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Monday, 4 December, 2006

The MacDonald Brothers Speak About Their Whole X Factor Experience

When asked about their whole X Factor experience, The MacDonald Brothers, Craig and Brian, said:

It has been fantastic. We’re disappointed that we didn’t get to the semi-final but we’ve loved every day of it.It’s just been great to work with all the vocal coaches and everyone on the show. Mark and Yvie (the vocal coaches) were almost crying when we got voted off. We had to tell them to stop!

In the last two weeks, Mark has really started to believe in us - he’s even started to wear kilts for us! I think he was quite disappointed to see us go home. But we’re just so thrilled to have got this far.

When asked about what the future holds for The MacDonald Brothers, they said:

We’ve got some TV interviews and press this week, then we’re going home and coming back on Friday for The Xtra Factor.

We don’t know after that but we’d love to record an album and play some fantastic gigs.


  1. for the macdonalds im glad they enjoyed it and i think they were massive but they dont know that the phone lines were bloked so im dead sad off but im glad they enjoyed it

    COME ON THE MACDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by cameron — Monday, 4 December, 2006 @ 16:34

  2. i for one will be going to see them in concert if they ever come to blackburn and i really hope they do!!

    Comment by lindsay — Monday, 4 December, 2006 @ 19:05

  3. some extremely bad behaviour with the mac donalds votes……. simon must have been seriously worried about leonas position for him to sink so low as to be tampering with the votes….tut tut simon shame on you

    Comment by la la la — Monday, 4 December, 2006 @ 21:24

  4. it was not simon who fixed votes, i voted for leona and couldn’t get through until show was over.

    Comment by nanjune5 — Wednesday, 6 December, 2006 @ 03:52

  5. Good Luck Macdonald Brothers! I will definitely buy any albums they bring out! This had better not be the last we see of them! But still very sad to see them go - they’re what the x factor’s all about. LOVE U GUYS!

    Comment by Russyrusrus — Thursday, 7 December, 2006 @ 16:40

  6. please Louis, let’s have an album from these very talented lads. I’m ancient but would buy - remind me of the Everly Bros.

    Comment by gingercat — Saturday, 9 December, 2006 @ 00:45

  7. i love the x factor and i think that eaton road needs a singing contract so will you please give them one ta xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by aidan wager — Monday, 18 December, 2006 @ 10:16

  8. i’m still waiting for the mcdonalds album.it’ll be first on my list cos they are great performers and talented in music.give them a break…..pls louis…..release their single.

    Comment by melody — Tuesday, 23 January, 2007 @ 08:50

  9. Hey we love the macdonald bros, they well should have won we think ther are also extremely gorgeous and we are the same age!! we live in glasgow not very far they should coma and see us!! xx

    Comment by Becky and Leigh — Sunday, 28 January, 2007 @ 02:19

  10. This is a comment from someone who was not a big fan of the Mac D’s and is also older enough to be their mother ! (desperately sad but true). Those boys were brilliant live in Bournemouth last night ! They got the crowd going and they won me over !!!!

    Comment by Down in Dorset — Wednesday, 28 February, 2007 @ 22:38

  11. Just wanna say….

    I absolutley luff tha MacDonald Broz..

    I spent £250 over tha live weekz on voting for them =O..

    Went too see Them at The SECC nd they wer definetley RockIn MaH SockZ =D..

    Good Luck Guyz Much Luff

    Ashley =P xx.xx.xx

    Comment by Ashley..X — Wednesday, 7 March, 2007 @ 14:55

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