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Monday, 18 December, 2006

X Factor Runner Up - Raymond Quinn Lands Recording Deal

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Runner up of the X Factor, Ray Quinn is reportedly about to record a debut swing album. He is due to go to Los Angeles to record in the very studios where Frank Sinatra once recorded.

Simon Cowell has revealed to the Daily Mirror: “I told Ray I was going to sign him. I wasn’t going to tell him yet but I had to after he behaved in such a dignified manner. His reaction was amazing. After what he did for Leona, I didn’t want him to go home miserable. We’re sending him to LA to record a swing album in the same place Frank Sinatra used.”

Also Cowell revealed to The Sun that: “I called on him after the final and said, ‘What are you doing on January 16?’ Ray said nothing so I said, ‘You’ll be recording in Sinatra’s old studio’.”


  1. YES!!!! RAY IS GETTING AN ALBUM!! It will be out just b4 my bday yay

    Comment by Nicky — Tuesday, 19 December, 2006 @ 17:16

  2. Omg Ray listen up boy no one wants to listen to your old-fashioned music it’s bloody 50’s music err hello we’re in 2006 nearly 2007 no one listens to it mate! I really hope you’re not successful and maybe then you’ll realise how rubbish you are!!

    Comment by Belinda — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 15:23


    Comment by Shan - Lurveee Ray — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 16:50


    Comment by Shan - Lurveee Ray — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 16:50


    Comment by Shan - Lurveee Ray — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 16:51


    Comment by Shan - Lurveee Ray — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 16:52

  7. wwahhhhhhhhoooooooooo fankoooo simon i lurvee u 2 wahoooooooooooo :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Comment by Shan - Lurveee Ray — Wednesday, 20 December, 2006 @ 16:53

  8. Great news for Ray, he was wonderful. I will be looking out for th album to purchase.

    Comment by jean — Thursday, 21 December, 2006 @ 08:02

  9. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! ALBUM FROM RAY!!!!!

    Comment by Nicky — Thursday, 21 December, 2006 @ 09:17

  10. I think Rays version of A moment like this was far better than Leonas he should do a cover version

    Comment by Gerry — Thursday, 21 December, 2006 @ 22:52

  11. yay some1 agrees

    Comment by Nicky — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 09:32

  12. record deal? ray?

    yippeeeeee!!!!! =D

    go ray go!!

    Comment by Beth — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 11:21


    Comment by anon — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 12:37

  14. There is probably a small market for Ray but his style is very dated and artifical. He may get one Album out of it before he disappears back into obscurity.

    Comment by Bob — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 14:44

  15. i wish him all the luck, i dont like his voice and wont be buying his album, but he was so gracious,who was the first person to comfort leona when she started crying after singing a moment like this as the winner it was ray bless him.

    Comment by lindsay — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 15:39


    Comment by Meg — Friday, 22 December, 2006 @ 22:18

  17. I am SO glad Ray is going to get a record contract.
    He is such a nice person and a great entertainer.We voted TONS for him and Leona.
    In answer to the person who posted the negative comment…..
    Our whole family watched the X Factor..all ages, and all of us liking different genres of music.I think it is great that everyone likes different music..that is what keeps the music industry going!! I keep an open mind and listen to ALL genres…some I like , some I don’t. So good luck to every musician out there who can bring a smile or a tear to people.
    Or should we all just like the current music and all be little clones?
    And for the record, the two people in our family who voted most for Ray were 10 and 13 years old, and the one who voted most for Leona was 54! Which is not to say she is not fantastic, as we love them both.

    Comment by sonia — Saturday, 23 December, 2006 @ 08:23

  18. It comes out in March :)

    Comment by Nicky — Saturday, 23 December, 2006 @ 09:05

  19. Ray we my hubby and i wish you ALL THE LUCK in the world and we will be buying your recording from twoo oldies that think your brill!

    Comment by catherine — Saturday, 23 December, 2006 @ 14:55

  20. its not fair wht they did 2 him in da final . Y did he av 2 sing a ‘moment like this’ thats like a girl song outta orda. if it wernt 4 dat he wud a won. alryt lets hear leona sing ‘my way’ haha wht a joker

    Comment by Christina — Monday, 25 December, 2006 @ 13:26

  21. OMG RAYMOND QUINN IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO POWERFUL i h8 leona and i voted for y to win 23 times u r soo sxy and i love you loads. Your nb 1 fan

    xx meabhxx

    Comment by meabh — Tuesday, 26 December, 2006 @ 15:34

  22. o shut up!!!!! listen hes like a young robbie williams can do anythin and he looked like a part of westlife when sang with them and leona (the 1 trick pony) why didnt she sing up tempo or anythin other than slow songs and sharon made a comment at final , leona ”leonafies” every song she does ….how true all she does is burst in 2 that stupid lip trembling and open ahhhhhhhh shite! same routine week in week out , one week she sang lady marmolade and got words mixed up and sounded teriible!!!!!! PMSL!! lets see whos 1 trick pony now , can leona do anythin but slow and lip trebling shite ”new maria carey , christina celine dion ,” dont make me laugh they dont bring out slow songs and DONT goo ahhhhhhhh at end a every song and lip tremble!!! go ray the whole of liverpools behind u and probably most the UK …new robbie williams and thats no joke wait and see

    Comment by ashley — Tuesday, 26 December, 2006 @ 22:21

  23. I am nearly 70 and I thought Ray was brilliant. Voted everytime for him. He will be the star of the future. The songs in the final certainly suited Leona, tipped in her favour. All the best to the lad, he put his all into it.

    Comment by Lena Taylor — Wednesday, 27 December, 2006 @ 09:51

  24. I agree with Christina that is unfair and there would have been loads of ppl saying it was unfair if the final song suited Ray. Its just favouriteism

    Comment by Nicky — Wednesday, 27 December, 2006 @ 16:33

  25. yay finaly i will be waiting for the album i knew he could do it well dun ray gd one luv ya i wish i cud meet ya

    Comment by Emily — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 14:26

  26. 1st thing i wanna say is the fact that when people knock ray saying he cant sing thats crap he has a great voice,smile,personality he is a very soft hearted guy who has great talent also i am glad he is gettin a contract coz he deserves it 10000000000000000% Leona is also gud!! but u ray h8ers stop knockin him, we luvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ray xxxx

    Comment by emma — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 16:08

  27. i think ray is the best singer that has eva been on there i would by his album anyday im a fan of him and u should have won it because i think it was favroitism and good luck for the future my mum thinks u r excerlent and she sed she is buying your album i liked leona to but u where better because there are lot of mariah careys out there nyc to hear something diffrent for a change xxxx

    Comment by emma — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 16:10

  28. heya good luck for the future ray u are excerlent at singing its nice to hear something diffrent for a change im sooo happy u got a record deal cos u are wkd and my mum thinks u r a good looking lad and thinks u should have won it and soo do i i love you u a star in every1s eyes xx

    Comment by emma — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 16:14

  29. bull. and ashley leona did do an uptempo song voulez vous. and she was ace. ray has an average voice ive heard better at karaokes. it is true he is an entertainer but so what i could find a million rays. and as for favouritism thats rubbish if ray was as good as you say he is he should have been able to work a moment like this, but he aint versatile like leona and i was completely neutral i wasnt a fan of rays or leonas so all you teenage girls who are like “oh no ray didnt win hes so fit he should have won” get over it the right person won end of.

    Comment by lindsay — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 17:16

  30. ray u have got a really gd voice, u should of won xfactor,leona is gd at singing but ray is better, i like both of them, and there is going to be loads of people buying ur album ray, dont u worry!!!!! hope u sell loads of records, luvya loadsxxxx

    Comment by Amy — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 19:35

  31. 1st thing is first, ray has got an amazing voice!!
    ne1 who seys he cant sing thn fink again! He got a nice look, personality and a very gd talent!! i fink ray deserves a cotract 100000000000000000000000000000000000%
    I admit leona is a gud singer but the fact is so is ray, so all u ray h8ers out der stop knockin him, when his album cumz out i bet he wll get loads coz e totaly derserves it, n mayb he wll do better thn leona coz loads of people luv swing n ray, he is soo cute!!
    we luuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuu!!!!!

    Comment by emma — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 20:46

  32. Well done to Ray, he full deserves a record contract. Leona will soon die out, because she has no personality, and if she does, she’s hiding it because she’s nasty. Never mind though, we’ll soon see who becomes the better artist, I just can’t wait to see the look on Leonas smug face when she flops in America, hahahaha

    Comment by santa — Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 21:32

  33. right listen up i am a massive fan of ray and was gutted when he didn’t win but he tried his best and to me he is and always will be the winnr of the x factor i cant belive people was calling him a one trick pony because he is far from that if any1 is a one trick pony it has to be leona come on she done the same bendy knees the same bird nest hair the same trembling lips he same screachy voice the same ballard music no i dont ever want 2 listen 2 her where as ray he is a true star i would love 2 meet him go ray u can do it 2 me u are the treu winner of the show stuff leona plus u were so calm and gracful when leona had won ur just a star ray xxxx

    Comment by katie — Saturday, 30 December, 2006 @ 13:17

  34. where it sez do it 2 me i ment u can do it. and 2 me u were the winner of the show lol

    Comment by katie — Saturday, 30 December, 2006 @ 13:19

  35. yazzz ray got his deal!!he was wkd!!

    i will be buying that album how nice was he to leona when she won!!

    when is it going to bee released

    Comment by emma — Saturday, 30 December, 2006 @ 17:17

  36. hi ray

    i just want to say that your voice is great you also have a great voice your a nice guy raymond quinn don’t you ever forget that when i hear you sing i just want to get up and dance

    you are so good can’t wait to see you on tour your going to be great

    love ya ray go all the way don’t give up.

    love bex


    p.s can’t wait until march because i’m going to see you on tour and the album good luck for the future.

    Comment by bex — Saturday, 30 December, 2006 @ 18:29

  37. Ray you are fab and I cannot wait for your album. you were such a gentleman when Leona won you deserve to go far you have a fab voice.. thank you Simon for making them both winners…

    Comment by Brenda — Saturday, 30 December, 2006 @ 22:50

  38. omg ray i am soooooo proud of yeh i will buy all yeh albums u deserved to be in da final. yeh no wen u sang you’ll never walk alone it made me cry and in da final i must have voted for yeh about a million times coz me fonebill has cum through and u dont wanna no the cost lol.i will buy all yeh albums and i no u will get to numba 1 and gud luck oh yeh i love yeh ray and luckin at these so does everybody else lol.luv ya loads loads of hugs and kisses from ellie ,age 10,from liverpool

    Comment by ellie — Sunday, 31 December, 2006 @ 08:25

  39. well done to ray he really desurved that record deal , as much as i love leona ray is really cute and i am a big fan of his music i hope he has a huge carrier a head of him cause he really desurves it if he does , some people say hes a one trick poney , ie like sharon osborn but i bet she can’t even sing one note . people have to start somewhere and thats where you’ve started coming second on the x factor from more then 1 millon people , your definetly going to have a carrier ulike the first winner steve brooksteen who fell out with simon and his record label , i can’t wait to hear his CD ,

    Comment by jade — Sunday, 31 December, 2006 @ 16:34

  40. I agree Leona has a good voice but we do have lots of diva’s out there, i dont buy them, cos they are all the same.Ray good luck to you, you are a great entertainer and a real nice guy (very rare these days) i wish i was your mum, i would be so proud.
    Keep going Ray lots of people including myself and my 15 year old daughter are awaiting your album. She is single and very pretty by the way. lol

    Lisa Good luck all the best xxx

    Comment by Lisa — Monday, 1 January, 2007 @ 12:14

  41. i cant wate till march all u people that say ray cant sing u need 2 clean your ears out


    Comment by lucy — Monday, 1 January, 2007 @ 15:12

  42. i h8 leona rays my winner

    Comment by kel — Monday, 1 January, 2007 @ 15:23

  43. Ray is great. We all love him and cant wait until March to buy his album.

    Comment by dil — Friday, 5 January, 2007 @ 13:32

  44. ray is soooo cute :D and is amazin performer and singer :) i loved look on sharon and louis faces when he sang my way the first time lol louis chin nearly hit the floor haha priceless whos 1 trick pony and panto boy now sharon eh :D ray quinn is goin2 be huge BIGGER than shayne ward , leonna or any other or the so called superstars of last couple of years :) when shayne last have a crowd rockin like ray did or when did the crowd pop for leona ? yeah shes gd singer but bet every1 in uk thinks what can she do beside ballads and that ridiculous lip tremblin crap :@ personally i wanted ray vs ben in final :P and the funny thing is louis said ”ray is the most natural out of semi finalists as he is HIMSELF ” wonder what that means eh :) leonas big head finally shown i wonder :D she is a utter prima dona she is so far up her own ass its not real :o i think again IF simon didnt say after rays openin song in final that he was the favourite 2 win …..and didnt give him a ballad version of a moment like this ray would have won :( if ray had done a diff version of moment like this (As ben was goin 2 do ) he would be the winner :) but hes the real winner as leona will flop big style in america how funny would it be 2 see her try and sing with christina or maria and see what a fake she is :D o and last fing RAY should be next member or westlife after the tour and his album is out as at the final he was sooooooo good with them while leona killed take thats song :)

    Comment by xx Chelsea xx — Friday, 5 January, 2007 @ 16:58

  45. please please please can ray have a tour when his album is ready???? come to newcastle!!!!! hes amazing i’d kill to see him in real life he’s well fit!!! x x x x x x x x x

    Comment by Katie — Friday, 5 January, 2007 @ 22:30

  46. RAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY woooooo i love you sooooo much you are the best singer ever ever ever ever
    i ALWAYS votd for you you a the whole of liverpool think you shoukd of won JUST IGNORE “BELINDA” YOUR BOSSSS and everyone loves you espsically meeeeee can’t wait for your album woooooooowoooo0wooowooowooowooowooow LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    Comment by laura — Monday, 8 January, 2007 @ 19:32

  47. ray quin was great it my be old fashion music but at least old fashioned music you can understand good luck ray.

    Comment by PAULA — Saturday, 13 January, 2007 @ 23:35

  48. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P ray is amazin i was sobin me heart out when he did not win but good on him for comin second well done ray ya don liverpool prouwd huni ray ya still a star in my eyes :P:P:P:P:P::P::P:P:P:P:P:

    Comment by hannah — Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 @ 15:15

  49. oh the final sholud av bin betweew ray and ben XXXXXXX
    p.s ray is fit =”">

    Comment by hannah — Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 @ 15:18


    Comment by hannah — Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 @ 15:19

  51. RAY YA THE BEST HUNI xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YE YOU SHOULD AV WON IN MY EYES BBE

    Comment by hannah — Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 @ 15:21


    Comment by hannah — Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 @ 15:24

  53. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr well done huni ya should av won but at least ya got a contract huni thats it and i hear you got a chance to record in frank sanartras old studios well done bbe

    Comment by hannah — Thursday, 18 January, 2007 @ 15:12


    Comment by hannah — Thursday, 18 January, 2007 @ 15:14


    Comment by hannah — Thursday, 18 January, 2007 @ 15:20


    Comment by hannah — Thursday, 18 January, 2007 @ 15:22

  57. omg i love ray i was gutted when he never won it but when he gets a album out i will be the first to buy it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv u rayxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by gemma — Saturday, 20 January, 2007 @ 11:03

  58. Sorry belinda ans co are so short sited but lots of people of ALL ages listen to swing just look how many albums Michael Buble sells. Go for it Ray no matter what your music you are a brilliant entertainer who like Sinatra, Como, etc will be here long after Leona is long forgotten like most of these modern so manufactured for profit artists.

    Comment by Les — Sunday, 21 January, 2007 @ 10:15


    Comment by MEGAN — Monday, 22 January, 2007 @ 08:35

  60. awwww ray ur gawjus huni!! i wanted u 2 win :P lol!! but leona is good:P!!
    good on ya simon:P
    in im gonna audtion for xfactor wen i older :p
    got 2 years yet tho :( lol!!
    anywayz luurrvee ya ray!!
    lurrvvveee cara xxxxx mwah xxxxx

    Comment by cara — Sunday, 28 January, 2007 @ 16:57

  61. omg! i cant wait to listen to this album i wanted ray 2 win from the start but atleast he got to final! GO 4 IT RAY!!!! u have me by your side all the way you can do it don’t worry about all them out there that say you cant they are just jelouse!!!! i will be deffo be buying this album wen it comes out! a BIG BIG thank you to simon!! :D:D:D

    Comment by sam — Wednesday, 31 January, 2007 @ 13:24

  62. Personally I think Ray was lame, every song he doe’s sounds the same. He had his chance of fame in brookside and if the general public loved him so much then he’d still be pretty famous. Simon you really are wasting your money he will flop seriously.

    Comment by Jason — Saturday, 3 February, 2007 @ 12:03

  63. oh he aint rubbish at all he is a gr8 singer i cnt wait for ya album to come out cos im gonna get it my mum finks u r a wonderfull singer and i fink u r sooo fit and i love ya smile xxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by emma — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 18:53

  64. he aint rubbish at all u r one of the best singers ive ever listend to keep up the gd work and i cnt wait for ya album to come out my mum finks u r a lovely singer keep it up bbz and i fink u r fit and i love ya laugh and smile xx

    Comment by emma — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 18:57

  65. u r not rubbish at all i fink u got a gr8 voice cnt wait 4 ya album i love ya smile and ur laugh xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by emma — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 18:58

  66. sorry didnt mean to print it like 4 tymes hehe xx

    Comment by emma — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 18:59

  67. go show every1 u can o it bbe luv yu evry1 by ya side who loves yu x

    Comment by emma — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 19:03


    Comment by Katie — Friday, 16 February, 2007 @ 19:38

  69. im so glad he album is out soon the day before my birthday 12th of march im getting tickets to his concert to 12th october at newcastle i cant wait

    Comment by amy — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:07

  70. jason leona had a chance when she brought out her american album its all for you that flopped but simon is wasting money trying to sell her and only lame people say lame btw

    Comment by amy — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:08

  71. i always wanted ray to win since his first audtion i liked shaun aswell i never liked leona she was very sweaty i really hate her cant wait till i can audtion for x factor im audtioning for britans got talent on the 28th feb i might not need to audtion for x factor hehe

    Comment by amy — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:12

  72. love ray he was great on friday made the concert a success love u ray yeah baby

    Comment by amy — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:16

  73. anon and bob go get run over and i liked rays version of a moment lk this was much better ive got it on my computer

    Comment by amy lauren — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:19

  74. i love ray hes the best contestant ever was gr8 in concert in newcastle and i cant wait till he comes back without leona sweaty lip lewis on the 12th october and he album is out 1 day before my birfday yey

    Comment by amy lauren — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:21

  75. belinda u stinker bet you couldnt sing anything espically not swing he will bring it back into 2007

    Comment by amy lauren — Sunday, 18 February, 2007 @ 22:25

  76. wooo carnt wait till 2moz im goin 2 c him in concert

    Comment by Christina — Sunday, 25 February, 2007 @ 19:42


    Comment by Christina — Sunday, 25 February, 2007 @ 19:44

  78. I’m amazed how many people say they like swing - so I hope they keep their word and buy Rays’ Album.
    I’m not a big fan of swing/brat pack myself , definately more of a rock/Ben fan, but have to say Ray was sensational in Bournemouth last night with
    ‘Jail House Rock ‘. I’ve never heard it sung better -
    even by the King himself ! Spect I’ll get stick for saying that,but if you weren’t there on the 27th Feb you can’t comment !

    Comment by Down in Dorset — Wednesday, 28 February, 2007 @ 23:05

  79. I was thinking 2day while i was gardening for my grandma how much i think me and ray quinn are similar. Its quite scary actually, everyone at bingo says i look exactly like him. I even went and bought loads of grease and tight clothing. I have rays pictures all over my house and i have made my grandma’s flowers look like his face. i know that he has a good voice and everything but i just think he looks sooooo nice. Well anyway i think i better get back to dusting my shrine of ray.

    Comment by Stephanie Georgeson — Thursday, 15 March, 2007 @ 13:57

  80. heyah ray dawlin orrr yeh absoloutely gorjes saw yeh live at the arena n neva stopped screamin ur absoulutely stunnin n ur the onli lad hu cn make his hair luk gurd lyk the way u have it lol lmao luv u lots of lurv ur biggest fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by holly lyons — Thursday, 15 March, 2007 @ 16:30

  81. Heyy .. Omg!! how faB is The one and onLy raY Quinn Propaa Love the Boy he is amazin Gutted when he neVa won he shouLd of !! But i knew he wouLd do iT anYway. am deFFo the numBer 1 Ray Quinn Fan!! Hope Yeh propa SuccessFul u deseRvee It .x. Mwah .x.

    Comment by Annie Murphy — Friday, 16 March, 2007 @ 08:57

  82. hey people ray is gr8 i luv him 2 bitz so ray listen to me ur the best and i av already bought ur cd ur an ace singer and ur absolutly gorgerouse so i hope u stay on t.v 4eva and i hope i hear more ov u coz i luv u soo much and i cant live wivout u bbe so ignore all the horribly people that dont like u they are just JEALOUS lol!

    I REALLY WANT UR MSN ADDY PLZZZZZZZZZZ xxxxxxx bye tammy! i hpe u read this ray. xxxxx

    Comment by tamara carroll 16 — Friday, 16 March, 2007 @ 14:03

  83. I saw the x factor tour in belfast last night.
    It was really good.
    The mc donald brothers were wearing kilts or watever them things are and they were really good.
    and leona and ray were

    Comment by kirsty — Wednesday, 21 March, 2007 @ 18:20

  84. hello again my gorgeous ray, i thought i would just let you know that the flowers in my grandmas garden turned out great! They are in the exact shape of your face, its brilliant. To all them people who think they are rays biggest fan, i can tell you now, know one is a bigger fan than me wigawooooo bop bop selllaladadooodaaa billabilla bing bong boowap da wap =D. I would do anything for ray, i love him so much. I have his photographs all over my house, i names my pet fish that is pregnant ray when it has the puppies I will name them ray too, i shaped the flowers in my garden to look like ray and not only this but i made a cushion to look like his face, now every night when i go to sleep i have gorgeous ray there beside me. Until I fall asleep and dream of mine and rays future children.
    I have a brother and he hates you I am planning on disowning him What do you think?
    Well I have to go and polish the shrine I will talk to you later honey bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Love Stef-A-Doodles xxxx

    Comment by Stephanie Georgeson — Thursday, 10 May, 2007 @ 13:11

  85. My Mates Wrote A Message In My Name Just Want To Apologise On Their Behalf They Are Very Stupid. I Love Ray He Is ReAalli Good. I Do Not Do The Cleaning For Me Granny, N I Dont Arrange Flowers Into His Face Or Wotever Lol. I AM Just A Fan…!!!

    Comment by Stef Georgeson — Thursday, 10 May, 2007 @ 20:07

  86. hey ray u did great i luv ya 2 bits i av posters of u in me bedroom nd i luv u more than eny1 else dus luv yooh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx rachxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by rach — Saturday, 26 May, 2007 @ 12:46

  87. hey i luv ray more dan eny thing he is my life i luv him 2 bits he is myn i yuv him 4 eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxluv yooh ray if u get 2 read dis you r so sexy xxxxxxxxxxx wb 2 me luv rach xxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by rach — Saturday, 26 May, 2007 @ 12:53

  88. i think that raymond quinn should be able to get back with simon cowell and just say i want to come back to the studios with ssimon cowell and to be on tv and host Brittens sing christmas and i think that so i just thought a bout me Louise Ann Lamkin so i just want to say that that can icome down and do a duet with raymond quinn because i have got a Lovley voice and i also want to say thankyou for everything i also want to say a big thankyou

    Comment by Louise Lamkin — Tuesday, 11 December, 2007 @ 18:34

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