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Saturday, 11 November, 2006

Nikitta Or Robert To Leave X Factor Tonight?

With Robert finding himself in the bottom two last week, it’s quite possible that unless he pulls something seriously good out of the bag, then he may be finding himself in the Bottom two yet again. Robert does have a good voice, but whether he keeps still long enough for us to hear it remains to be seen on tonight’s X Factor show. With the theme being love songs, he shouldn’t find this too difficult though.

However, with Nikitta’s comments from Louis and Sharon last week about having “tuning” problems and even her own mentor admitting that it was out of tune, if Nikitta found herself in the bottom two and Louis had to chose between saving Robert or Nikitta, it’s quite possible that he would opt to square things off by getting rid of Nikitta, saving Robert and then the three judges would be even stevens-with two acts left each. Plus, he would have the added bonus of annoying Simon Cowell for two weeks in a row, by kicking off another of his acts. Would Louis have the nerve to do this after the wrath of Simon which he has endured all this week? Guess Louis would think that this serves him right for having acted so “smugly” over the past two weeks.

The above scenario may not even happen however, because it could be The MacDonalds who are in the bottom two for once unless they manage to get Simon on side. Considering how much they have been practicing this week though (they even stayed in to practice whilst all the other contestants went out to a gig), this is probably not very likely. Guess we will have to wait and see…

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  1. can i just say the x factor is the best show in the whole world!!!!!! my fave is nikitta!!!!!! she was the best!!!! i was so sad when she went so niki if u ever read this……..megan in ireland thinks u rock!!!!!

    Comment by megan — Monday, 20 November, 2006 @ 20:30

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