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Monday, 20 November, 2006

Robert Is “Feeling Positive” About His Music Future

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The latest X Factor act to be sent home, hospital worker Robert, was “feeling positive about the future” as he spoke in a post show interview. He said:

“I’m a fighter and a go-getter and I have been given such a great opportunity to be singing in front of millions of people and I want to live my dream out to the fullest extent. One of the acts in the bottom two had to be voted out and unfortunately it was me. I sang to the best of my ability. I enjoyed my performance. It’s the end of one chapter but hopefully I will be starting the beginning of a new one.”

He said hoped to “record an album, get a deal and start releasing music”.


  1. yeah! go for it.I will back you up in prayers.

    Comment by sparkle — Monday, 20 November, 2006 @ 20:35

  2. If Robert had a bad attitude he would have been voted in. This guy gave the best performance on that night, followed by Ben and Leona - perhaps the shallow voting system booted him out because he is a really decent guy - is this seen as not cool! Also he is not Scottish - I’m a pure bred Celt, but I voted for him due to his wonderful talent. I see Louis as a racist, I hate the political game he’s playing, these are people’s lives, he should not be playing games with their futures due to their origin of birth. People should see through it and vote for those with the talent.
    Sorry Simon, you are often right but I think you know that Robert was by far the best of the two you had to choose from, watching them on the TV I can see that Eton Road have consistently been out of tune, but Robert has a flawless and memorable voice, really talented. Were you just trying to appease Louis?

    Comment by Carole Leigh — Tuesday, 21 November, 2006 @ 00:03

  3. Robert is an outstanding performer. He made my hair stand on end.
    Robert I am a fan and want the address of your fan club.

    I will keep a look out for you. You should have won the competition, but there are other forces at work and yes you are right to be so positive.

    You have a God given talent and must, make sure that as many people as possible hear you sing, ‘cos you will warm thier hearts when they hear the love in your voice.

    Comment by Patricia — Saturday, 25 November, 2006 @ 02:02

  4. robert you had my gran cursing at the t.v when u left the contest, i think that you should have won but the public dont see it that way, i dont think its down to your singin i believe that its because of racisim in britain that the ignorance of the prejudice this country faces everyday and i think you are a star, u ruled the whole competition, becaause you are a blessed man and you make us all proud :) i hope you make the record because i dont think sharon will let you down, i want to hear your voice make the hairs on our back stand up once again and give us a happy feeling inside.
    -peace out-

    Comment by bb — Wednesday, 27 December, 2006 @ 14:13

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