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Sunday, 29 October, 2006

Sharon Loses Two Acts After Double Eviction - Dionne And Kerry Out

Dionne X FactorBoth Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh have only two acts remaining, whilst Simon Cowell retains all his acts after tonight’s double eviction “twist”.

Dionne initially polled the lowest number of votes from the public, meaning she was automatically removed from the competition. This left a sing-off between Ashley and Kerry, with Louis having the casting vote.

Whilst some might have expected Louis to vote tactically, particularly with the ribbing he has been receiving from Simon, he was extremely fair, and explained that he felt Kerry had ‘peaked’, whilst Ashley still had more to offer. As such, he had no option but to send Kerry home.


  1. we luv ray!!! good on ya lad scousers here we come!!!
    eton road to win.. we luv u so much u make lpool proud keep giving all you got!! u can do it! love richelle and julian xxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by richelle and julian — Sunday, 29 October, 2006 @ 16:04

  2. I hope the Macdonald brothers go far

    Thanks for always updating the blog

    really great

    Cape Town viewer

    Comment by tom — Sunday, 29 October, 2006 @ 18:32

  3. I think after Louis voting off Maria over the Conway sisters last year he knew he had to behave this time! lol

    Comment by Podflower — Sunday, 29 October, 2006 @ 23:27

  4. the reason Dionne did not get the public votes is that all the text to the x. factor over the past three weeks have not been counted up until after the show, even at midnight on saturday, thank you for texting x factor was received and accepted then, there is some thing wrong with this years voting and the counting of the votes it is an insult to the public to take their money this way and a discredit to the contestant.

    Comment by jo public — Monday, 30 October, 2006 @ 12:38

  5. Great blog! It gets a mention on today’s WebTwitcher

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by WebTwitcher — Monday, 30 October, 2006 @ 15:12

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