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Tuesday, 7 November, 2006

Ashley - “Louis Wasn’t Spiteful, Just Competitive”

Ashley X FactorIn a recent post X Factor interview, Ashley commented on his feelings towards Louis giving him the boot and also about why he thought he was in the bottom two and how people who thought he was cocky didn’t really understand him…..
Ashley said: “I don’t feel that Louis was spiteful. He was just being competitive. Simon still had all of his acts and Louis had lost two of his in the first two weeks. I really believe that Louis saw our category as a threat and wanted to start weakening it.”

When Ashley was asked why he thought he was in the bottom two, he said:

Without sounding arrogant, it could be that people assumed that I was safe and so didn’t vote for me, but it could have been that Louis was right and that people didn’t get my personality and thought that I was cocky. I really don’t feel that I am, but lots of people have said that ’til they get to know me. Then they say that I’m the most down-to-earth bloke that they’ve met.

Speaking live on GMTV, Ashley was asked who he thought would win The X Factor.

Ash said “Ray has got the edge cuz he is quirky and works the stage well. Nikitta will do well and Leona.”


  1. Dear dear Ashley, what a lovely guy he is. How that prat Louis could have voted him off the show I really don’t know. Well done ash for being such a nice guy and not being angry. I was absolutely gutted to see him go. The show just won’t be the same without him, however he’s definately going to go on to better things. I’d travel to the ends of the earth to see him in concert and I eagerly await his album so I can listen to that gorgeous voice time and time again.

    Comment by ally — Tuesday, 7 November, 2006 @ 19:14

  2. yup ! theres no dought about it ash was gr8 shame that loser louis kicked him out

    Comment by clare — Wednesday, 8 November, 2006 @ 17:31

  3. Ash was booted off because Robert was better and more professional.
    It is Robert that has the great voice and is a wonderful performer. He really entertains the crowd and is worth every vote he gets. He should win, He has good vocals and a wonderful range. He can sing anything. Ben struggles like Ashley, to sing anything other than rock, He didn’t even have to sing to a swing band. Which is one of the hardest things for a singer to do, you have to be pretty good to make that sound and look easy. As Ray and Nickita/Robert did. Eaton Road are pretty good but I think that Anthony has a most beautiful voice and I want to hear more of him.
    Simon Cowel’s behaviour was odd to say the least. And since when did he recieve impunity to dictate to Louis to keep Ash on?
    If Cowel is going to do that and ‘rig’ the voting to sway his way, then surely that is in breach of the public votes. The public pay premium rated calls to put their vote. The show recieves a tidy sum of money from these premium phone calls. I should watch it ITV ‘cos Iam of the opinion that you are sailing close to the wind. It appears that the public vote doesn’t really matter and holds no sway, and your tactics could be construed as ripping the public off!
    Ashley is hopeless, doesn’t have any voice to speak of needs a lot of voice coach, his diction isn’t clear, but he does know just how to work the cameras. Nothing different about him at all, except for his pouty mouth and curly hair. He is great at back flips though and I am sure he is a smashing person otherwise.

    Comment by Patricia — Thursday, 9 November, 2006 @ 02:07

  4. Is it me or does Ashley look like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons? - ah well wasn’t that keen on his voice really - bit annoying naselly sort of sound I think! :)

    Comment by Lee — Saturday, 11 November, 2006 @ 21:54

  5. oh shush you
    ashley was great, he was original
    and just coz he has an afro does not make him a yellow cartoon clown…
    robert really agrovates me whereva he starts jumping about the stage
    i really hope we see more of ash, he didnt have the best songs or themes to show off his voice, but when he sang well….he sang really well!!
    love him!

    Comment by Jess — Sunday, 12 November, 2006 @ 01:00

  6. Ashley your not cocky even if u r out the x factor i still luv ya. I cried when u went out dont worry louis is stupid 2 kick out. i vow never 2 surrport anyone else. luv brooke xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by Brooke — Sunday, 12 November, 2006 @ 18:30

  7. from ur first audditons to ur lives shows u were grate u should still b there but if u was then i wouldnt have had my photo taken with u at the clothes show on wednesday the 6th of december u was on ur way 2 the stage n i seen u n i nearly died but ur just a normal person but ur grate i had my fone nicked that day n i cried cuz i had that picture of u n me on it i wanted 2 show my bf cuz he loves leona n he knew how heart broken i was when u got booted off u prob dont remember the picture i was in a gray top my hair was curly and my friend took the picture n i sed i was shaking like a leafe a u sed “awww bless ya” n my bf didnt believe me if u could email me another picture it would b grate wont b the same as the real thing tho but ey wat can u do when some dick nicks ur fone ur grate u no n dont let ne 1 tell u ne different hope 2 c u in the future some time good luck with everythin
    love jess

    Comment by jess — Saturday, 9 December, 2006 @ 22:58

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