can pull that one off.

    Comment by shelley — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 16:41

  14. Poor Alisha,
    I think the dancers/skaters lost it for her. Couldn’t concentrate on her and the song with those idiots messing about in front and around her. Sharon should not have allowed it. She is the mentor and she should have the final say. I hope Alisha does well despite being voted out so early. I would buy her records, her version of Valerie was very credible. “Same Difference” are a joke. GET THEM OUT!!
    Please can Rhydian have a proper song next week cos he’s fantastic and Niki you are superb!! You can sing anything as good as anyone. Much better than Beverley.

    Comment by Helen — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 17:24

  15. This is the worst X Factor, all the acts are inferior compared to previous shows.

    Eton Road and 4Sure were booted off early in the last series which was a mistake,obviously they have made the same mistake again in getting rid of Futureproof as they were the only marketable act and actually could sing in tune.

    Hope cannot!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Dave — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 17:38

  16. Well, I can only agree that this is the worst x factor , mainly because Danni chose the wrong guys to enter the competition in the first place…

    Comment by John Langen — Sunday, 18 November, 2007 @ 23:23

  17. Well, well, people seem to be quiet annoyed then. I think is because the judges should stop that personal insults in a singing competition. Anyway, Nikki you have a very good voice please be true to yourself and stop that “hot stuff” thing. Beverly has something that I quiet like, she is true to herself, go Beverly. About Same Difference, they are GOOD, so please, stop putting them down. Simon we like them, that’s why we are keeping them in the competition, so pay attention to the public vote and give them the right act. Stop making them look ridiculous just because people, like Louis think that only children will like them. Bad news for these people: adults like them too. Nice voices, not Hot stuff thing, but natural. Some of us, like to see real talent and no prefabricated talent, with extra make up and no clothes.

    Comment by claire — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 12:13

  18. Is it me or are Same Difference a bit odd? Something not quite right about them…..

    Comment by Kerry — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 15:19

  19. Leon fluffed his lines completely and NONE of the judges picked this up. It seems like our favourite talent show is a bit of a fix as last year when one of Simons acts forgot thier lines mid song they all picked up on it!!

    Comment by Leanne — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 17:07

  20. It’s true, the line up this year is not as good as last year, and true too that Ben should have been in the finals with Leona, although the right choice was made - Leona is fantastic.

    Rhydian is going to win, it’s obvious. If he’s not already got a West End contract signed I’d be very surprised. The rest are OK, but against him nobody stands a chance. Yet, I like Hope. Phoebe looks great. I loved Andy too. Leon is rubbish and Same Difference are a bit weird, the way they both stick their necks forward - maybe they’re both a bit deaf! Niki is beautiful, and sings great, she really deserves a break.

    The judges should not blame the cheorography or argue in public - it’s so unprofessional, but Simon Cowell is so self-satisfied, it would drive a Saint to drink. So why do they work with him? Big bucks I suppose, and as they say, any publicity is good publicity.

    Comment by Marguerite — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 22:36

  21. I agree with those who have written that this is the poorest X Factor final for some time.
    Rhydian is an embarrassment - yes, he can sure sing, but he’s COMPLETELY out of place in this competition. It’s supposed to be about pop music not for opera singers!
    I’m surprised Nicky hasn’t been mentioned much - she’s really talented and of those left in deserves to win.

    Comment by Simon — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 23:24

  22. Samantha, can you see the irony in your comments about Same Difference, You know, the ones about her being fake and smiley and him being OBVIOUSLY gay in the same post as a complaint about narrow minded people? What has a person’s sexuality got to do with it. What about it if someone smiles a lot?
    As has been said on here, Same Diffenence are liked by the public, as shown by the fact that they have never been in the bottom two. Alisha was paying her third visit there. The public aren’t out of touch with what they like, you are.
    However, you show your lack of a musical ear by implying that Hope and Alisha did not deserve to be in the bottom two but Same Difference and Rhydian should have been. Sorry, Sam, but this is a singing competition and the two acts in the bottom two last week had problems with that, the two you dislike don’t as they can sing. To be fair to them ii is apparent Hope and Alisha could also sing the right notes, just not necessarily in the right place or at the right time in the songs!!

    Comment by hammy — Monday, 19 November, 2007 @ 23:50

  23. Some of you really make me laugh with your comments. Rhydian can’t sing? HA HA! He is the only one who can without having to shout!!!!!!Nothing wrong with Same Difference they are enjoying every minute of it, good for them. Bev, Nikki and Leon need their own type of song to do well. Do we need another girl group? Not sure about them, maybe they might improve with time. We need to get rid of the judges vote, we buy the music so its up to us not them.

    Comment by doreen sibley — Wednesday, 21 November, 2007 @ 10:25

  24. This is stupid. This is the first X factor that I have probably watched so I can’t say it’s better or worse than before. Will people stop having a go at Same Difference, they don’t get in the bottom two because people LIKE them.

    I think Niki should of been in the bottom two, I didn’t like her this week or last week, she’s much better at big ballads.

    I want beverly to win. Go Bev!!!:)

    Comment by heather — Wednesday, 21 November, 2007 @ 10:32

  25. niki to win i’m going to bet on her,,
    Rhydian or niki to win l liked futureproof
    rhydian is definitely a Weirdo Arrogant but not a bad voice

    Comment by sallyanne — Thursday, 22 November, 2007 @ 16:44

  26. niki and beverly are the best.
    same difference and leon just ok
    rhydian - wasn’t he meant to be sent home from bootcamp and never come back? there’s something i just dont like about him. he’s got no talent,just a noisy voice with no flavour…

    Comment by precious — Thursday, 22 November, 2007 @ 16:49

  27. Beverley has got to be the best. Her last two performances were exceptional. Nikki is next best. I think Rhydian is overated and boring…people neeed to think for themselves rather than buy into the HYPE with him.

    Comment by Nan — Thursday, 22 November, 2007 @ 22:21

  28. Alisha is a very good singer. Its a shame she got voted off. I hope someone out there will see how good she is and promote her great voice.

    Comment by Don — Friday, 23 November, 2007 @ 20:50

  29. Hi has everyone gone mad at the X Factor? Hope think they can sing Wrong. They are off key. Their only hope is that the stylist keeps giving them the sort of clothes that the men like to vote for. It is certainly for their voices.

    Comment by jezzy — Friday, 23 November, 2007 @ 22:06

  30. Hi the last comment should read it is certainly NOT for their voices. Well done that girl FAYE SAWYER for knowing her job.

    Comment by jezzy — Friday, 23 November, 2007 @ 22:09

  31. Interesting bunch of comments. I don’t think Alisha has enough power in her voice to win this competition, however she sang better than Hope again last week and should have stayed. I don’t think Same Difference sing that well together, excellent for small shows, but not to win X-Factor. Leon does quite well, Nikki is hanging in there with some good stuff. Rhydian always gives a good strong performance, he’s really reliable stuff. But Beverley has such a strong voice - I reckon Beverley has got to win this. Go Bev Go!

    I do wish the judges would stop arguing amongst themselves, it’s pathetic. Why are they playing this ridiculous game of which mentor/judge is going to win - it’s about the best singer, that’s ALL it’s about. This is about selecting the best singer that is going to perform well with the record contract deal at the end. Why select the wrong person so that the ‘best’ mentor wins, why select the wrong person because the judges are calling shots - this is just silly!

    Comment by Tony — Saturday, 24 November, 2007 @ 16:04

  32. I just watched the brother and sister act and I could not believe Simon Cowell’s face. He looked like he really liked them. Either he has lost his edge or he is actually quite good at acting. Just in case anyone thinks I am wanting to have a pop at Simon, I am not, I think he is gorgeous. Maybe they should go back to judging them independently to get back to reality.

    Comment by Nancy Faulkner — Saturday, 24 November, 2007 @ 19:23

  33. What I would like to see happen this is for Hope and Same Difference voted off in the next two weeks, maybe then Simon will be big enough to admit he was wrong to get rid of Futureproof in the early rounds, he should then vote for an act that can at least try and make a go of it after series ends!

    No doubt Rhydian will get work, Leon will get work on cruise liners, but lets be honest the rest will struggle!

    Comment by Satishka Bonovai — Thursday, 29 November, 2007 @ 00:13

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