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Saturday, 18 November, 2006

Robert makes a shock exit from X Factor

Robert X FactorIt was a surprising week in terms of the public vote, with Robert and Eton Road in the bottom two.

With Louis and Sharon both voting to keep their own acts in, the casting vote was left to Simon Cowell. “I’m going to make the decision on who I think could progress further - it’s as simple as that.” said Simon, after admitting that he thought the performances were “pretty even” and Robert “was good tonight”.

Robert’s departure means that Sharon is left with only one act in her category, Ben Mills.


  1. All,
    An excellent show and great talent but can you belief Simon corky attitude; like a child who must have his way. He pulls down ETON Road week after week yet he vote out Robert in preference to Eton Road; I hope you heard his criteria-on the bais of who he thinks can progress further “did you spot the ambuiguity (progress further)’- He never at any time bar last weeek gave Eton road a positive comment and this week a half comment. He has not been able to come to grips with Roberts talent his own admittance yet he vote him out.
    I hate to have to go to this black/colour thing but people like Simon tell you thats the way it is. I hope Robert prosper beyond this leaving Simon to grow up -money is not character that why you must see Simon has no chanracter: Sharon and Louid has but not simon and if that continues an excellent show can be ruin.

    Comment by killy — Saturday, 18 November, 2006 @ 22:44

  2. Devastated that he is gone! He was the ONLY star!

    Comment by mia — Saturday, 18 November, 2006 @ 22:45

  3. It is quite simple, Simon voted off Robert because he is a threat to his act. This is good news in a way for Robert as Simon sees him as a threat. I think it means that Robert can and will go further than the X Factor.

    The main thing is that Simon Cowell is not a good person. He had the chance to do the right thing but he didn’t - did he really think he could get away with it. It will come back to bite him in some way.

    As for Robert, fear not, we’ll be seeing you again soon, talent like that is rare and highly sought after. I’m looking forward to buying the album Robert - go for it - you’ve done enough now to promote yourself to the public. Eton Road haven’t got your talent and will go out shortly. You were a contender for the final against Leona and Simon realised that and blew you out because you were too good!

    Comment by Kathy — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 00:07

  4. noooooooo robert has gone, im gutted i was really hoping ray would go. i hope he has to sing a ballad next week and i will be very very surprised if he pulls it off

    Comment by lindsay — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 00:17

  5. I am soooooo upset that Robert went home. I usually have no problems with Simon and his comments but I think he did him (Robert) wrong. Throughout the show he was pulling for Robert, saying hte far better singers are Robert and Leona. He even said that a good final would be Robert and Leona. So how could he give such a lame excuse that Eton Road would go further than Robert?! He should have made his decision on who he thought was a better performer period. I am disgusted by that. But, God Bless! Its upsetting because I think Robert needs the competition to further his career whereas someone like Leona or Ben do not. If they get voted out now, they are sure to get record deals. I agree 100% with Simon about Leona…she can make it in an American market.

    Comment by MAL — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 01:52

  6. I’m not really surprised that Robert’s gone - so typical of the British public to vote on the basis of colour and not ability.
    The MacNuggets are still here- What a joke .
    The’re nice , but we are looking for talent - not Nice !
    Let’s see who goes far in this industry.
    It’s not about winning , its about staying power

    Comment by Gill Barizu — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 03:53

  7. Roberts time was coming

    he was in the bottom 2 so many times, the judges can only save you so many times. I think Robert was OK, I was not a huge fan of his singing and attitude, I would have also chosen Eton Road to go to the next round. We only weeks away now to the finals

    Comment by Tom — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 04:14

  8. I think they need to replace Louis as a judge. His comments now have nothing to do with the artists, but more about how much he dislikes Simon. It doesn’t make for good television and doesn’t do any good for the artists.

    Comment by Sam — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 08:43

  9. Robert was voted out by Simon because he was a greater threat to Ray and Leona than Eton Road.

    There is not doubt that Eton Road have been the the worst of the acts for several weeks. Their falsetto singing is excruciating.

    The voting system is pathetic and should be changed. It is about time that the public had a second vote to pick between the bottom two acts instead of allowing all three judges to have a biased vote to save their own act. It would then be a fair competition based on public appeal instead of a war of words between the three judges, with the contestants as the ultimate losers.

    Comment by Dave — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 11:56

  10. Well the voting British public have shown themselves to be a disgrace as believed. Eton Road and Robert shouldnt have even been in the bottom 2. Albeit Eton Road did give a poor performance, they certainly weren’t the worse.

    The whole show’s turned into a joke due to in-feuds and patriotic/region voting. I feel sorry for the contestants, who’s chances of success are being ruined because of it all.

    Comment by Al — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 11:57

  11. thats a load of rubbish gill!! if that was the case then ray wouldnt have been in the bottom 2 last week it would have been robert.and so would leona, shes an amazing singer but if what you claim is true, then she would have been in the bottom 2 by now regardless of her talent. i cant stand it when people accuse the british public of being so shallow.

    Comment by lindsay — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 12:48

  12. can someone please get rid of ray
    i reckon the only reason hes in is because some strange little girls fancy him when in reality hes a good performer but hes a one way act
    and we’ve had this so many times where people vote for an act because they fancy them - please get that bloody betty boop lookilike out of x factor
    mcdonald brothers are a sympathy act as well
    and ray was really good but i dont agree it had anything to do with colour because if it did then other ethnic groups would probably not go through
    at the end of the day it has to do with who are the best contestants
    and it is obvious that ben and leona are the most talented
    ps shoot ray

    Comment by Georgie — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 13:30

  13. ps i meant to put robert was really good

    Comment by Georgie — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 13:31

  14. I think Simon made the right decision. Unfortunately, although I think Robert is good, I think at this stage, he will not add much more diversity to the competition the way keeping Eton Road in would do. He’s quite different from let’s say Andy Abraham in last year’s competition who clearly had a very distinct personality and musical style. Eton Road was pretty awful this week I must admit but they are fun and would appeal to a broader audience. I don’t think Simon was making a tactical vote as Eton Road is more a threat to Ray than Robert is. And neither of the bottom two are really a threat to Leona. The joke is that either of them were in the bottom two. Why are the MacDonald Bros and Ray still in the contest we have to ask. They are nice but they won’t get far in terms of being recording artists.

    Comment by CT — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 13:41

  15. How can Robert have gone and the MacDonalds and Ray still be there? If you voted for either of them, can you honestly, hand on heart, say you’d want to listen to either of them for a whole album?

    We’ve enjoyed the joke. It’s been funny up till now.. but seriously, it’s time to end it. Robert going was NOT funny.

    Comment by cass — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 13:53

  16. Having watched several series, I came to the conclusion (before this series) that only white acts will win. Watched better acts lose in every series..ie, Limar (sorry about the spelling) and Maria…has convinced me that the largest viewing group (white viewers) vote for their own.

    It’s really sad if this is true. But you see it in all sort of programmes where viewers vote, ie Big Brother. I am white and its just an observation…sad.

    Comment by Chris — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 15:27

  17. I think the reason Simon chose to save eton rd was because robert was a treat to his group! mabye every1 should vote for mc donald bros (even though i dont like them) and see how Simon likes that i also hate leona she puts on a little girl act everyweek its so sad i dont think she deserves to win i have also lost respect for simon. Robert rocked he shouldnt have gone!

    Comment by lily — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 19:54

  18. i ment threat!

    Comment by lily — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 19:55

  19. Chris, you are very right.

    Comment by Sparkle — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 20:31

  20. I more often than not agree with Simon though I think he has made some massive mistakes in the past, lets face it he did not like Will Youngs version of ‘Light my Fire’ and he did not ‘get’ Taylor from American Idol all through the auditions and in the first few rounds. So why did Simon send Robert Allen home? I don’t believe it is an issue of colour that has been suggested by quite a few people and not just on this website. I believe Simon based his decision on threat to his contestants and that Robert is too similar in style to Andy (soulman) and he was looking for something different (he’s looking at the £ signs). I have lost so much respect for Simon for this unjust decision, this is a talent competition for the singers, not a competition amongst the judges, these contestants are real people with real lives and dreams. Robert was far superior than Eton Road and Simon knew it which is why he had to change the criteria of which he based his decision, because he knew Robert’s performance was the better performer. I hope that Simon comes good in the end and he gives Robert the support after this competition to help him attain the career he deserves, if he doesn’t I don’t know how he will sleep at night.

    Comment by Maria — Sunday, 19 November, 2006 @ 21:22

  21. I really think they need to replace one of the judges- either Louis or Simon. Louis comments most of the time have nothing to do with the artists, but more about how much he dislikes Simon, with Simon doing the same to Louis. They are constantly arguing and it doesn’t do any good for the artists.

    Comment by emcia — Monday, 20 November, 2006 @ 12:01

  22. What the hell does Simon think he’s doing, Robert is one of the best there, he’s losing it with old age im telling ya, Eton Road were a mess, and couldn’t sing high, and thats the whole point of that song. Rob you dont need X Factor you’ll do well without it, and cant wait till you release your first album, cos i know everyone will buy it, cos everyone loves ya. It must be a fix that u were in the bottom 2 again. I dont understand it. Love ya Rob and i guarantee you’ll do well. Mwah xxxxx

    Comment by Carla — Monday, 20 November, 2006 @ 12:10

  23. Simon made the right decision. There are lots of singers like Robert out there. He wouldnt appeal to as many fans it he won. Eton rd may not always have the best vocals but they have more potential without a doubt. Leona and Ben are the best singers left and will get a recording contract even if they dont win however ray is the best performer by a mile he doesnt have the greatest voice but you dont need to have a great voice to become a star. he makes me smile everytime he performs and thats what the x factor is about! GO RAY!!!

    Comment by Elli — Monday, 20 November, 2006 @ 13:35

  24. dont fret Robert fans…he will be singing a lot longer than the others

    Comment by Andy — Wednesday, 22 November, 2006 @ 22:17

  25. I was really glad Eton road stayed in on saturday because I think that there fantastic and i love them! I wasn’t a huge fan of roberts but i think hes a very good singer and did very well in the competition. The other acts are great, its very high standard of comepetition this year but my vote goes to Eton rd.

    Comment by Adele — Friday, 24 November, 2006 @ 08:27

  26. I wonder who got the most votes Eaton Rd, or Robert?
    The Act with the least votes should have gone. End of story. The public are paying premium rates to place their votes every one of them should count. No act should be robbed of their public vote.

    Simon Cowel said on Xtra Factor [Friday] that he sent Robert off because he could, that it was his perogative!!
    Well you are wrong Cowell, you run a show based on the public phone in. THE PUBLIC ARE NOT PLACING BETS, THEY ARE VOTING AND EXPECT EVERY ONE OF THIER VOTES TO COUNT!!!They have paid to place them. WE the public expect everyone of those votes to count for those we voted for.

    For example if only 2% difference of a million votes, thats 20,000 votes !!!

    You are taking the money but not using the votes!!!
    Is that lawful??

    Robert Allen is an outstanding singer and performer and you know it. Were you honest and fair to him??

    Comment by Patricia — Saturday, 25 November, 2006 @ 00:04

  27. Elli you can’t make blankets statements like that. Robert has a very good singing voice. There is a great big market waiting for another versatile singer like him.

    He will get better and better. I do believe that Eaton Rd have a career in the music industry. They do have good voices. Anthony has a lovely voice and in my opinion could go far as a solo artiste when he has matured.

    But don’t rule out Robert. He is very good and very professional.

    Comment by Patricia — Saturday, 25 November, 2006 @ 00:12

  28. RE comment by Maria

    I agree with every point you made Maria [19th Nov]

    Robert does deserve a break he has a wonderful voice and an attractive range of singing ability.

    Glad to read a mature and intelligent summing up of Simon Cowell’s ‘judgment’ in regards to sending off Robert.

    I would buy Roberts album tomorrow over him.

    Though doubt that Simon Cowel will lose any sleep.

    Comment by Patricia — Saturday, 25 November, 2006 @ 16:22

  29. Robert i love you and am waitin for ur ALBUM.PEACE BROTHER.

    Comment by Sparkle — Saturday, 25 November, 2006 @ 20:33

  30. Hope you are aware of this X factor blog Robert.

    ‘Cos this is just a message to say you are not forgotten.

    Don’t fret about Eaton Rd getting a slot on the Westlife tour. Louis had something of that nature in mind from the first from those lads.

    Eaton Rd are very marketable [4 for the price of one!]

    Simon C and Louis Walsh are entrepeneirs, and know what the teenies buy.

    I believe that the public still think about you.

    All the best and watch this space.

    Give out your fan base somehow please. Heres wishing you happiness and love and success.

    Comment by Patricia — Wednesday, 29 November, 2006 @ 00:10

  31. Robert is the best man singer i heard yet and i want him to come back

    Comment by andrew — Sunday, 11 November, 2007 @ 16:36

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